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JOEY LOGANO , No. 20 Game Stop Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing Finishing Position: 1st What do you think about winning your third straight race at Kentucky? "They definitely weren't lying when they said it will feel that much better when you...

JOEY LOGANO , No. 20 Game Stop Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing
Finishing Position: 1st

What do you think about winning your third straight race at Kentucky?

"They definitely weren't lying when they said it will feel that much better when you do win because this probably feels better than the other wins I've had here. This is awesome. I talked to Kevin (Kidd, crew chief) before we came out here at the shop on Tuesday and he said, 'You better be prepared, we're going to win this thing.' I've been thinking that way too much this season and I haven't won one. It feels great to finally be back in victory lane. We had a good Game Stop Toyota and a great team behind me to finally get one of these things. It's cool for Kentucky. I would have never thought two for two and now three for three, poles and wins -- that's impressive. I'm pretty stoked about that right now."

Were you worried by Carl Edwards gaining on you in the closing laps?

"(Carl Edwards) caught me so he was faster than me. That was the main reason. My car was pretty good. I don't know how he was catching me. I felt like I was going pretty fast here and I was asking for as much information inside the car just to see where he was running, where he was beating me and what was going on. I heard he was running a little bit higher than me, so I moved up and tried to take the air away and force him to run the bottom or run behind me. That was the right move because when that happened I was able to pull back away a little bit. Once we got through the lap traffic we pulled away a little bit and that was enough for the win. That was pretty cool."

Were you concerned with the weather that was coming into the area?

"We knew it was coming and the good thing is knowing that, I've gotten a couple wins taken away by a debris caution at the end of the race. I was convinced that we were going to the end. I was pretty pumped about that fact and running hard there to the end. Kevin (Kidd, crew chief) was talking about the weather coming in about a half hour away or so. I knew on every restart I was going to have to dig incase there was a caution to make sure I was in the front."

Why are you so good at Kentucky?

"It's cool. I guess hard work pays off. I used to come here about once every three weeks when we were testing all the time here. I had a million laps around this place. I said if I ever got to race here I am going to be pretty good. One day I got to race here and it's worked out pretty good for me so far. I guess hard work pays off in this situation."

Did you think you had the car to win at the beginning of the race?

"I wasn't happy at all last night. When I left, I said I thought we were okay but I think there's definitely a lot of room to be gained. Kevin (Kidd, crew chief) and the engineers did a good job going through their home work fixing the car. I laid down a heck of a lap for qualifying. The first lap on the race track, I was tight for the first lap of the race. I was like, ‘Oh boy, we're tighter than what we were yesterday. We're in trouble.' Then the caution came out, we didn't make a complete lap then it came into me. I was surprised that it was good. After the first lap, it definitely changed a lot. That's something that we fought most of the race, our first lap wasn't that fast and that's what kind of gave up the lead a couple times. We were really good on the long run. The longer the run, the better we were. I was wishing we had green flag stops because this thing was on a rail once everyone started slowing down it seemed like we didn't give up as much."

KEVIN KIDD , crew chief, No. 20 Game Stop Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing

What was your perspective of tonight's race?

"It was a heart-felt battle for us. Obviously we led a lot of laps tonight. We were in contention for it all night but there were various times where a lot of competitors were coming up and challenging us. I think it was a testament really to Joey (Logano) and the race team that we've got here that kept us out front. We had great pit stops all day. We were out front when it counted and that's what really got us to victory lane."

Did you feel pressure coming into this race knowing Joey Logano's record at Kentucky?

"It's more confidence. Like Joey (Logano) said earlier, I believe it was Tuesday that I told him we were going to win the race. I had no doubt in my mind. This guy knows how to get around this place. When you come into that situation as a crew chief, and knowing that as long as we just do our job the way we should do it every week, we're going to have a shot at it. That's not really pressure, that's just knowing that if you take care of business, you're going to be in good shape."

-source: toyota motorsports

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