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Aric Almirola
Aric Almirola

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Aric Almirola No. 88 GT Vodka Chevrolet

“Nashville creates such a different challenge for us with the limited banking we have there. The fact that it’s concrete is good because the track doesn’t change much temperature wise. It’s also our first stand-alone race away from the Cup guys, so there will be a lot of attention on the Nationwide regular drivers this week. I really just want to come out of there with a solid finish with our GT Vodka Chevrolet and have a good point’s day.”

What would you do with the guitar trophy if you won it? “I definitely want to take that trophy home, but I’m not into playing guitar. I’ve tried to play, and I always thought it would be cool, but I just can’t seem to make my fingers work that way. I’d probably just set it on the shelf and look at it. It would be an awesome addition to my trophy collection.”

Josh Wise No. 7 NASCAR The Game 2011 Chevrolet

“Nashville is a unique place for us to run at. The size of it and it being concrete, sets it apart a little bit. It kind of presents some new challenges compared to some of the other tracks we go to. Even though the fastest groove is on the bottom and it’s pretty much a one groove racetrack, there are still a lot of ways to go through the corner and make the car work. There are a lot of different ways to lift, use the brake and work the throttle. It’s fun.”

What would you do with the guitar trophy if you won it? “If I won the guitar I would for sure play it! I mean, that is what it’s made for, right? I love to play guitar. It has really become a relaxing hobby. So it would be a perfect trophy for me.”

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