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Event: Las Vegas

Aric Almirola
Aric Almirola

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Aric Almirola No. 88 TaxSlayer Chevrolet

"It's been an unfortunate couple of weeks for our TaxSlayer.com team. I'm anxious to get to Las Vegas, where I'm hopeful we can turn this thing around and get back to the business of competing for a championship. I've said all along that's what we're here to do, and we've gotten behind the eight ball a little bit. We're as good as any team in this garage."

"Vegas is not only a great destination for a race, but it's a fun track to drive. The variable banking gives you options on what line to work around the track. There are also some bumps getting into the corner that can affect the car's stability, so it's a place where you've got to remain focused."

Danica Patrick, JR Motorsport Chevrolet
Danica Patrick, JR Motorsport Chevrolet

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Danica Patrick No. 7 Go Daddy Chevrolet

"Phoenix was a tough one, that's for sure. But you know what, we were able to come out of there with the car in one piece, and we put together another improved race with the Go Daddy car. That's what this year is really going to be about, seeing continued improvements.

"Now it's off to Las Vegas and I just want to try to keep things moving forward. I specifically remember the trouble we ran into in Vegas last year with lapped traffic. It was one of those deals where I was still so new to this type of racing that we got mixed up in something, which could have easily been avoided. I want to make sure we can avoid that type of trouble and just have another decent day with the Go Daddy team."

TEAM JRM POINTS POSITION - Patrick and the Go Daddy team are currently ranked fourth (-20) in the driver point standings. Aric Almirola is ranked sixth (-22) in driver points.

-source: jrm

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