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Roush Fenway And Ford Win Streak Continues

Roush Fenway Racing has won the last six NASCAR Nationwide and Sprint Cup Series combined, including wins by David Ragan (Sprint Showdown) and Carl Edwards (All-Star Race) last weekend.

Carl Edwards began the streak with his Nationwide win at Dover while Matt Kenseth won the Cup race that same weekend. After Ragan and Edwards won last weekend in the non-points races, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. won the Nationwide event at Iowa.

Today’s win was the fifth of the season for Mustang in 13 races this season and third straight.

Matt Kenseth, Roush Fenway Racing Ford and daughter Kaylin
Matt Kenseth, Roush Fenway Racing Ford and daughter Kaylin

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“Every day when I come home I look forward to seeing my wife and girls and Ross, but Kaylin is just starting to get some vocabulary and there’s nothing better in the world, I don’t think, than coming home and getting out of your car in the garage and you see the door fly open and she yells, ‘Hi, dada!’ It’s pretty cool that she made it down here.

“YOUR CREW CHIEF LIKED FOUR TIRES ON A HOT DAY. DID YOU? “I did because the restart before that we got through there pretty good. We had to pit early because I had a tire shaking a little bit, so we had more laps on our tires than those other guys and we were short on fuel, so that many cars on the lead lap and to come in – we were the first one off pit road with four and lined up fifth, so I thought that would give us a shot at least.

“TREVOR WAS ON YOUR PIT BOX. THIS IS A GOOD GIFT FOR HIM. “Yeah, I’m happy Trevor is gonna be back next week. It was fun to fill in. It was a great day for Fastenal having all three cars here and it was an honor to drive this Mustang. This is the first Nationwide COT race I’ve run. I haven’t run in over a year, so it was nice to get in this car and come out here and have some fun on Saturday.”


CARL EDWARDS – No. 60 Fastenal Ford Mustang

“That was a lot of fun. I hope the fans enjoyed that. That was hard racing. Matt there at the end, he was better and he had the kid gloves on with me there. He was taking it easy on me and when it was time to go he dispatched me pretty quick. It was a great day for Fastenal. I really appreciate the fans coming out here. I know it’s hot up there, but we appreciate you being here and we hope you guys will be here tomorrow. I think tomorrow’s race is gonna be a blast. A Fastenal Mustang got to Victory Lane and, hopefully, tomorrow is just as good. It was just a fun race. We’ve got to mention that Fastenal has automated supply technology, which is a vending machine. It can vend anything. It can vend drinks, hard hats, and it can probably vend Ford Mustangs if you want it to and it saves people a lot of money, so we appreciate Fastenal being here this week.

“YOU MUST FEEL LIKE YOU’RE IN A PRETTY GOOD GROOVE. “It’s good and the great thing about what’s going on right now is our whole team is fast. I would have liked Matt to have been a little slower today, but he’s good and Ricky is good. All of our Cup cars are fast. I’m excited about tomorrow’s race. It’s just fun. You want to win those races so bad, but I’m trying not to lose sight of the fact that it was a fun race and that’s what this is all about is having some fun. It was hot and slick and that was a good time racing with Matt.”

I found a few lines that worked for us ...

Ricky Stenhouse Jr.


RICKY STENHOUSE, JR. – No. 6 Fastenal Ford Mustang “Our Fastenal Mustang was pretty solid all day. It was a top-five car all day, just not good enough to win.

“WHAT DID YOU LEARN FOR TOMORROW? “I don’t know. I found a few lines that worked for us on the bottom of the race track just by doing things a little bit different. The Cup race starts a little bit later and it’s not gonna be as hot, but it’s twice the length. I think the key is going to be being hydrated.

“ALL THREE OF THE RFR MUSTANGS WERE FAST. WHERE WERE MATT AND CARL BETTER? “I just think they had their front end working a little bit better than ours. We were close. A top-five in this series is really good, but we want those few more spots. Normally, we’re getting really loose in these races and this week we were actually tight, so, hopefully, we found something where we can find a balance in between our setup here and our setup on the other mile-and-a-halfs and come home with a win next weekend in Chicago.”

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