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10th Annual Blue Jeans Go Green 200 (Phoenix International Raceway) called official on Lap 168 due to rain.

Trevor Bayne, No. 6 AdvoCare Ford Mustang (Finished 3rd) – “I am a little disappointed to be honest because I think we had a top-five car. We battled back on that last green lap run. We had to pit because the car didn’t get full on our two-tire stop.

Trevor Bayne
Trevor Bayne

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We needed to come in and get some gas to make it to the end and we took four tires. We restarted 13th and got up to seventh in a short amount of laps. I was really satisfied with our car as far as being able to pass.

It is the best handling car I have ever had here as far as balance. I wish we could have went back racing green because I think I could get a couple guys but then again who knows if you go back green and something happens on a restart and you finish 20th. I am thankful for our seventh place finish and we are second in points again among the Nationwide drivers here that we are battling for a championship and we gained a little on the leader. Hopefully we can start rallying here in the next couple weeks. Hopefully we can start running better than seventh but the good news is I feel like we had a car capable of that if we had been able to get back out there.”

Ryan Reed, No. 16 American Diabetes Association Ford Mustang (Finished 22nd) – (INVOLVED IN A SINGLE CAR ACCIDENT ON LAP 168)

WHAT HAPPENED? “I think the combination of a little bit of a damp race track, and I was being super aggressive. We knew the race was coming and we were faster than the guys in front of us and running them down. On the replay we could see drops on the windshield. It was a perfect situation for me to get myself into trouble. I got a little loose and any other time I think I would have gathered it up but it got a little too far stepped out on me and the damp race track just got out from underneath me.

I tried to save it and then chased it down into the inside wall. I tore up another good race car that these Roush Fenway guys work so hard to build. We had a really fast Ford Mustang. Thanks to Lilly Diabetes, American Diabetes Association and everyone who has gotten us here. I can’t say how much I had this for the guys. It is a heartbreaker. We will go get em in Vegas. I am learning week in and week out and the guys are learning what I need in a race car so we are getting faster. We are going to knock down those top-10’s and start being a contender here soon. We just have to get to the end of these races and we will be good.”

Brad Keselowski, No. 22 Discount Tire Ford Mustang (Finished 3rd) – POST RACE PRESS CONFERENCE

TALK ABOUT YOUR THIRD PLACE EFFORT OUT THERE TODAY. “Well I guess it must be official huh? Wooo! Bob Pockrass wins. It is kind of a good and bad day. We probably qualified better than what we should have. We probably had about a third or fourth place car all weekend. We made adjustments to try to get better but I just had my hands full for whatever reason. I felt kind of relieved to get it over with here. Third was about all I could do. I was holding on pretty bad. It was a decent run I guess. We will take it and move on.”

THE DEVELOPMENTS ON YOUR CUP SIDE WITH PAUL WOLFE GOING HOME, WERE YOU PREPARED FOR THAT AND DO YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS ABOUT TOMORROW? “We were definitely prepared but that doesn’t mean we aren’t concerned. There is always concern. There is a reason Paul is the crew chief on the 2 car. He is a great guy, knows what he is doing and is our best guy from that perspective. There is always a concern there but you prepare the best you can and try to understand the personal significance of what it is to go through what he is going through. Hopefully it all goes great.

It is still on going. I just sent him a little message. We will get through it. We have Greg Erwin here. It was disappointing to have to shut down the 12 Nationwide team after last year but one of the benefits of that is a significant gain in depth and in this instance it is having Greg Erwin here to kind of fill in. He filled in for Joey’s team last year when we went through all of our stuff and he will be filling in tomorrow along with our team engineer Brian Wilson. These are always great opportunities to see individuals that can step up and are ready for the next opportunity.

From that perspective it is exiting. I am a little concerned though I guess. We have a great car which we showcased Friday in qualifying and we have our work cut out for us trying to keep up with Kevin (Harvick) who looks to be faster than everybody else. We would like to have Paul to dial in whatever tricks he has but we will make the most of it and try to appreciate the seriousness of the situation for Paul and the significance to his family.”

WHEN DID YOU FIND OUT PAUL WAS LEAVING? “When I got out of the car after practice he said, ‘Hey, just want you to know I am leaving.’ I said, ‘Alright!’ It is just part of the deal.”

WHAT HAPPENED EARLIER IN THE RACE WITH YOU AND THE 87? “It was unfortunate. I think Kevin was right behind me when that happened. We were going through lap traffic and there is a speed differential and we were trying to get through traffic as quick as I could. I needed to make time up as much as possible and not lose as much as possible. I made a move and I couldn’t tell if he didn’t know I was there or just turned down or whatever happened. It was a bad situation and I feel bad for guys like that in the sense that they are trying to make it in this sport and it isn’t easy to do. I have been in those shoes and it also did damage to our car which may or may not have had an affect, who knows? It is just part of racing sometimes and you hope everyone lives and learns and gets better the next time.”

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