Ford Racing drivers after race at Auto Club 300

4th - Joey Logano; 9th - Trevor Bayne; 13th - David Ragan; 14th - Chris Buescher; 17th - Ryan Reed; 20th - Dakoda Armstrong

JOEY LOGANO, No. 22 American’s Tire Ford Mustang (Finished 4th) – “We just over adjusted a little bit. The run before Kyle Larson caught me pretty quick and I was pretty free so we tightened it up quite a bit and restarted third there but it was just too tight. I was just outside all the fun. It looked like a heck of a race in front of me. I had a unbelievable view. Man, I wanted to get up in the middle of that and just couldn’t quite get there. When they would lose their momentum I would get a little closer and I would just get tighter and I couldn’t quite get there. It is frustrating. Overall this Ford Mustang was fast today and we led most of the laps so you can’t be too mad but I want to be in victory lane.”

Joey Logano and Kyle Busch
Joey Logano and Kyle Busch

Photo by: James Holland

TREVOR BAYNE, No. 6 AdvoCare Ford Mustang (Finished 9th) – “We ended up ninth and I think we are tied for the point lead but at this point if we can’t run faster on shorts runs we will be in trouble. We gotta be better than this. We’ve had all top-10s this season and I know we can run with those guys for top-fives as a group but we just have to get short run speed. Those guys come back on the long run but we are getting killed on short run speed. We tried something totally different this weekend but it yielded the same results so we have to figure out what we are missing.”

DAVID RAGAN, No. 98 Carroll Shelby Engine Co. Ford Mustang (Finished 13th) – “I had a blast driving out there. It is so close to being a top-six or eight car. We didn’t miss it by much. I can do a better job getting the car to my liking in practice and everybody can just do a little bit better and we will have a chance to win a race or two maybe this year. It has been fun getting to know these guys and get back in the Nationwide series. Those top six or eight Nationwide cars are as tough to beat as the Cup series. Our team should be really proud of what we have been able to do on a limited schedule with a group of guys that don’t race every weekend. That is something to be proud of. We always want to do better and need to be in the top-10 but we had fun today and learned a lot and will take it to the next one.”

CHRIS BUESCHER, No. 60 Roush Performance Ford Mustang (Finished 14th) – “This place is tough. It was a pretty decent run for us overall. I think we are making gains. Our finish is a couple spots worse than maybe we could have been. I got the fence pretty good there with about 30 laps to go and you can see the damage. We got going pretty good and the Roush Performance Mustang was fast in the mid part of the race. Our times were really competitive. It is just a matter of starting better. That is something I know I have to work on and tell myself every week and these guys are doing a great job of helping me get there. We are going to be competitive by the end of this year.”

RYAN REED, No. 16 ADA Drive to Stop Diabetes Ford Mustang (Finished 17th) – “We ran all the laps and learned a lot. We were pretty fast at the end. We had a good long run car. We put ourselves in position for the lucky dog and felt faster than a couple guys on the lead lap but never got the caution at the end like we needed to. We took the wave around and got in position for the Lucky Dog and raced hard. Our Mustang just wasn’t in position there at the end. I think we will keep learning and know how to start these races. We usually get ourselves behind at the beginning of the race and it costs us later on when we get the car better. If we get the car better early on we will be in good shape.”

DAKODA ARMSTRONG, No. 43 Charter Ford Mustang (Finished 20th) – “The first run we were pretty tight and didn’t have much grip overall but I think looking at our splitter with nothing much left to it might have been what was causing our tightness. We got more grip in the second run and I thought that was our best run. We were running with guys that were 12-15th there and we were keeping up with them but I think we went too far trying to free it up and lost some grip and we were still on the left front splitter. We will work on it. We tried a lot of different things in practice that didn’t really work but overall it was a huge change going into the race and we didn’t know what we would have and I feel like it was a lot more raceable. We just need to work on a little bit more and try not to destroy the splitter that bad and still work on getting the grip we need.”

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