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Sam Hornish Jr., Penske Racing Dodge crashes
Sam Hornish Jr., Penske Racing Dodge crashes

Photo by: Eric Gilbert

SAM HORNISH JR. (No. 12 Alliance Truck Parts Dodge Challenger R/T) Finished 20th

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT THE RACE UP TO LAP 113 WHEN THE MISHAP OCCURRED? “The car was really good. It felt like we went to the front of the field whenever we wanted. The Alliance Truck Parts Dodge felt good pushing and getting pushed. We were just trying to get to the end without getting collected and then (the wreck) happened. We got down to the end there and I was trying to push the 6 car up front. He wanted to run a little bit higher and that allowed the 33 and 2 to get underneath us. We headed into Turn 3 three-wide and was going to duck out a little bit to keep the engine cool. The 27 thought that he could make it four-wide. I don’t know if he got tight and just got into me off the corner. He was getting pushed. It was just one of those deals. This is the kind of racing that we’re involved with on superspeedways. It’s just unfortunate that we lost that lap when we had to pit and change four tires. That cost us 10 positions.”

WAS THERE A SENSE OF SURVIVAL BEHIND THE WHEEL? “We weren’t close to any of the wrecks until we were down to seven laps to go and we were in it. I was happy with how the car was running and was just trying to watch the people around us and make good decisions. It gets down to those last eight laps and everybody wants to run hard. It wasn’t time to “go” yet. Guys that had the big opportunities to win the race got collected on the last lap, not the sixth or seventh lap. There was definitely time to wait. We didn’t have to make it four-wide when we wrecked.”


BRAD KESELOWSKI (No. 22 Discount Tire Dodge Challenger R/T) Finished 2nd

YOU ALMOST HAD THE WIN. “Almost, just got a little contact there in the door getting through that wreck. I don’t know how we brought the Discount Tire Dodge home; there was a lot of swerving there to save it. If I just could have gotten through that without that little bit of contact. I’m proud to be in a position to win a race and have cars capable of doing that. You know at some point, Daytona is a roll of the dice. I think we were running like eighth or 10th there when that all happened. We should be happy with a third (officially second), but I want to win this race at Daytona. I want to win a race during Speedweeks. Glad I got another shot tomorrow with the Miller Lite Dodge with the Cup side. I’m just proud of this Discount Tire team.”

HOW DID YOU SEE THINGS UNFOLD ON THAT LAST LAP? “Well, I didn’t see much. I was pushing Cole Whitt in the 88 car. I tried to let him go. I don’t know how he ended up in all that. I hope he’s alright there. They all started wadding up and somebody just got me right in the door and I spent about 300 yards in the death wobble down the short chute. James (Buescher) was able to get by me and bring home a win. That’s real exciting. I was hoping that the yellow came out a little bit earlier than it did ‘cause he got by me and right after he got by me, the yellow came out. You know that’s racing and I’m proud to have a great car, the Discount Tire Dodge team and we’ll just keep on going from here. A lot to be proud of and thanks everyone for coming out. Great day here in Daytona.”

HOW CLOSE DID YOU COME TO WINNING THIS RACE? “About a hundred yards, 200 yards, more than an inch, however you want to look at it, but just didn’t need to get as much contact on the right-side door. That’s the way it is.”

COMMENT ON YOUR DAY AND THIS CRAZY FINISH. “Yeah, crazy is an understatement (smiles). I was working with Cole Whitt there and they all wrecked. Just had that little bobble when I got that contact and Buescher was able to get by me and win the race. That’s a credit to him.”

DO YOU PREFER PACK RACING OR TANDEM RACING? “I like ‘em all, but none of ‘em are my favorite. What’s my favorite was when Daytona was a handling track, that’s my favorite. Big pack or tandem is about the same to me.”

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