Charlotte Nationwide Winning Team Post-race Interview

Charlotte Motor Speedway

Matt Kenseth, Chris Andrews, Jack Roush post race press conference

MATT KENSETH – No. 16 Fastenal Ford Mustang

“That was fun. This is the first time I’ve gotten to drive the COT version of the Nationwide car. I haven’t been in one for testing or anything, so it’s been fun to get in there and drive it. It was a little bit different. It took me a few laps to get used to it, but we had a good time. The car handled really, really good and the motors run really good, and it was a fun race for us.”

JACK ROUSH, Car Owner – No. 16 Fastenal Ford Mustang

“I’m thinking about what a difference a year makes. Last year it seemed for a long time we couldn’t buy one and this year we moved Chris Andrews to be the crew chief on the 16 car and provide his vision of engineering leadership to the program. We got the FR9 engine going and got a new Mustang car, and what a difference a year makes. I’m really thankful to Chris for providing the leadership he has, not only to the 16 team, but to all of the Ford Nationwide teams for making this possible. Thanks, Chris.”

...they feel a lot like the new Cup car.

Matt Kenseth

CHRIS ANDREWS, Crew Chief – No. 16 Fastenal Ford Mustang

“We landed in Victory Lane, but we actually had some adversity today. We had a stumble on the left-rear on a pit stop once that put us back in the pack some. We pitted a couple of laps shorter than we wanted to and thought we were gonna be short on the fuel to the end, but the caution fell our way. We ended up with Matt Kenseth in fifth-place with four tires and that was it.”

MATT KENSETH CONTINUED – WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES TO THE OLD CAR? “I don’t know if I can compare it to the old car, but it’s almost just like the Cup car. You’re sitting there and you pretty much think you’re in a Cup car until you step on the gas. The engines, with the spacers and everything, they’ve got them limited on horsepower a lot, so you have to drive them a little different because the horsepower is different, so the setup is different. They’re really a lot like a Cup car. To me, it doesn’t feel a lot different. There are some little differences here and there. Without the bump stops they ride different and stuff like that, but they feel a lot like the new Cup car.”

“I think that’s the first race we’ve won in the 16. Ricky won last week in the 6, but when you take over for somebody, no matter what the thing is, I’ve done that a few other times, part of you feels bad because it’s their ride. But I was real excited about the opportunity because he cars have been so fast. I know they’ve won the last few straight at Dover and Iowa, so I knew the equipment was fast and whenever you can see a car is fast, it’s always fun to get back in it. I was curious how they would drive and I knew working with Chris was gonna be fun, so I was looking forward to driving it. I’m glad for the team that they won. I think that will build more morale and give them all a spring in their step. They had to miss last week and then to get Trevor back next week coming off a win is great for the team and I think it’s great for Trevor, too. He’s probably looking forward to getting in the car next week even more now.

“WOULD YOU RATHER DRIVE WITHOUT BUMP STOPS? “It doesn’t really matter to me as long as it’s the same for everybody. The cars ride a little smoother with bump stops, just because you can control some of the rate, where everybody is stopping their car out here on a solid spring, so it’s gonna ride a little rougher, but it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s the same for everybody.”

Matt Kenseth, Roush Fenway Racing Ford
Matt Kenseth, Roush Fenway Racing Ford

Photo by: Ashley Dickerson, ASP Inc.

JACK ROUSH CONTINUED -- WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING TO SEE OUT OF RICKY TOMORROW? “I’m looking for 600 miles. I told him before the race started today, after he had won the race at Iowa last weekend that he was full grown. I normally try not to have eye contact so much with the senior guys because they’ll stare me down, but I don’t have that problem with the rookies. I had eye contact with Ricky and I told him he was full-bodied, he was his own man today and he should go out and have some fun and do what he thought was right. I’m not gonna give him that consideration tomorrow in the Wood Brothers car. I’m gonna look him in the eye and tell him I’m looking for 600 miles and we’ll take what we get at the end of that.

“DOES THIS WINNING WITH MUSTANG GIVE YOU ANYMORE PLEASURE CONSIDERING YOUR PREVIOUS SUCCESS IN SPORTS CAR RACING WITH THE MODEL? “In 1964 I graduated from college after working myself through with enough money to buy a brand new Mustang within 30 days of the time they came into existence. I use Mustang powertrains, drivetrains to build modified cars and other things as I drag raced. I road raced with Mustangs and had great success with those for 16 years. To have Mustang in the Nationwide Series is really special for me. It’s a river that runs through. The Mustang and the energy and emotion that has been associated with a low-cost, performance-based car that was available to the masses, that has been behind and spurred my motorsports career all the way. To have the success that we’re having with the Mustang now just makes me feel fulfilled.”

MATT KENSETH CONTINUED – WITH THE CARS RUNNING SO WELL ARE YOU AS A DRIVER AND YOU AS A TEAM LESS LIKELY TO MAKE MISTAKES? “I know what you’re asking. When you try too hard, no matter how your car is, I think that’s when you make mistakes. If you’re back there and you’re running 17th and that’s all you can get and you try to finish 12th or 15th with it and you’re over your head, you can make a mistake just as easily as if you have a real good car and you have a third-place car and you get caught up racing somebody that’s maybe a little faster than you and you start getting over your head. You can make it at anytime. I don’t know if it helps the mistakes that much, but I think it certainly builds morale and it builds confidence in all of us, and I think that goes from top to bottom. From the guys that start building the cars to the guys pitting the cars to the guys putting them together, I think it gives everybody confidence and boosts morale. I don’t think it necessarily makes them want to work harder, but when they’re putting their cars together over at the airport they’re thinking, ‘Man, one of these cars might win the race if we get all the stuff right.’ I think everybody is feeling more like a contender, which is contagious and I think good for the whole team.”

-source: ford racing

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