Charlotte II: Ford teams race quotes

CARL EDWARDS - No. 60 Ford Mustang "It's just frustrating. We're a better team than that. To finish 13th, we're better than that, so we just have to figure out what we were missing and work on it. We've got a good bunch of guys at...

CARL EDWARDS - No. 60 Ford Mustang

"It's just frustrating. We're a better team than that. To finish 13th, we're better than that, so we just have to figure out what we were missing and work on it. We've got a good bunch of guys at the shop, so we'll get it. We just were not that fast. There at the beginning we got set back by me stalling it out of the pits, but we made all of that back up. We should have been able to run better than 13th for sure."


RICKY STENHOUSE, JR. - No. 6 CitiFinancial Ford Mustang

"I can tell you that we tried everything on our CitiFinancial Ford Mustang. It was a shame. We thought we had a really, really good race car coming into tonight. It was top-five on the lap tracker every single practice and was really fast. At the start of the race we were just really, really loose. We hadn't really been loose all weekend, so we don't know exactly what happened to it. We did everything to it and then finally there at the end we found a little something that tightened it up really tight, came back in and adjusted half of that back out and it was better. We picked up, I think, a second a lap, so we just missed something. We'll go to work on it and look it all over at the shop and hopefully come up with something to figure out why it was so loose, but these guys fought hard and never gave up. We kept changing and kept changing and got a decent finish out of it, compared to where we were running earlier in the race, so that's probably all we could ask for."

YOU AND CARL SPOKE AFTER THE RACE. DID YOU GUYS HAVE THE SAME ISSUE? "He was pretty free, too. He was too free to race around guys and that was the thing, once we got by ourselves it wasn't as bad, but you couldn't pass anybody. We've got to look at his car and look at ours and come up with something before we run these things next year."


TREVOR BAYNE - No. 17 Roush Fenway Racing Ford Mustang

"I don't think the finish really shows how we ran, that's the sad thing for this team because we started 25th and just had a bad qualifying run for some reason. The car just got really tight on us, but we worked our way up toward the front and got up to 11th at one time and I think that's right about where we belonged, and then we had great pit stops that really helped us, but it cycled out funny when some of the guys stayed out on the green-flag stop. That put us back to about 17th and track position was just so big tonight that once we got in dirty air our car would lose all of its handling. Once it got spread out, we could run them back down and get by them, but dirty air killed us. Unfortunately, the last restart we had like two laps to go, so they didn't have time to single out and we were just a victim of our car being in bad air. I think they did a great job with it. We'll get this Ford Mustang there eventually."

YOUR FIRST TIME IN A MUSTANG. WHAT DID YOU THINK? "I like them. They look cool, that's for sure. I remember looking ahead of me before and seeing those Mustangs and saying, 'Man, those things look cool,' and now I can actually say it, so that's good."

WAS YOUR CAR LOOSE? "It was the same thing here. We kind of expected that because we got ahead of that in the second practice when it shaded for a little while. A cloud came over and I was like, 'Man, this thing is really loose.' The sun popped out and it got tight and I was like, 'Well, maybe it wasn't loose after all.' So as soon as it got cool here tonight, it really freed up and that's a characteristic of this race track. We kind of knew that, but we just didn't know how much it would and it was a lot. I think we were definitely fighting free most of the night."

WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END WITH STEVEN WALLACE? "He started coming up and I gave him all the room I could possible give him. You can't check up in those situations very much and I was just hoping he knew I was there and we just barely touched, but it was enough to send him. I hate when stuff gets torn up. That's what I said on the radio, I hate to see that, but it was either his stuff torn up, or I could have hit the wall missing him, and I don't want to tear up my stuff, either."


COLIN BRAUN - No. 16 Con-way Freight Ford Mustang

"It was tough. We worked on this thing all day. My guys did a really good job making a whole ton of adjustments, we were just super, super loose and didn't see it coming. Last night in practice we weren't nearly this loose, obviously, and we just struggled being really sideways loose. We got it better and better, but once you get down laps with the way the cautions seemed to fly, it was tough to get back on the lead lap."

EVERYBODY IN THE ROUSH FENWAY CAMP SEEMS TO HAVE FOUGHT THE SAME THING. "I think we all thought we were pretty close and we knew we were pretty close on setups. There were little differences here and there, but we all thought we would be pretty decent based on the practice speeds and qualifying. We thought we were gonna be in good shape, but we missed it a little bit."

STILL SOME ISSUES TO FIGURE OUT WITH THIS NEW CAR FOR NEXT YEAR? "I don't know if it was the race track that changed a whole lot on us, or if these cars, when you get on a race track like this it makes a big difference aero-wise. We certainly didn't struggle with this at Michigan, so I'm really kind of perplexed by it here."

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