BUSCH: Winner quotes, part 2



MIKE McLAUGHLIN (#34 Royal Oak Charcoal Chevrolet) -- It doesn't get any better then this. Todd and I talked about it all week. I thought I had a better car then Todd. I had the best pit crew though and they did the best job all day. There was some concern for fuel at the end of the race but they didn't tell me so I didn't know. There probably wasn't much left but I never received any indication that we were going to run out. I was talking with Gary (Crew Chief) and we talked about fuel early on. He said bring it in and that's what won it for us. We were faster then Todd all weekend. He ran us down at the end but we had the better car all weekend. I was worried about those lapped cars. Once you get behind them and break your momentum it gets rough, you'll miss a shift, breaking point or something. I was a little worried about the lapped cars on the last couple of laps. I could see I was the best through the esses compared to Todd. I made up for it there for being off in couple of other turns. I saw two lapped cars in front of me on the last lap but I thought I had enough distance between them and me and Todd and me to make up for what they were going to do. I was just trying to be smooth all day. I think that's most important thing on a road course. I think that probably saved more fuel then anything else too. This is a special win for being so close to home. This is really awesome! I should have won a race here in the (NASCAR Busch Grand National) North series but I over drove the car and lost it. I have a lot of support here and it puts extra pressure on you. I feel like this is an awesome pay back for loosing that one to all the people that support me. I have to thank Royal Oak for sticking with us through everything and some really inconsistent times. I had a consistent car here though. I still don't believe I had the fastest car. We tested here earlier and I think that contributed a lot to our success this weekend. I thank the team owners because it's a lot of expense to go testing but it paid off for us this time. I say it was the team that won it for us today. We didn't have the fastest car at all. It was the team that won it for me.

SCOTT WELLIVER ( Co-Team Owner #34 Royal Oak Charcoal Chevrolet) -- You can't beat this. Anytime you can go some place and finish first and second is great but to do it here at home is great. We put a lot of effort into this week. They (drivers) came up and spent time with their families, fans and stuff. It was worth it. They had a blast. The team spent a lot of time preparing for this weekend. You can't imagine how happy we are. We thought both cars were in the window for fuel. We did a lot of research on it this week. We had that pretty well planed out. That last yellow just assured it for us. The 34 (Mike McLaughlin) pitted early on the first round of stops but we left Todd (Bodine, second place finisher and teammate) out there for a while longer. We pitted them both around the same time on the second stop. We thought we could make it half way on one stop. The whole thing played into our hands. It's just great.

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