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JOHN PRESTON (#72 Williams Auto Group/Sherwood Chevrolet) -- I learned a lot about the Glen and the layout here last year, but I spun out a couple of times in the race and that cost us a few spots. I'll just try not to do that this year. I bought Kenny Wallace Jr. two cars (the Pennsylvania driver), so now I own two BGNN cars.

MIKE McLAUGHLIN (#34 French's Mustard/Black Flag Chevrolet) --We made a few changes over the (several week) break. The car seems to be a little quicker. Well, you treat it as another race, but this (road racing) is a totally different ball game. I've never been real good at road racing but I have had fun at it. I've had some decent runs but it's something that I have to work at, that's for sure.

DAVID GREEN (#44 Slim Jim Chevrolet) -- I'm glad they extended the race (to 200 miles). I say every year that it seems like after I get through with that short 62 laps I can't wait to run again, but I've got to wait a year. So now we get extra laps, but I still wish we ran more. Once I get back to the Glen, it takes me about a half a day to get in the flow of things. Once I do that, man it's a blast. It's a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to it. I got to go to Sears Point earlier this season with Bobby Labonte. I learned a little bit out there with those guys, and I saw a whole different kind of road course then what Watkins Glen is like. So I think I can kind of bounce that around and help myself a little bit for the Glen. But it's a beautiful track. I just enjoy the heck out of it. I wish I could run with Terry (Labonte) and people like that.

PHIL PARSONS (#99 Luxaire Chevrolet) --We haven't had much luck at the Glen. We've really ran well with the Busch car every time we've been up here. But for one reason or the other we haven't had a good finishing position. Last year I think we had a good second place car. I don't think we would have beaten Terry (Labonte) -- I know we wouldn't have beaten Terry. But we sheared the rivets in the clutch disk so we fell out early. We're looking forward to going back, we always seem to run well here. (Can a Busch Grand National regular win this year?) I think they could certainly at any given time. But you get someone like Terry Labonte, who is awfully good on a road course, and he's up there. He's certainly one of -- if not the -- car to beat. And Ernie Irvan and Bill Elliott have won at the Glen -- they're both good road racers. So there always seem to be some good Winston Cup road racers up here, so they're hard to beat. But anything can happen on a given day.

JOHNNY BENSON (#74 Lipton Chevrolet) -- Hopefully it'll go a little better than last year. The first time at the Glen we had some mechanical problems and broke the clutch. The car was running good and we were just trying to get some track time. I need the track time, and we've struggled a little bit there. It was an experience, I guess you could say. We're really looking forward to coming to Watkins Glen this year. Last year's race was only my third road race. Now we're coming up on our fourth road race, so hopefully things will get better.

~CHAD LITTLE (#23 Bayer Aspirin Ford) -- We're trying some things together, but it's hard when the Busch cars only race one road course. It's hard to put a lot of effort into building a special car. The Busch rules have the weight distributed 50-50 (side to side). When you're in Winston Cup you can actually have an advantage by building a special car just for a road course, but in Busch you are prohibited from doing that by only having 50-50 weight distribution. Actually, they tell you that you can move the battery box, and really that's about it. We're going to make those changes, and there are some other things that we're going to try in the front-end geometry to try and make the car make those right hand turns a little bit better. Obviously gear ratio is so important . There are some things that we want to try. I love road courses because on the west coast that's what the Winston West series mostly ran for a couple of years. We might have run 15 races and about half of those each year were road courses. So I think they're a lot of fun and they're a different challenge, it's a nice change. I look forward to those races.

LARRY PEARSON (#92 Stanley Tools Chevrolet) -- Last year we came up here and we had a pretty good run. I think we finished in the top ten. The car wasn't exactly right. When you come to Watkins Glen you got to have the right transmission as far as gear ratio and things like that. We were off just a little bit. I always enjoy going to Watkins Glen. It's a road course that the driver can run on and have a good time at the same time although you're out there racing and you're trying to beat the others guys. It's enjoyable to run on. The added distance is probably not going to help at my age you want them as short as you can get them. Yeah I would say that it would help with my experience and the team that I have, the experience that they have now. I think it will help us a lot, I really do. It'll be an extra set of tires that we have to buy. Other than that, I think it will be as good as long as they are paying more money for the extra fifty miles. It's a lot of fun, it really is. It's a time to get out and relax while you are racing although you are racing hard. It's just a different situation. It puts you in a different situation and you're shifting gears, twisting road course, it's really a lot of fun.

TOM BOLLES (#76N Bolles Chrysler/Plymouth Chevrolet) -- This is one of the Craven cars we purchased. They ran here last year. They got some good numbers and setup for the track so we're going back with that exact same car. I think we were just lacking a few things there the last couple of years going in our braking system that this car will have. We actually ran fifth, cut down a tire, pitted and ended up finishing seventh in the race. We were happy with it. We're getting better and better. I went to the Skip Barber driving school last spring and so that helped out some. It got us going in the right direction in road racing.

JASON KELLER (#57 Budget Gourmet Chevrolet) -- I raced there last year, it was my first time last year . Hopefully I'll adapt a little bit quicker to it. We go to these places like Nazareth because there's a little bit different shape and Watkins Glen especially because you have to turn right then left. It's difficult but I hope I adapt quicker to it . The main thing is to just get in there and run a good straight, safe race, and then get a good finish.

PATTY MOISE (#40 Dial/Purex Ford) -- I'm just really happy to have this opportunity to race at Watkins Glen . I came off of running almost no races. This is a big opportunity to get to go back to some of these tracks. So anytime when you can race every week like that, you're going to be a better driver. Unfortunately, the last time I ran a road course was here and I don't remember what year that was -- but it's been a few years back. I'm sure I'll be a little bit rusty. But I am really looking forward to coming to Watkins Glen. Hopefully they'll be better than my stock car skills. This is a tough series. There are a lot of cars in it. I feel confident that if there's no kind of problem we'll be fine for qualifying and stuff like that and I think we'll have a good competitive race. This series is very tough.

DIRK STEPHENS (#64 Duralube Chevrolet) -- Actually, we're coming here for the first time. We're looking forward to the Glen. I've only run one road course before and that was out at Sears Point in a Winston Cup race out there. I really enjoyed it, it was the first time that I turned left and right.

TRACY LESLIE (#72 Detroit Gasket Chevrolet) -- We got a new car, new Monte Carlo, new motors, we just hope that we can do one or two positions better then last year. We fixed the transmissions this year, so hopefully they won't break on the last lap. We're looking forward to it. It broke on the last lap coming off for the white flag. We're going to have a good run this year. We got a new car. We took an old car there last year, we're going to take a new car this year, one that they say you got to have on the road course, so we're going see if it is going to work out.

DALE SHAW (#7N Skoal Racing Pontiac) -- I look forward to coming back here now that I have a year under my belt on the road courses. Everybody had a little advantage on me because they had a year on me. They still have that year on me but I got some experience there now and I'm looking forward to it.

BOBBY DRAGON (#71N Talarico/Tubbs Snowshoe Pontiac) -- I've settled in to road racing, we've learned a lot as far as race setups go. The car's getting more comfortable. The one thing that I haven't done that I probably should is attend a driver's course for road racing. It was quite obviously that Kelly Moore went to one last year and he went right out and sat on the outside pole at Lime Rock, so that was definitely an improvement for him. If you speak with him, he'll say that was the big thing. So I guess maybe that's the next thing for me to be doing something like that.

KELLY MOORE (#47N Tic Tac/Jordan Lumber Ford) -- We had a really good race going last year here and ran into a little problem here. We went to Lime Rock , qualified on the pole and felt good about it. We feel good about road racing. We went to Skip Barber there and I think that helped us quite a bit.

CURTIS MARKHAM (#63 Lysol Pontiac) -- The only real difference between the Busch North and Busch South cars are the radial tires. It took me a little time to get used to those, but the Hensley Racing team has been in this division since it started. With their knowledge, it's helped me progress. I'm looking forward to the Lysol 200, out of all the Busch races. Watkins Glen is probably the track that I've run the most races at. It's different from what we usually run, with Lysol sponsoring this race along with our car -- it's an extra incentive for us to run up front. I'm excited -- I'll tell you that much. I think this will be one of our best shots all year.

STEVE GRISSOM (#29 ChannelLock Chevrolet) -- The series has improved, it sure has since I started running the Busch Series. You look in the garage and you can see how much it has changed. It's a good deal for us (as a warm up to Bud at the Glen), with the Busch Series going to the new 9-to-1 engines, the Winston Cup cars will basically have the same feel. We normally don't run a lot of road courses -- so it's a good deal for us. So as many laps as we can get is definitely a big plus for us. There are a lot of similarities between the two, but it will definitely help us when we come back in August.

HERMIE SADLER (#1 DeWalt Tools Chevrolet) -- I've raced here twice, and I've had pretty good success here. For me it's just like some of the roads I used to drive from home to school in the morning -- country road winding to school. I'm used to the rights and lefts, I'm going to enjoy it. I've never been on a road course other than when I raced here before. It's not hard to adapt, until you get some laps. The biggest thing is not over driving the corners, especially at the end of the pit straight. The race is a little bit longer, it'll be a little more of a patience race. But certainly it'll be a great race.

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