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RANDY LAJOIE (#74 Fina Chevrolet) =A0-- LaJoie crashed in the Inner Loop during the morning practice session damaging the left front and left rear of the car -- We wrecked. (Crew Chief Steve Bird said the car will be repaired, that most of the damage was to sheet metal)

TED CHRISTOPHER (# 13 Les Care Kitchens Chevrolet) -- Christopher crashed at the exit of the Outer Loop during morning practice) The oil tank blew out, and there's not much that isn't damaged on the car. I don't know what this will do for qualifying, but I'm lucky its a long ways away.

JIMMY SPENCER (#20 Spencer Racing Chevrolet) - We're having some problems right now with our transmission combination. We came up with a whole new transmission deal and it's not working right, so this next session is going to be critical. The crew chief and I misunderstood each other on the combination, so now we're trying to scurry around and get one. If we do that, I think we'll be in the top 10. You never know here. It's Watkins Glen. It's a great road course, but it's also a very unforgiving racetrack.

SCOTT LAGASSE (#22 Super Sport Chevrolet) - We had a few problems, we had a fuel pickup problem is what I think it is. We haven't gotten but a few laps at speed, and we've got an hour now to fix it. I've raced here a couple of times before, so it's pretty comfortable, and the chassis is not too bad. If we can get a little quicker, and we get a few more laps in, we'd probably make some changes.

BOBBY LABONTE (#44 Shell Oil Pontiac) - We haven't run but about 2, 3 laps, but so far, so good. There was some oil out there earlier, and it took a while to get that worked in. You've got to be careful of that. But everything seems to be good.

STEVE PARK (#3 AC Delco Chevrolet) -- The car is driving really good, but the track had oil leaked on it earlier, so it's a little slippery out there. There's a little bit more left in the car, so we just want to be cautious out there.

DALE JARRETT (#32 White Rain/Polaroid Ford) -- Everything is okay so far. This is the first time I've been here in the Busch Grand National car, so the biggest thing is there are more shifting points to get used to. -- On what it will take to beat Terry Labonte -- I'm not as concerned about Terry as I am concerned about getting the right gearing and balance. The obvious difference between the Winston Cup car and the Busch car is the horsepower.

TERRY LABONTE (#5 Bayer Aspirin/Alka-Seltzer Chevrolet) -- We're pretty good. I don't know if we're good enough but we got one more practice here andwe've got to get a little bit better. The odds are against me on trying to win another one up here. We've been pretty lucky. We're just trying to get our cars as good as we can and give it our best shot.

DALE EARNHARDT, JR (#31 Gargoyles Chevrolet) -- Thoughts on this being your first visit -- It's a real exciting road course. There is a lot of history here in the track and I'm proud to be a part of the Busch race here this weekend. I come up here a lot of the time when I was younger and watched my dad run here and do well. It's just always been a dream of mine to come here to Watkins Glen and get out here with the big boys. Fortunately the cup guys have the week off so some of them came down here too. It's a pleasure to run against such talent as Dale Jarrett and

Terry Labonte. Thoughts on your first practice session? -- We came her e and tested and we're real happy with that. Right now we're getting som e

brake pads seeded in and trying some other stuff. This next session is where we're going to show how fast we are, if we can do anything better then we're doing now. We'll try some shocks and other things. Right now, we're pretty happy with the car. We got another motor that seems to be a little better. We should be better all around.

JOE NEMECHEK (#87 BellSouth Mobility Chevrolet) -- I'm ready to go race=2E Last year when we were here in our BellSouth Mobility Chevrolet Monte Carlo, we ran good, we were like really dominent in the race. We had something break in the engine. It's the same basic race car except for the guys totally redid it. I'm going to say the car is probably 30% better then it was last year. The guys at the engine shop, T & L engine built a brand new motor to come here. It's awesome. Everything is doing good. I just need more laps and I'll go faster. The track is real fast.

You just have to be careful when you go out because of the other cars that are running they leave some rubber down and it sometimes doesn't agree. We were fast off the truck. We're just going to try and continue with where we're at. Our Cup program and our Busch programs are on the right track. What's the key difference that has you on the right track for Winston Cup and Busch? It's the crew that's really helping me. Tony Glover and all the guys that those cars. It's a whole combination of parts and pieces that make it work. We're getting to communicate better=2E We're just getting everything together and we're going to be strong.

RON FELLOWS (#4 Phoenix Construction Chevrolet) -- I'm happy we're in the top ten. It's just so competitive where ever you go. Yes, I'm comfortable on a road course and here, but not as comfortable as these guys are in these kind of cars. It's a trade off. I'm happy where we are. I would like to be first and we're going to try it. Thoughts on your team and qualifying? We get one mor epractice and we'll see where that goes and if we have a real shot at the pole. I think it's going to take a high 15 to be first in qualifying. It's kind of what we'll be shooting for. We'll just have to see where we are after this next practice session.

MIKE McLAUGHLIN (#34 Royal Oak Charcoal Chevrolet) -- Thoughts on being here at yours and your team owner's home track? -- It's always greatto be back at Watkins Glen. We got a lot of friends and family here. We're running decent. It's not a bad day so far. -- Thoughts on qualifying this afternoon? -- You just try the best you can. You give it a 110% and see where you line up.

TODD BODINE (#36 Stanley Pontiac) -- (After the first practice session, Bodine's crew was making adjustments to his car in the bay next to Randy LaJoie's , where a major re-building project was underway. Bodine's thoughts on seeing all the work next door. ) Seeing that doesn't do a thing for my plan. He just had some bad luck and ran through some oil. We're doing some changes to our car too - some =B3go fast" things.

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