BUSCH: Watkins Glen Saturday practice quotes #2



TRACY LESLIE (#63 Lysol Pontiac) -- We picked up a little for the second practice. We've been trying a few things. And for me trying to get back in the act and braking and shifting but we're running all right We're hoping to do good in qualifying and get up near the top ten or so and start this race and have a good day for Lysol. -- Thoughts on qualifying and strategies. -- Stay on the track for all the laps. and hopefully get in a good one. That's the biggest thing. You just have to be patient and run a good lap. Don't worry about trying to run four good laps, just run one good lap.

KAT TEASDALE (#54 Katko Chevrolet) -- Teasdale team was late arriving to the track and missed the first practice session because they were held up at the border. -- The guys went through a lot of grief in the past 24 hours to get here. I'm pretty thankful to them that they were able to get the car out on the track. We really took it if you will gingerly based on an RPM problem that we had. We don't think our tach is working right because I was running out of RPM coming right out of a corner. We were thinking of changing the rear end but we really just think it's a tach problem. other then that, the car is a brand new car. It felt pretty good. We're looking forward to hopefully being able to get some good times in during qualifying. Basically, I couldn't run fast because we thought we were out of RPM all the time. We're not going to ruin a brand new KTAC Engine. So hopefully we'll get a little bit better when we go out for qualifying, we don't have a choice. We have to get a lot better when we go out for qualifying. -- Any thoughts going into qualifying? -- Just to get out there and hope to find what we think is going on is real which would allow me to push it a little harder. We definitely needed that other practice session that we missed this morning but that's life. The guys worked really, really hard to get here but things happen and you have to hope for the best. Now it's up to me so we'll see what happens in qualifying with it.

DICK TRICKLE (#64 Dura Lube Chevrolet) -- We had a little fuel problem and lost a lot of the early practice. It seems like the motor isn't quite running right so we changed carburetors and stuff. We got some laps in thought that we're quality laps. We didn't get the full schedule of practice in. Road courses aren't my deal anyhow. I'm kind of an oval racer. We had a good run going here last year thought so hopefully we can match it and get a top ten finish here.

ELTON SAWYER (#38 Barbasol Ford) -- I think team wise, the Barbasol guys are doing a great job. I'm just not a very good road racer. I hate to say that because you need to keep a good positive attitude but I'm just mentally and personally working as hard as I can to be where I need to be on the race track and try to give the crew some good feedback so I can make the car better and get me better at the same time. We'll just keep working on it. We're not there yet but we'll keep working on it.

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