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GNC Live Well 200 At The Glen Race Quotes: Brian Weber, ...

GNC Live Well 200 At The Glen

Race Quotes:

Brian Weber, #49 Rent-A-Wreck/Jay Robinson Inc. Pontiac - Blew An Engine Early In Race-- "We didn't get to practice with this motor before today because we blew a motor while qualifying and we thought we would be ok with this one but I guess not. It doesn't look good to get back out there."

Brad Teague, #52 Broadway Motors Ford - Lost A Transmission -- "There is something wrong in the transmission and we aren't going to be able to try and change it."

Larry Foyt Jr. #14 Harrah's Casino Chevrolet - Went To Garage During Race-- "We broke a truck arm. It's pretty much undrivable, so we are trying to fix it and get back out there."

Jeff Green, #10 Nestea Concentrate Ford ­­-- Lost A Motor - "Nestea Ford they've been great to us, It was just not our day not our year for some reason every time we get ahead we get behind, we had a tire rub, got black flagged for that, and a lap down my buddy Greg Biffle wouldn't give me a lap back. It just wasn't our day, It was something with the motor it just blew all to pieces A road course is hard on them but its not supposed to be that hard, something happened to it internally, now we just have to win races for Nestea that's all we have to do the rest of the year we cant worry about championship, we just have to win races."

Post Race Quotes:

Ron Fellows, #87 Bully Hill Vineyards Chevrolet - Winner -- "This was such a good tune up for us. Again, Brian Pattie and the guys at NEMCO built new cars this year. The new chassis; the idea is to get as much crossover between series' and all the different chassis. With the rule change in terms of the engines, we certainly learned a lot. I think for the first time we can apply what we learned here at the Busch weekend for the Cup weekend. The biggest difference is the wheelbase. The longer wheelbase Cup cars are a little more difficult to manage, but again, I think we've learned a lot and hopefully we've got enough when we come back here in August. I've won a couple of Trans-Am races here, and what's that, three Busch races, a couple truck races, if we could add a Cup win, boy I think I could retire. I love this place, I always have. It's similar to Mosport and Mont-Tremblay, a couple tracks that I learned how to race on. It makes for great racing, plenty of places to pass. It was a tough, tough race all day today and a real good test for August."

Greg Biffle, #60 Grainger Ford ­­- Finished Second - "This is the first time we ran the car. We showed up here with six gears. We went through the gears one number at a time. We were a few gears off in practice. It was unbelievable, I got not even half way down the backstretch and I needed a new rev channel. We made one big change and then another little change, we had problems with the breaks and the car really struggled. I wish we had had more time to work on the car, hopefully we will be back here and better for next year."

Kevin Harvick, #2 AC Delco/Sylvania Chevrolet - Finished Third - "With the circumstances we were in, with a lot of travel, a lot of time in the airplane, a lot of time in two different states, we pulled it off again. My arm went to sleep about 30 laps into it, I had the restraint and the buckle got under the back of my shoulder blade and my arm fell asleep, but we got a yellow and I got all that off and we picked up about a second and a half a lap. I could see Greg Biffle so I knew we weren't going to lose much. We knew he was going to be tough here, and pretty tough to beat Ron Fellows." Asked about recovery after racing two races in two states. "It's going to take a couple days, I mean I'm tired right now, but that's why we cancelled all the appearances and all the tests this month, all we are going to do is race so we're just going to go home and relax and lay around the swimming pool for a couple days and go to Chicago."

Boris Said, #17 Visine Chevrolet - Finished Fourth - "I think I did a pretty good. It's the first time I finished a race here in a long time. I would have liked it to be a little bit better but fourth isn't too bad. I think we were ok. The car ran good. It was lacking a bit in a few areas, part of it was my fault. I was a little conservative on the set up. I'm pretty happy, and hopefully we can improve on it. In a month, I'm coming back and we'll see what we can do!"

Robby Gordon, #21 Rockwell Automation Chevrolet - Finished Fifth - "Obviously I was a little disappointed with NASCAR's call. They put me all the way in the back, but I still finished fifth so I'm happy with that. One of these days I got to find myself back in victory lane and just not make any mistakes on the racetrack. I'm not sure what it's going to take, just some new luck."

Scott Pruett, #71 State Fair Corn Dogs/Ball Park Franks Ford - Finished Eighth - "The guys did a good job. The State Fair Corn Dogs car ran good all day long. You know, it's the first time for us, it's a group of 5 or 6 guys, we hadn't run that long together and we hadn't ever done a race run before. We knew that we weren't sure so we took a big gamble on the setup. The car was superb all day long except for the brakes. We just fought those all day long and couldn't get the thing to stop. I could run real hard for four or five laps and then had to back off. We made the most of it and hopefully we might do a race or two more with Kevin. I know he's looking for sponsorship for next year. Who knows, maybe we'll be back here."

Geoffrey Bodine, #66 Phillips 66 Chevrolet - When asked what happened on lap 61 & finished 20th -- "We got spun around. I don't think it was anything intentional. Going into that corner we got bumped and turned around and there went our race. We had a pretty good car, it wasn't perfect, but neither was I. I still have a little rust in me from not racing this year. We had made our pit strategy with pitting early and one more stop. Unfortunately it didn't work out. The cautions fell at the wrong times and other cars pitted. We were in a pretty good position until we got spun around."

Mike McLaughlin, #18 MBNA Pontiac - When asked about how his car ran after the first pit stop & finished 17th -- "We were off the whole time here really. We had a little bit of brake problems, but we were just off the whole day. We didn't run a 1:14 lap like we did in practice - we just missed the setup. Braking was the worst part. I had to pump the brake pedal to get anything. We had brake problems all weekend. We changed master cylinders and rotors this morning in hopes of fixing it, but we never did."

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