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JOE NEMECHEK (#87 Bell South Mobility Chevrolet) -- Pole Sitter for Sunday's LYSOL 200 -- I'm really tickled. All the guys on this Bell South Mobility crew have worked really hard. The guys at T & L Engine Development built a new motor for here, everything worked real good. We were a little faster in the practice but the heat came out. It's a lot hotter now and the track slowed down a little bit. We'll take it. We were on the outside pole here last year and we got an awesome race car. Hopefully we can finish the race. If we can finish the race, we're going to be up front in one or two. We were expecting to start either first or second. Terry (Labonte) had some problems or something happened to him. He was really fast but we'll take it. We've been fast. We were fast off the truck and everyone was chasing us most of the day. Getting the pole is pretty neat.

MIKE McLAUGHLIN (#34 Royal Oak Charcoal Chevrolet) -- LOOSE!! Bottom line. I thought we were going to be pretty good. I about lost it the first lap getting up through the esses there. After that, I just kind of had to run a real conservative line getting into the corner. You couldn't sweep it in. The track either loosened up or the shock change we made really loosened it up. We're not sure yet. We're really not going to have a chance to find out cause there's no practice.

JASON KELLER (#57 Slim Jim Chevrolet) -- Well we made it through it. That's the big thing. We made it through all the practice. It's a good solid run for us. I don't feel like we're finally ready for tomorrow but we're a lot closer then I ever been. I usually run pretty good up here so maybe I can sleep on it and make some changes in the morning and be good tomorrow. My car didn't loosen up any. It actually stayed about the same and got a little tight. Maybe with the heat tomorrow the track will loosen up a little more and come to us. I'm not complaining because I know the car is better then the driver. I'm just getting used to it. It was a real good solid run for us and that's what we needed.

RON FELLOWS (#4 Phoenix Construction Chevrolet) -- I shouldn't be disappointed but I am. We were faster then that in practice. I'm a little disappointed. I think some of it's the heat. heck! To be disappointed in my first Busch race I guess I shouldn't be. There was more there, we just didn't get it. We've got to do something to compensate for the track being greasy. It's just the temperature. We'll make a couple of changes to try and deal with the push. It tends to get pushy as the tires get weary. We're going to try and make adjustments to compensate for it.

KAT TEASDALE (#54 Katco Chevrolet) -- It was a little bit better. We found out the tach wasn't working properly. Now as a result of it, we now know that we were geared wrong. I ran out of RPM's going down the back straight and the last left hander before the front straight. If we make the show and that's a big if, we're obviously going have to change the rear end for the race. We only have 11 laps in a brand new car, I had no idea how hard to really push it. If we had a little bit more track time which is always the case in racing, it would probably work out a little bit better. We went out in the first lap, it was 20.5, 20.3, and 20.2 which is a good test but I don't have 100% confidence in what I can do in this car yet. It would be really nice to shave a few seconds off of that. But we'll just have to see if we get in the field.

ELTON SAWYER (#38 Barbasol Ford) -- I'm still skeptical. It wasn't as good as we were hoping. I guess we'll just have to keep working on it. We'll see where we end up.

PATTY MOISE (#14 Pure Silk Chevrolet) -- It was kind of disappointing because we lost a second a lap since the last practice and now. I don't know where nor how. I have to judge from how the other guys go. If the track is truly different? I know it's a little bit hotter but that's just one of the more depressing points for a driver. I mean you absolutely want to turn your best time in qualifying and to turn one that is significantly off of your best lap is disappointing. Hopefully we'll be in the field and try to do better with the Pure Silk car tomorrow. Hopefully we'll be racing.

TRACY LESLIE (#63 Lysol Pontiac) -- We broke a transmission. That's it.

JOE BESSEY (#6 Power Team Chevrolet) -- The car was just about the same as it was in practice. We didn't have any big problems. We're just off a little bit. There isn't much difference between these cars and the Busch North. That Busch North series is getting just as tough as this series. They both got a lot of good drivers and a lot of good road racers. They've done a lot of good upgrades to the track earlier. We got in one of those gravel traps early. We're really thankful they put them in because it saved us a car. We're pretty happy with it. It's great weather this weekend so we're anxious to see what happens in the race.

STEVE PARK (#3 AC Delco Chevrolet) -- Qualifying went pretty much according to plan. The track slowed down and we lost a couple of tenths. We were third or fourth fastest in the last qualifying session, and we ended up fourth, so that's good. For the race, we'll just haveto plan to be around for 82 or 83 laps. It's going to be tough because it will be hot. As far as Joe is concerned. I've watched him drive here and he's hungry. We'll all be pretty equal. Terry has been tough here and Mike McLaughlin has been running good, but Terry's not going to run away with it - the Busch guys won't let him.

BUCKSHOT JONES (#00 Aquafresh Pontiac) -- My qualifying run wasn't so good. My car was too loose, but we'll tighten her up before tomorrow. The European qualifying is fine. Its a good way to get this done, otherwise we'd be here for eight hours.

BOBBY LABONTE (#44 Shell Oil Pontiac) -- It was okay. There's not much to say. I was eighth quickest for a while, until Joe knocked me down further.

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