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TODD BODINE (#36 Stanley Tools Pontiac) -- Thoughts on coming back to Watkins Glen? -- Angelardos has this thing called a garlic pizza that's great. I can't find them in the South, so everytime I'm here I've got to have one. -- Thoughts on how your season is going? -- One advantage we have is that Mike and I were friends for so long before we had to be teammates. That's very important. If you look at Terry Labonte and Jeff Gordon, Ricky Craven, the Rousch teams- those guys were forced into being teammates. They had to adapt and become friends and learn how to communicate. That's whats put Mike and I ahead a little bit. We were friends and got along and communicated well before we were teammates. It's really helped the whole situation. The fact that we have two different brand cars - Mike runs the Monte Carlo and I'm in the Pontiac hasn't really seemed to affect us. It seems like our chassis stuff crossed over from car to car. Every team's goal is to finish in the top ten every race, then we've got a shot to win the championship, and we've done that all but one race. We've got 15 out of 16 top tens, and I never thought I'd say this, but I'm disappointed about that. We haven't had the race cars we need to have to be in victory lane. We've only had those cars in three of those races, so we're a little disappointed in our performance that we haven't gotten to that point yet. To get the win here would be nice. I like the European style qualifying for a few reasons. Since this is the only road race, it's hard to qualify in one lap. This gives us a chance to get used to the track on the first lap, and by the second and third get a good lap in. It makes it more comptetitive, and evens things out a bit. Winning the championship is about 50 percent team and 50 percent car. You've got to have good people. The pit crew is very important, and fortunately we've been able to put together a great group of guys that work hard, and we've got good equipment. To win here at the Glen would be the best thing I've ever had in my carrer. I've been fortunate to have some good wins and good runs, and to come home...we came close last year, real close. It was disappointing to finish second, let's put it that way. I was looking forward to winning here. It would be really neat to win for the hometown. I feel like we have a little advantage because we have the support from the community.

KEVIN LAPAGE (#88 Hype Chevrolet) -- We entered the 1996 season on a high note, we intoduced Hype Energy Drinks as a new sponsor. We won at Homestead. We went from 11th to 8th in points and we really had a lot of momentum going in the off season, but starting in Daytona, we couldn't throw a rock in the ocean. Then all of a sudden in the last three or four weeks, three top fives - three different race tracks (Charlotte, Dover and South Boston), I think we're back where we were last year. I'm just glad to be back The team was questioning the team performance. The driver was talking about himself. There was a lot of distraction. I enjoy the road course. It's a change of pace for me, and we see the changes here. Its just amazing what this place is doing. I can't wait for the weekend.

MARK GREEN (#37 Timber Wolf Chevrolet) -- Thoughts on coming to Watkins Glen? - I've never been here before. I have no road course experience except go-karts, way back. I've gotten a lot of advice from Todd. We talked a lot last night. I'm coming to learn, and just to try to keep it between the guardrails. I've been using the computerized game. I've run about 1000 laps on it. It helps you to know where the corners are. You can really learn a lot from it. You can actually visualize it, and if you know what's coming up you don't get confused. You can ease into it and get your nerve up. If you just have to go for it, you might tear your car up. So I think it's good.

TIM FEDEWA (#33 Kleenex Chevrolet) -- (On the season so far ) We have had good cars. Our short track program, wewere able to put that together well right out of the box, and had a shot to win two or three races. We've been struggling a little on the speedway stuff but its a strong team and they've given me a good car. I'm happy to be here. I'm happy to see my hauler pull in. Last year our rig burned down. Last year I got a call about 2 a.m. that the hauler had burned down, so we had to scramble around and get cars together. Everybody in the community helped us get it there. It was tough, but we managed to finish 18th or 19th. We're happy to be here at the Glen. It means a lot to me personally, because I'm not the greatest road racer but I have a lot of fun. It makes it tough on us series regulars because cup drivers get to drive on the road courses a couple of times a year. I envy the ones who do do well here. Hopefully, if I keep my head on straight all weekend and keep the car on the course, I know we'll have a top ten . Any race track you go to youB9ve got to finish in the top 10.

PATTY MOISE (#14 Pfizer Chevrolet) -- Thoughts on coming back to Watkins Glen? -- Its great to be back. If you only have two races, its a little bit tough, so I'm really glad to be in a race car this weekend. What goes throu gh the mind of a race driver not racing? I was talking with Curtis Markum about that, and I said, well, at least your wife doesnB9t race and you donB9t have to go watch her. Its tough to watch. It's sort

of the equivalent of some sort of torture. At least I've done some tv work, which has been great. I've got some more tv work coming up, and hopefully I be able to do more racing next year. Certainly we're talking to companies now. I donB9t make a very good spectator. The last time I ran more than one road race in a year was over 10 years ago, so I don't really feel like much of a road racer. I'm really excited about this particular weekend because it's like a reunion of sorts for me. This team I'm driving for, the engine builder is JoeVarde, who probably has more laps here than I do. I'm looking for some help from him. HeB9s driven here so many times, he's going to be an asset to me. HeB9s telling me about this awesome engine I have under my hood.

ELTON SAWYER (#38 Barbasol Ford) -- Is there any advantage being married to another driver? -- I wish it was an advantage in the past it hasnB9t been for me. This has not been a good race track for me, b ut we've come back here with a very positive attitude. If I can keep it between the guardrails and keep the fenders on, hopefully we get a top ten finish. This season has kind of been a roller coaster ride. THe Barbasol team did a great job early in the season. I think we were as high as fifth in the points. We had a stretch were we couldnB9t get by the second lap and we finished in the 40s for two weeks The last two weeks have been extremely good. We had a strong top ten at Dover and we ran fifth at South Boston, so we feel like weB9ve king of got that turned

around. We've set a goal to be in the top five at the end of the season to lay a good foundation for the 1998 season and be a contender for the championship then. All in all the season has veen good, I've been pleased, but it hasn't been great. Qualifying - I think it s an asset for al th Busch regulars who donB9t have that much ex. to give us fie laps to at least got a little

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