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Lysol 200 Weekend Watkins Glen International June 27-30, 1996 Pit Notes for Sunday, June 30 LYSOL 200 POST RACE QUOTES TERRY LABONTE ( ...

Lysol 200 Weekend Watkins Glen International June 27-30, 1996

Pit Notes for Sunday, June 30


TERRY LABONTE (#5 Actron Chevrolet) -- We weren1t always the best car. It was tough. We changed springs, changed shocks, changed rear ends. The guys really worked hard on the car this morning. We knew we were off a little bit yesterday. We raced each other hard (Todd Bodine #81). I was able to hold him off.

DAVID GREEN (#95 Caterpillar Chevrolet) -- Finished fifth in the Lysol 200 after having a run with Chad Little. -- Chad wanted all the race track. I tried being a gentlemen getting by him but we had a heck of a car. we just gambled there that first stop and didn't come in . It kind of made me nervous there for a while. We were a top five car though so we're pleased. Like I said before the race, just because we're on the pole doesn't mean Terry Labonte ain't going to be a contender and sure enough he was.

MIKE McLAUGHLIN (#34 Royal Oak Charcoal Chevrolet) -- After finishing third to Terry Labonte and Todd Bodine in the Lysol 200. -- We were pretty good. I thought I would have something for them at the end. I was going as hard as I could and they just pulled away from me instead. It's been a very interesting season. We got a great team here and a great sponsor with Royal Oak and Jackaroo Bar-B-Q Sauce. They've stuck with us through the bad times and it says a lot for the type of people they are and the kind of company they are. We're real pleased to be involved with them. We just didn't have enough for the guys in front of us. They just kind of pulled away from us.

TODD BODINE (#81 Cape Canaveral Cruise Lines Chevrolet) -- After finishing second to Terry Labonte in the Lysol 200. -- We had a good car. We worked on it and adjusted it all day until we got it where it was pretty decent. It was still a little tight and I had to be careful with it but when you got a guy like Terry Labonte behind you or in front of you, you have to run your guts out just to run with him. But to be able to run second behind him and lead him and do as good as we did, we're happy with it. Must feel good to finish second at your home track, it's your best finish at WGI. -- We'll it's always special to be here in the hometown and in front of the fans and friends and stuff. It's a real special feeling. I wish we could have done a little more but we just come up a little short.

KENNY WALLACE (#8 Red Dog Beer Ford) -- Finished ninth in the Lysol 200 -- It was a good race. we had to come from behind to many times. we had a bad pit stop where the hose got caught under the tire. We lost about eight positions. We worked our way back up and the rear end gear pump belt fell off so we had to work our way backup again. It was a pretty tough day but we finished ninth so we'll take it.

BUTCH LEITZINGER (#91 Kendall Motor Oil Ford) -- Started fourth but finished 15th after getting one lap down in the early going. -- I guess it was the second lap going into the loop and I hit some oil. I didn't see it. All of a sudden it just went around on me and there was no warning, no chance of saving it. I was the only one to go off on it which was nice. It's just too bad I couldn't get ahead of Nemechek because then I would have been able to stay on the lead lap. I tried like heck to catch the leaders and get back on the lead lap but they were just a little too fast. I could keep up with them but I couldn't get ahead of them. The car ran very well. It was just too bad that our chances went away so early. I think we would have been able to have something for them. I think the team learned a lot and I think I learned a lot.

TIM FEDEWA (#40 Kleenex Ford) -- Finished 18th in the Lysol 200 after a disappointing week with his transporter. -- Well it didn't go quite like I had hoped it would. We finished and I'm really proud of everybody, the team and the sponsor and all the people. We're real thankful of them helping us to get through this weekend. We just had some bad luck today. Someone crashed down in the outer loop and we got in their oil and spun out. I wasn't sure if I hurt the tires or not so I pitted. It was just stuff like that would keep setting me back.

CHAD LITTLE (#23 John Deere Pontiac) -- After finishing eighth in the Lysol 200. -- I was pretty happy with the car. it was a little tight in the right handed turns and we fought that all day. we had to do what we did by short stopping because I got out of link with the leaders. Our biggest problem all day was our shift linkage kept sticking in fourth. The first time we just pitted and dealt with it but the second time we came in and forced the leaders to pit because they knew we could make it the rest of the way without stopping if it went green. I'm just real pleased for our sponsor John Deere and I think we even moved up a little bit in the points. we just need a little luck on our side. We had a good race car, possibly a top three but it's nothing we can deal with. We just had to deal with it.

JASON KELLER (#57 Slim Jim Chevrolet) -- We finished. That's something I've never done at Watkins Glen and we got a top ten. If we can take our bad race tracks and turn them into top tens and take our good race tracks and turn them into wins, we should be in good shape. That's what our goal is for the Wyear. We just held on and did our best. We're fortunate we got us a top ten. We had a little bit of good luck on our side today. We've had our share of bad luck so I've had enough of that.

BOBBY LABONTE (#44 Shell Oil Chevrolet) -- We did pretty good, finishing fourth, considering I only got four practice laps in. How much will this help with the Winston Cup race? As much as I can learn, but I really didn1t learn much.

JIMMY SPENCER (#20 Zippo Manufacturing Chevrolet) -- We1re happy. We messed up early when we put too much oil in and that blew up a little. After we got that fixed we were okay. We came out in the top 10, so I1m happy. I hope the Zippo and Case people are happy. They have given us a lot of support. How will this help you for the Winston Cup race? I think any race on a road course will help. Winston Cup cars are about three seconds faster a lap here, so it1s different. It was fun today. With a Winston Cup car your hands are full.

MICHAEL WALTRIP (#12 MW Windows Ford) -- One word - terrible. You were running well , then slowed. What happened? We1re not sure what the problem was. We had a really good car. How will this help in the Winston Cup race? The cars are a little bit alike. We had a good set-up that I liked , so we might use the same set-up.

RICKY CRAVEN (#2 DuPont Teflon Chevrolet) -- I got into oil. I spun. It ruined my day.

JEFF GREEN (#3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet) -- It was okay, considering I went off the race track, but the guys got me back out good on that pit stop. I would have liked a top five finish, but all in all, it was okay I guess.

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