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JIMMY SPENCER (#20 ZIPPO Chevrolet ) -- On the road courses you've got to have the strategy and you've got to have a car that you know is going to stay underneath you all day and you know what you can do with it.You know where you can brake and you know where you can not brake.The 34 and the 36 were better than me. Frank Cicci is a friend of mine. I tip my hat to the guy he got first and second today. I just want to wish congratulations to Frank. They are a great bunch of people.

TERRY LABONTE (#5 Bayer Aspirin/Alka-Seltzer Chevrolet) -- We couldn't go quite that far on fuel. We would have needed some caution laps in order to make it. But that's just the way it goes. Nemechek and I could build up the racing distance, so I really thought it would come down to racing him. He had me beat most the day, and then those other guys could make it on fuel and that kind of surprised me. I didn't think those guys could make it. We normally get good mileage, but there was just wasn't any way we could make it to the end of the race. But we did what we had to do, and we had a pretty good run.

STEVE PARK (#3 A C Delco Chevrolet) --The car was perfect there at the end, the car was just hauling. But the only thing was, I lost the brake pedal. The brake pedal went 3/4 of the way, so I was dialing in the brake. We were a little bit tight at the beginning of the race, but the guys did a real good job on the pit stops to free the car up, then the car was real fast. Then we lost a little track position pitting when we did, but the guys did a real great job in the pits. We had some real fast pit stops - gained on the leaders all day in the pits, its just they pulled a fast one on us. They pitted a little bit earlier than we did and there just wasn't enough time on the race track to gain on them. The pit strategy made a big difference for them.We would have liked to pit early and try to run up there with them, because if we could have gotten out there in the lead, I think this AC Delco car could have won the race today.


RANDY LAJOIE (#74 Fina Chevrolet) -- I wasn't looking forward to coming up here. Todd runs well here. I usually run good, but I messed up the first day here and the guys on the crew did a good job putting the car back together. It didn't really hurt anything. Half way through the race I saw my teammate's panhard bar broke, and since both these cars are the same, so, what can I do. I tried to put it out of my mind and just go racing. We had some cars to catch, and we passed a bunch of cars with 15 to go. With about three laps to go, I was coming up the Esses wide open and I almost went for a ride, so I just had to ride around for the last two laps and try to keep it between the fences. On losing the points lead to Todd Bodine Fifteen down, oh well, we'll come back. We're going to Milwaukee, and we're going hammer down. It's great fun. It's a great points battle. Today would have been another good one, but those guys pitted a little earlier, and that left us a little behind and we had to pit under green.

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