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BORIS SAID (#12 Zippo Manufacturing Co. Chevrolet) -- That spin was just my fault. On cold tires, I got a little greedy with the throttle pedal and spun it around. It was really embarrassing for the whole Zippo crew. I think I had my eyes closed - that was the most embarrassing thing I've ever done in racing. For a minute, when I was spinning in the grass, I thought, "I've got to come up with an excuse for these guys", but it was just a dumb mistake. But we were strong coming back up through, and we would have been up with Ron (Fellows) in another 15 laps or so, and then unfortunately we lost the motor. It was actually more fun coming from the back. These guys gave me a great car, and I'm thankful for the opportunity. We would have been there soon.

RANDY LAJOIE (#71 FINA Chevrolet) -- The car was really good. I was just biding my time, fixing to go around the 17 car, and the motor broke. Oh, well.

DALE EARNHARDT, JR. (#3 AC Delco Chevrolet) -- (On the restart) -- I had trouble getting the car in second gear on the restart. If you can't get it in gear, you can't go. I'm very disappointed with the finish. We ran good, which is no surprise for this team, but I don't like to accept anything but first place, so it's kind of frustrating for me. We had a good car. I just didn't qualify well. I had trouble with the transmission, but I believe it was all driver. You know, the difference of the road course.

DAVID GREEN (#36 Stanley Works Pontiac) -- We started a ways back, and it feels good to finish up here. There's been some adversity, but I hope now we can get on the right track and get this team a win.

ASHTON LEWIS (#9 Ashton Lewis Motorsports Ford) -- Finished Third -- Peter Argetsinger and I go way back to when I ran the Zerex Saab Series, now the Barber Dodge Series. He was kind of my coach, and we spent a lot of time together, and he kind of brought me up and taught me about setups and proper technique on road courses. He's a very special guy, and I'm glad he was here for this. I ran the Saab series in 1992, and then I've been running late model stock cars at Langley Speedway and South Hampton Speedway for the past five years. I graduated from Old Dominion University in December of 1996 with a degree in mechanical engineering, and so last year was the first year we could really go full-time racing. I actually spent six months working as an engineer on Jeff Gordon's team, from the second Talladega race last year until Bristol this year. I decided that working on the race cars is not what I want to do, and that driving is. I just needed to get the opportunity to get back behind the wheel, and thanks to my family and some of my supporters from back home, I was able to put this deal together.

TRACY LESLIE (#63 Lysol Chevrolet) -- We  were a lot better at the
start, and then we just got weak.  It was the motor, I don't know beyond
that.  That's racing.  

RICKY CRAVEN (#2 New Holland Chevrolet) -- I was disappointed that Buckshot got spun because he was racing for points I was under him and he just came down. I guess he just didn't see me. If I were to grade myself I would say it was a B. There's still room for a lot of improvement over three months ago when I was down in Atlanta. There were several opportunities to quit - just say uncle - to just say quit. It was the engine first - an oil line ruptured, and then the brakes gave out and then we had a problem with the exhaust pipe braking. It's more satisfying coming back from adversity under these conditions, than if it had gone easy, or we didn't have to fight for it. Next week I might be on the lake. Daytona is one of my favorites, and I'd like to be there worse than you know, but I'll race a lot better being smart than being anxious. Daytona probably isn't my place for my return.... If I can wait two weeks, I can go home to New Hampshire, and that's a whole lot more appealing right now.

ANDY SANTERRE (#47 Monro Muffler Chevrolet) -- I was heat exhausted. I didn't have enough air in the car. Our crew chief made a tough call planning that it was going to go green. Some of those guys couldn't have made it all the way on fuel. I believe some of those guys pitted on lap 44, so they would have had to go 38 laps, and that's a long way to go on fuel here. They gambled it and there were enough cautions that they made it, but we were expecting a few of them to come in and splash gas, but there were so many cautions there at the end and the cars are pretty easy on fuel under caution. It worked against us. He made the call and we have to stick by it. We had a game plan before the race and we went by that, but we're happy we've got a car in one piece. We put on a good show. Another lap and I might have been in the top ten because I was passing one or two cars on each lap. I just passed Elton Sawyer getting into the left hand turn, and Buckshot Jones spun out or got spun, and I had to check up because it was the last lap. I'll be here in August for the Busch North race. We learned alot with the car. When I come back it will be a different car - my own car. I learned a lot with the set up at Watkins Glen, and I think I'll apply that to my North car, so it should be real fast.

RON FELLOWS (#87 BellSouth Mobility Chevrolet) -- I love this place. I've been saying it for a while, but this is the kind of track that they just don't build anymore. I wish they did. It's a lot like the track East of Toronto, Mosport, that I learned to race on. Lime Rock is a lot like this place. They're the courses that have a lot of history, and we need to save them. Anybody can go fast in a straight line, so fast corners are where it's at. This is just a great, great road course. We had a number of opportunities this weekend, and this (running for Joe Nemechek) was just the right thing to do. Joe's a classy guy, and this is just a terrific race team, and I've been impressed to no end from the test last week through this entire weekend. I just need to talk Joe out of his Busch ride, and get him to concentrate on his Cup ride, and we'll be fine. We were suffering a little bit on the restarts with a carburetor problem, and we just had to make sure we had enough speed up, and everything would be fine. It ran awesome once we got going.

MIKE MCLAUGHLLIN (#34 Goulds Pumps Chevrolet) -- Finished Second -- The cautions helped us, because the car seemed to be better on the shorter runs. I've got to thank Goulds Pumps. They had a lot of people here today, and the better I run, the more fun everybody has. So it's good to do well when everybody's in town. I'm happy, and everybody worked hard today. There are so many good race teams out there that I don't think anybody's going to run away with the points lead. I'm just happy for the entire Goulds team.

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