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GNC Living Well 200 At The Glen Post Qualifying Quotes (fwd) Scott Pruett, ...

GNC Living Well 200 At The Glen Post Qualifying Quotes (fwd)

Scott Pruett, #71 State Fair Corn Dogs/Ball Park Franks Ford - Pole Sitter -- "It's great to be back, I have to say thanks to Ford, Cosworth and the Matrix team. They did a good job. Kevin LePage owns this team; he put this team together to do a handful of races. He called and said 'hey, would you like to come to Watkins and do this?' and I said 'yeah, sure, let's see what we can make out of it,' so he took one of his short track cars and brought it up here and did one day of testing, after LeMans on our way back. Actually Ron and I both came, and then today, what was wild was we went out of the pits and actually broke a header and I called in and said 'guys, something's wrong, I'm only going to be able to make one lap, I'll try to make it a good one,' I said after that, that's that. So we made one lap and I shut it off and fortunately it was good enough to hang on."

Ron Fellows, #87 Bully Hill Vineyards Chevrolet - Qualified Second Fastest -- "It's great to see Scott get the pole, sort of. It was good, we got three cracks at it and it was quite slick and just weren't able to turn the same type of lap we did this morning. But Scott did and so did Robby." When asked about making changes after practice before qualifying - "We basically left it the same and it seemed like with the track temperature around 100 degrees we were still going to be pretty good. It was a little over 100 and a little greasier than we anticipated but hey, we did the best we could. It's good to see Scotty get the pole."

Robby Gordon, #21 Rockwell Automation Chevrolet - Qualified Third Fastest - When asked about car set up similar to Save Mart 300 Winston Cup race "Fairly similar, basically the same shocks we used, same bars and springs, we just tried to do a couple small little things because of a difference between the Ford and a Chevrolet, the down force numbers. You know it's pretty similar. The car is handling really good and I think we'll be better on long runs, that's what we are pretty good at, like California as well so hopefully it will pay off here."

Boris Said, #17 Visine Chevrolet - Qualified Fourth Fastest -- "I like this European qualifying because you can get a few on the board before you go over the limit, but I think we've got a good car. We always like to be faster just like in life you always want to be richer or better looking but sometimes it just doesn't happen. We'll work on it in happy hour and we got a good team with the Visine team and I think we'll get it, we got a good race car."

Greg Biffle, #60 Grainger Ford - Qualified Fifth Fastest & Top Rookie Qualifier -- "I'm not a road racer by trade but I just need to work better on hitting my marks on the race track. The car is really good, the car's way better than I am, and I'm losing a lot of time off this last turn here down the front stretch and I just can't get it right but that's about the same time we ran in practice. We ran a tenth quicker in practice which would have been right where Boris was but we're happy with fifth, and we're the highest qualifying guy that's a non road racer, a full time guy on the Busch Series so we're pretty excited about that."

Kevin Harvick, #2 AC Delco/Sylvania Chevrolet - Qualified Sixth Fastest - "I think I tried a little bit too hard, and it's just one of those deals where you are trying to get all you can out of it and the track got a little hotter and a little freer. It was a little loose so we will just make a couple car adjustments and hopefully it's a ride adjustment, because we aren't going to practice on happy hour!"

Brad Teague, #52 Broadway Motors Ford - Commenting On His Accident In Turn One During Qualifying - "I only had three laps on the race track on cold tires. I drove in the corner and I guess the tires were too cold and it pushed and just ran off the race track, then it was all over with"

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