BUSCH: Watkins Glen Lysol 200 Race Quotes

Lysol 200 Race Quotes Jeff Purvis, ...

Lysol 200 Race Quotes

Jeff Purvis, #4 Lance Snacks Chevrolet - I just broke a brake line going into the corner there and just used the car in front of me to stop. That's all there was. It's not too bad, we'll get back out there and ride around for some points, but its too bad for this Lance Snacks team.

Eric Jones, #70 Adrian Carriers Chevrolet - We were running well all weekend, but we busted a rocker arm, unfortunately on about the second lap, so we just cruised to the caution to see what was wrong and we just couldn't continue.

Kelly Moore, #48 LesCare Kitchens Pontiac - We just came over the hill and there was just a big pile. We slowed down and got hit from behind. There is a lot of stuff bent up underneath and the radiator is pushed around. That's the way it goes.

Casey Atwood, #27 Castrol GTX Chevrolet - We lost a transmission. It's been acting up all weekend really. There was stuff going wrong with the third gear. We were on the straightaway and it just went on us.

Jeff Green, #32 Kleenex/Scott Chevrolet - I don't know what went wrong; either the transmission or the rear-end. I went to third gear and nothing was there. The Kleenex Chevrolet was good today. We're chasing points and this is gonna bite us.

Chris Cook, #65 Overtons.com Chevrolet - Something went wrong with the engine. It wasn't a road-course car by any means but I drove the wheels off it. This is a brand-new team and we got some help from Junior Johnson. We hope to get a lot better.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., # 3 AC Delco Chevrolet - We tested here and anytime you test it helps. We've been in victory lane a lot thanks to Ron Hunter. We're just real happy I never thought I'd win on a road coarse but to beat Ron we must have been good. His car was going away the last ten laps, and I had some problems with second and fourth gears, but this has been a real good car. I kept bumping out of second and fourth gear, so I had to keep one hand on the shifter and one on the steering wheel, but it worked. I didn't really set up in turn 11, I was just trying to get to him. We just put new brakes on the car. I really enjoy them - they handle the heat really well. I wanted to win this road course really bad. We made a lot of mistakes today, but we ended up in victory lane. I don't know if I wasn't concentrating enough or what (earlier in the season), but we're on a roll now. It was a long day's work and we made a lot of mistakes. This car was only fast enough for a second or third place finish. Ron is always someone to deal with on the road course

Ron Fellows, #87 BellSouth Mobility Chevrolet -- We're disappointed. We had big misfire in the engine the last 11 to 12 laps. Dale raced well. He was just too strong and he drives too well. We came up a lap short. We were a sitting duck because of that big misfire in the engine, so we had no straight line speed. It was a problem anytime we went straight line. Aside from that, the car was perfect; it really worked well. We really had Dale covered, but it's just one of those things. All in all this Nemechek team did double duty, and did a terrific job and had a great car ready.

Mike McLaughlin, #34 Goulds Pump Chevrolet -- Ron is an awesome driver, but how about Dale Earnhardt Jr. kicking his butt on the last lap. It sure was nice to see a Busch Grand National regular winning the race.

Jason Keller, #57 Flemming Team/IGA Chevrolet - It was a great day. The guys got the back-up car done and were really smart in the pits. I thought I had a time yesterday that could get in the top five, but after the wreck in happy hour I wasn't sure. But this finish is for the crew.

Jack Baldwin, #12 Zippo Manufacturing Chevrolet -- I had a great time. It's a treat for me to be able to come and run this hard here with these great drivers. I can't say enough about this Zippo team. This car has Bristol breaks, so I had to drive smart and not use them up.

Butch Miller, #40 ChannelLock Chevrolet - I was very pleased. I haven't run like that in a long, long time. The guys gave me a great car. I hope we can keep going with the ChannelLock team. I really had some great pit stops and got to pass some people. I was a great time.

Matt Kenseth, #17 DeWalt Tools Chevrolet - We were in great position to win the race. I went hard into turn one and they said I was clear behind the #3 car, but we made contact with whoever was behind me and spun out. It's a mistake we made and hopefully we can get back from it next week

Curtis Markham, #72 MGM Brakes/Detroit Gaskets Chevrolet - On the race car, Mike Bliss from the truck series, he just got a little anxious I guess, and he dove down into turn one and got into Matt Kenseth. Unfortunately, Kenseth got into the gas and the whole corner filled up with smoke and I ran into him. It's unfortunate. The crew really had this car dialed in.

Todd Bodine, #66 Phillips 66 Chevrolet - We had a really good race car. They built it new and brought it up here. We had a great car. We'll just have to go again next year. Our car wouldn't run good after yellows. On every restart we'd lose a couple spots.

Mike Dillon, #59 Kingsford Chevrolet - That Kingsford car was on fire today. It was a little hot inside, but my crew gave me a great race car. Those guys did it all year long. I got them a top ten, should have been a top five, but the driver screwed up. I had to go around that 35 car when he blew a tire. It's a good run, and we really needed it.

Dave Blaney, #93 Amoco Pontiac - That was an awesome race for us. I couldn't be happier. We never had any road course experience before. I felt that we had a third place car. I made a mistake and spun it in the inner loop there. We got it back up to eighth, so we're tickled on how we ran.

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