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Lysol 200 Qualifying Quotes Elton Sawyer, ...

Lysol 200 Qualifying Quotes

Elton Sawyer, #98 Lysol Ford - The Lysol team did a good job, we had a great car. I'm just not a very good road racer, so we'll take that. We had a little too much tape on the nose and the engine got a little hot that third lap, so we'll take that and be happy with it.

Tim Fedewa, #36 Stanley Pontiac - I'm just not a road racer. This is a once-a-year deal for me, so we're just happy to be in the show. Not as good as we were in practice, but we got a starting spot, so I guess we're pretty fortunate to have that.

Ron Fellows, #87 BellSouth Mobility Chevrolet - This is as close as I have to a home track, being four hours away in Toronto. For NASCAR this is the home track for me. We came here to try to get both poles and win both races. That's the easy part, that's just one lap. It's a lot tougher trying to get it done for sixty-two laps. The track temperature probably wreaked havoc with everybody.

Randy LaJoie, #1 Bob Evans Chevrolet - The track's getting better. I think the track's getting more grip as we go on. After the truck race and after the last practice tomorrow we should have a good race. I'm kinda looking forward to it.

Todd Bodine, #66 Phillips 66 Chevrolet - The car is pretty good. We had a motor problem that slowed us down a little bit. But we have started in the back all year, and we'll come to the front again.

Jack Sprague; #44 Slim Jim Chevrolet - It's not too bad out there. The car is running decent; just a little tight. I haven't had much practice, so we will get some in the truck race. Hopefully we will get it to where it will run really good.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. #3 AC Delco Chevrolet - I guess we're pretty pleased with the car. We were shooting for that 2nd spot. But we came a little short. But we feel okay about where we are.

Matt Kenseth; #17 DeWalt Tools Chevrolet - That was a really good run for us. I'm not really good at these road courses, so if this puts us in the top-10, I will be really happy

Dave Blaney; #93 Amaco Pontiac - We are really happy with that run. I never thought we would come here and qualify in the top-10. I have never been here nor done any road racing, so this was definitely a bonus.

Jeff Krogh, #56 Clearwater Forest Industries Chevrolet - I just got off in the inner loop a little. We got a little hot in there. I pushed a little and got into the gravel.

Eric Bodine, #21 Bully Hill Chevrolet - In the second lap, which was our fast lap, the #56 car pulled out in front of me going out of the inner loop. I had to let up and go around him, but that turned out to be our fast lap. We came here to race.

Ted Christopher, #13 Whelen Engineering Chevrolet - It was not good enough I guess, but time will tell. The chassis felt good, but we were just down on power.

Casey Atwood, #27 Castrol GTX Chevrolet - We only had 19 laps on this track before qualifying. This just takes time. A lot of drivers have been here a lot more than I have. The more laps we take the better we get, so hopefully in happy hour we'll get it running pretty good.

Mike McLaughlin, #34 Goulds Pumps Chevrolet - We just ran out of brakes getting down into the inner loop. It felt pretty good, good enough to make that last lap, but we just had too much tape on the brake ducts.

Andy Santerre, #47 MONROE Muffler Chevrolet - That's the fastest we've run all day, so we're pretty tickled with it. Scott Lagasse had some trouble down there, I don't know what they call it, the hard ninety egree turn. He bounced off the track then back on the track so we had to go around him one lap. That would've been my best lap I think, but we'll take it. It's a good spot for me in my first race back, so I'm happy for the team.

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