BUSCH: Watkins Glen: Ford teams race quotes

ROBBY GORDON -- No. 55 Verizon Wireless Ford Fusion (qualified 4th, finished 36th) "We lost a gearbox. We lost second gear about lap 40, and I don't know why it went. We struggled with it. We had to start getting it into second gear, and then it...

ROBBY GORDON -- No. 55 Verizon Wireless Ford Fusion (qualified 4th, finished 36th)

"We lost a gearbox. We lost second gear about lap 40, and I don't know why it went. We struggled with it. We had to start getting it into second gear, and then it drove fine for 40 laps and then all of a sudden I stuck it down in second gear and there was nothing there. So, that's what really put us out, and I'm sure it just started eating itself."

EVEN WITHOUT SECOND GEAR, IT LOOKED LIKE YOU HAD A PRETTY GOOD RACE CAR. "Yeah, we still were pretty good. We weren't losing much there -- in the long run I think we were going to be fine without second gear. It's just a bummer. Verizon Wireless and everyone stepped up for this race and qualified fourth, and thought we were going to have a shot at it, and unfortunately we didn't."


CARL EDWARDS -- No. 60 Dish Network Ford Fusion (qualified 23rd, finished 32nd)

"I'm not really sure. It's been a long week. We wrecked the primary car just bad enough to bring out the back-up Dish Network Fusion, and I think the track-bar mount on one end broke. I'm sure it's just a failure of a part or something. These guys worked really hard. This car was pretty fast, so I feel bad for them."


MATT KENSETH -- No. 17 Aflac Ford Fusion (qualified 16th, finished 6th)

"I thought that was really good. That was the first Busch race I ran here in, like, eight years, so I'm actually extremely happy with that. We ran pretty competitively, had a great strategy, had great pit stop, everything went right. If I was a little better at it, I'd have probably had a shot at the win, but with one hour of practice on a new car and me not being here a lot, that's the best we could do."


MARCOS AMBROSE -- No. 59 Kingsford Ford Fusion (qualified 7th, finished 13th)

THAT SEEMED LIKE AN EVENTFUL DAY. "Yeah, it was. Fuel mileage and everything was different from some others. We missed the rear of the car a little bit. We made a change. It's my fault. We should've probably stuck with what we had. But, not a bad day, considering."


ANDY LALLY -- No. 47 Clorox/TRG Ford Fusion (qualified 17th, finished 10th)

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS AFTER YOUR FIRST RACE HERE IN A BUSCH CAR? "An absolute dream day, you know? I know that 10th is a fairly modest place to end up but our goal was to come in here and run in the top 10 in my first Cup or Busch race this year, and to come home 10th in my home state, where I was born, is an unbelievable childhood dream come true."

BEFORE THE RACE, IN A PRESS CONFERENCE, YOU SAID YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD GET A TOP-10. WHAT GAVE YOU AN INDICATION THAT YOU COULD GET ONE? "Well, I love this place, and there's more desire behind that wheel than, really, anything, and on top of that, I know my crew. I know that they're pushing super hard and they want it bad. I felt good after Montreal, and I thought we had something for 'em -- and we did have something for 'em -- in Montreal. And we had to wait an extra week and it's just all that much sweeter."

WHERE DO YOU GO FROM HERE? "My goal, since I was a little kid, has been a Winston Cup driver, then a Nextel Cup driver and hopefully in the future a Sprint Cup driver. The reason we're trying to doing and TRG Motorsports is behind me trying to do this, we got the help Clorox and JTG, it was just amazing to come here. I want to do this more and more and more. My goal would be in '08 to be either fulltime in trucks or Busch is a high goal. So, if we can get up there, that would be wonderful, but I want to be somewhere in the NASCAR ranks next year."

***NOTE: ANDY LALLY'S pre-race press conference***

ANDY LALLY -- No. 47 Clorox/TRG Ford Fusion

YOU HAVE WON FOUR OF YOUR LAST FIVE RACES AT WATKINS GLEN. WHAT KIND OF AN ADVANTAGE DO YOU THINK THAT MAY GIVE YOU TODAY? "I think it will give me an advantage in areas of trouble where I might see something coming a little sooner than the rest of the pack may. I have a little bit more experience, possibly, figuring out what the track does in different weather conditions. A lot of these fast corners here up through the esses are blind sight lines, and knowing a little bit where the grip is through the esses where it gets greasy when it gets hot -- there's a lot of little things, lot of little nuances with the track and the pavement, how to run the curbing and where it's a little smoother here and there, that'll sure help me out."

YOU WERE RUNNING WELL AT MONTREAL LAST WEEK IN YOUR FIRST BUSCH SERIES RACE, RUNNING SIXTH TOWARD THE END OF THE RACE BEFORE TRANSMISSION PROBLEMS. WHAT ARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS FOR TODAY'S RACE? "We set the goals high, I think, just wanting to run in the top 10 in every session, qualify in the top 10 and finish in the top 10. There are some really, really strong competitors out here, obviously. A lot of the Busch regulars are really strong, and there's a ton of Nextel Cup guys and there's a lot of good road-racing guys here. I've got a lot of faith in the guys that have been putting this car together. Scottie [Zippadelli, crew chief] and the whole crew have been doing a really good job for me and helping me transmission into these cars, and I've been having a blast with it. So, I guess our goal, really, is a top-10 finish."

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