BUSCH: Watkins Glen: Chip Ganassi Racing press conference

CHIP GANASSI: "First of all, thanks to everybody for coming this morning in such weather conditions. I want to talk to you a little bit about how proud I am to be here this morning. Last fall, our company got together with the William Wrigley, Jr.

CHIP GANASSI: "First of all, thanks to everybody for coming this morning in such weather conditions. I want to talk to you a little bit about how proud I am to be here this morning. Last fall, our company got together with the William Wrigley, Jr. Company and we mapped out a strategy on how to get involved in motorsports; how to get involved in this great sport that we all love.

"After a bit of a bumpy start with our team on the Cup side and the Busch side, we got to Mexico City and everybody knows what happened in Mexico City. So it was kind of an inauspicious start for the Juicy Fruit brand and the Wrigley Company. They've been an associate on the #42 Cup car all year and they have a win down in St. Louis with Reed Sorenson driving.

"It's just a great opportunity to present both of these two drivers who are probably the two best road racers in the series right now. To have them with the same company, different branding Juicy Fruit and Big Red, it's just an honor to have both drivers involved with such a great company. We all grew up with the Wrigley name, the Juicy Fruit name, the Big Red name and their other great brands.

"I think both drivers have a chance to win the (Busch) race."

TALK ABOUT ENDING THE MONTOYA BUSCH SCHEDULE - "What we've done is we've been transitioning to the car of tomorrow and just jumping back and forth between different cars and different mind sets and setups. We've been to all the tracks now and we know what we need to do with the Cup program. So maybe the Busch, in terms of the remaining races with the #42 Busch programs, were not so paramount to the his success, if you dare say he needs a learning curve."


SCOTT PRUETT: "It's all good. I think that a lot was made of the deal making it bigger than it was. It was frustrating at the time. I mean things happen in racing. To me that is old history, it doesn't even make sense. "

CHIP GANASSI: "On Monday it was over. Let me say, on Monday at 5 o'clock it was over."


SCOTT PRUETT: "I think it's just car feel, its braking, shifting, it's understanding traffic and how to work traffic. Car feel is a big part of it. The challenge for any road course driver, especially the NASCAR guys, on a road course is the fact we've been fortunate to do this a lot. So instead of not downshifting at all, braking for two turns at most of the tracks, we have 11 turns here and you're breaking and down shifting lap after lap after lap."


JUAN PABLO MONTOYA: "This is my last Busch race and I think this Busch race is going to really help me out with the Cup race. It's going to give me more track time. Is it possible? Yea. Do we have a chance to win? I would say yes. The problem in NASCAR when you have a chance to win there are at least five other guys who can do that as well. I just see it as an opportunity to win a race. You just have to have a smooth race, have good pit stops and everything go your way and then you can win. We definitely think we can have a good result here. We tested at VIR (Virginia Int'l Raceway) and we actually picked up a bit of lap time compared with Sonoma, so our car is probably going to be quicker, so that should be pretty exciting."


SCOTT PRUETT: "Coming off Montreal last week, where the Juicy Fruit Dodge ran great, the car was sweet all race long except at the end; between the issue at the end and running out of fuel, we would have had a great finish there. That has been by far the most difficult track for NASCAR that I have been on, more so than even Sonoma. Of all the courses we've been to, I think this is probably going to be, generally speaking, one of the easiest tracks to learn, one of the easiest tracks to adapt to; and that's why we continually see a lot of people doing well here. You don't just see the road course guys run good here; you see a number of the regulars run good here whether it's on the Busch or the Cup side.

"There is virtually one left hand turn and all the rest are rights. It's more set up like an oval. There is a lot of speed through the turns. You just not as demanding on the car set up. If you don't get it right at (Sonoma) your car is not very good and it's easy not to be right. Juan ran great (Sonoma). And, it's very difficult to get the right balance and right setup with the car. Here, I guess it just has more of a sweet spot is the best way to put it."

JUAN PABLO MONTOYA: "I ran here in '94 with Barber Saab, but it was the big track. But, it's about the same. I've seen a couple of videos and stuff. The only real way you can go and do it is to just run a little bit. If you can run behind somebody they don't have to be great. Just follow somebody for the first few laps and that can give you an idea of where to go and what to use and what not to use. Scott can give me a hand there. Being realistic, it's just corners. In Formula One you go to many racetracks you've never seen before and you just go out there and drive it and within four or five laps you are up to speed."


JUAN PABLO MONTOYA: "Hopefully nothing because we sucked the last time I was there. It's funny, we took the same car to Indy and Pocono and we ran really bad there. We just delete everything we did there and just go with a different approach. We've already talked about it so it should be interesting."


JUAN PABLO MONTOYA: "This is an exciting race for us. It's the first time I am going to be driving both series with the Big Red car so it's going to be pretty cool. We're just looking for the whole weekend."

SCOTT PRUETT: "The one thing that has been exciting working with Chip is the fact everything is approached as a team. It's wide open, all the setups, all the data. The whole idea is how to get all our cars to the front and then we can settle it as drivers. As far as whether you have the Busch car, the Cup car or the Car of Tomorrow, whatever we can do to help each other, we are a team effort."

CHIP GANASSI: KYLE BUSCH? "We look forward to the Busch race, the Cup race and then going on to Michigan."


JUAN PABLO MONTOYA: "I think what Patrick did last week, he did a very good job. He was very quick. I think he had a good advantage. He knew the racetrack very well. I think here he should still do a really good job, but it should be a more level field for everybody.

"I think it's always exciting when the hometown guy can run good. He ran great at Montreal. But, that's going to be different when you get to Cup. Busch is easier than Cup. Cup is a lot more difficult, it's a lot closer, he's going to run good but as Juan says the playing field is going to be more even for him. The reality of it is Cup is just a lot tougher than the Busch side. The depth of the field, the quality of the drivers, the commitment that the teams have to developing and testing to make the cars the best they can is just that next step higher."

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