BUSCH: This Week in Ford Racing 2004-05-04

This Week in Ford Racing May 4, 2004 NASCAR Busch Series Stacy Compton, driver of the No. 59 Ford Taurus, posted a season-best third-place finish last weekend in California, and heads to Gateway International Raceway this Mother's Day...

This Week in Ford Racing
May 4, 2004

NASCAR Busch Series

Stacy Compton, driver of the No. 59 Ford Taurus, posted a season-best third-place finish last weekend in California, and heads to Gateway International Raceway this Mother's Day weekend looking to continue that momentum. Compton gives much of the credit for his racing career to his mother, Ida, who can often be seen at the track preparing food for ST Motorsports and fellow NASCAR Busch Series competitors. Compton spoke about the impact his mother has had on his racing career and commented on racing under the lights as the heat of summer approaches.

STACY COMPTON -No. 59-Kingsford/Bush's Beans Ford Taurus

WHAT IMPACT HAS YOUR MOTHER HAD ON YOUR RACING CAREER? "Basically, my parents are the reason that I'm where I'm at right now. They supported me when we started from the go-karts to the Late Models and the trucks, the Cup cars and the Busch cars, all of the way down the line. It's a pretty neat deal. We were self-employed and have always been in the automotive industry. They just supported me 100 percent from the word go. They said, 'If racing is what you want to do, pursue your career,' and they have been behind me the whole way. My mom, Ida, didn't miss a race in go-karts until we started going to some of the bigger state and some of the World Karting Association events where we started traveling further and further away. To this day, she still continues to do the same thing, and she would be at every race if I let her, but the traveling gets pretty tough. Her and my dad help keep up with everything that I have going on back home. She loves to go to the track, and she is a true mom in the sense that she has supported me from the word go."

WHEN YOUR MOTHER ATTENDS A RACE, DOES SHE LEND A HAND TO THE TEAM? "She basically takes care of everybody there. She makes sure that everybody gets fed. As far as NASCAR is concerned, she is one of the best cooks there is, and as far as I am concerned she is as well. She always brings food and cookies, the typical mom stuff, except her food is excellent. She makes sure everybody eats. We're thrashing as hard as we can and she's steadily trying to feed the crew members and make sure they eat and take care of themselves."

IS THERE ONE FOOD IN PARTICULAR THAT SHE IS KNOWN FOR AROUND THE GARAGE? "Everybody comes over always asking about her chicken salad. Apparently she makes some pretty good chicken salad. I'm not a big chicken salad eater, but everybody that has ever had it comes back and asks for it and they make special trips when they know she's in town. She makes some killer oatmeal cookies, too, and everybody that has ever had one comes back over and usually stashes a couple in their pockets when they're ready to leave."

WILL YOU BE ABLE TO SPEND TIME WITH YOUR MOTHER THIS WEEKEND? "I will, but I don't think she's coming to Gateway. I've got a brother and I think they're going to do some things for her on Saturday before we get back. We'll do a dinner as a family on Sunday, but my brother has a daughter, so she's a grandmother as well as a mother, and I think they're going to do a few things for her on Saturday while we're racing."

THIS WEEKEND'S RACE AT GATEWAY IS UNDER THE LIGHTS. WILL ANY OF THE TRACK'S CHARACTERISTICS CHANGE WITH THE RACE OCCURRING AT NIGHT? "I don't think it will. I love that place. We always run so good there. We got a pole there in the truck series and we ran awful well there in the Busch car. It's a little different from most places because you shift there. It's almost like a road course with the way you shift around there; you stay busy. We were running second last year and blew up with five to go. We were catching Mike Bliss and, of course, he ran out of gas, so it was an eventful last few laps last year. We're looking forward to it. We always run so good there, so as a team we're pretty excited about going there."

AS A DRIVER, ARE YOU MORE COMFORTABLE INSIDE THE COCKPIT OF THE CAR AT NIGHT? "I think it's more comfortable, I think it's more fun and I think it's more exciting. I wish every race we went to was a night race. I think it's better on the fans and it just adds a little more excitement. You're going to see rotors glowing at Gateway, like you do a lot of times at Richmond. When the lights come on and you put those helmets on, for some reason it adds an extra element of excitement."

THE WEATHER IS STARTING TO HEAT UP AS SUMMER APPROACHES. DO YOU SUPPLEMENT YOUR WEEKLY REGIMENT TO HELP DEAL WITH THE HEAT? "More than anything I watch my diet and I make sure I drink enough fluids. I drink a lot of isotonics and water. I love to play racquetball. We do a lot of anaerobic things to help your heart rate, and on occasion, we run. As the summer goes on I think your body builds a resistance to the heat. You get used to it. A lot of times when we go to Vegas it's warm, and the first race that you're in the heat is pretty tough but as the season goes on, don't get me wrong, it's hot, but I think you get used to it. It's expected, and you lose eight to 10 pounds sometimes during a race, but it's just part of the sport. We hate to see hot weather just as the fans do, but it's part of it. As long as you eat right and drink what you're supposed to drink, I think you're usually OK."


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