BUSCH: This Week In Ford Racing 2004-03-16

This Week in Ford Racing March 16, 2004 NASCAR Busch Series Robert Pressley, driver of the No. 47 Ford Taurus, was pleased to see that Darlington Raceway retained its two races dates for 2004. Two of Pressley's 10 Busch Series wins have...

This Week in Ford Racing
March 16, 2004

NASCAR Busch Series

Robert Pressley, driver of the No. 47 Ford Taurus, was pleased to see that Darlington Raceway retained its two races dates for 2004. Two of Pressley's 10 Busch Series wins have come at 1.33- mile raceway and he also has second-place finish in the 2002 truck series event to his credit. Pressley, who won a series-best five races in 1992 and finished third in the 1993 Busch Series final point standings, is part of a two-team operation with ST Motorsports that has him teamed with series veteran Stacy Compton. Pressley spoke about returning to Darlington Raceway as a Busch Series competition and the strategy behind the weekend.

ROBERT PRESSLEY - No. 47 Clorox/Wisk Ford Taurus

YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED PAST SUCCESS AT DARLINGTON WINNING TWO BUSCH SERIES RACES. WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE SUCCESSFUL AT THAT TRACK? "It's just a good race track to race on. It's more of a driver's race track, and people either love that race track or hate that race track, and I absolutely love Darlington."

WILL THE ADDITION OF THE SAFER BARRIERS CHANGE THE RACING GROOVE? "If they have done it from the entry all the way through the corners, it's definitely going to be a different Darlington. I was hoping what they had done was put the SAFER walls on the entry and the exit of the corners and left the middle because one of the biggest things about Darlington is that right in the middle of both corners you have to be within inches of the wall, and I'm talking about and inch or an inch and a half to come off of the corners right. If they took away 30 inches, I just cannot picture in my mind how we're ever going to get the cars turning to come off the corner."

WILL THE NEW TIRE COMPOUND IMPACT THE RACING THIS WEEKEND? "I don't think so. Everybody is talking about this new tire, but one thing that I've seen, and it's kind of thrown us off this year, is that this tire is actually faster than the old tire, but it gives up after two or three laps. And then after it gives up, it really never wears out. It's a different scenario than what we've ever seen. Most of the times, tires that give up early go ahead and wear out. These tires aren't wearing out, but they're giving up and they're still faster than the older tires."

DO YOU AGREE WITH THE DECISION NOT TO LET TEAMS TEST AT DARLINGTON BEFORE THE RACE? "I think it's very good that they haven't let anybody test because some team hadn't picked Darlington as their test. We're all going to Darlington and everybody is going to be in the same position. I think it's a good choice on NASCAR's part."

DO YOU HAVE TO APPROACH THE WEEKEND DIFFERENTLY NOT HAVING TESTED SINCE THE SAFER BARRIERS WERE INSTALLED? "I think so, and we'll see how teams decide to use their time wisely. If some of them go in there and they want to sit on the pole for Darlington then they're giving up track time, and I think you're going to see a lot of teams go in there Friday and their cars are going to be untaped and they're going to run lap after lap after lap. We're going to there with the intention of unloading and going straight to race runs because the thing about Darlington is that it's one of those race tracks where you've got to carry momentum all day long and you can go from the middle of the pack to the front, and you can go from the back to the front. You can also go from the front to the back if you're not prepared right."

WITH YOUR SUCCESS AT DARLINGTON, WILL YOU BE ABLE TO BETTER GAUGE THE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR TEAM AND THE IMPROVEMENTS YOU HAVE MADE SINCE THE START OF THE SEASON? "It's going to be a good race to see where we're at as a team because I have had success there in the Busch cars and had a lot of good Cup runs and finished second there in the truck race by half of a car length. I'd like to think I know what it takes to get around there, and it's going to be a good gauge because we're going to be equal with everyone when we get there, so it will show how good our team is."

YOU HAVE A VETERAN TEAMMATE IN STACY COMPTON. IS THAT AN ADVANTAGE WHEN YOU GO TO TRACK THAT HAS BEEN RECONFIGURED? "I think that's what's going to make our two-car team more successful than others is that we share every bit of information we get. If one car is better than the other we go right to it and ask what they are doing. We're both going to be on race runs and we're going to look at the monitor and whichever car is running the best you can bet the other team will be there asking questions."


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