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This Week in Ford Racing March 30, 2004 NASCAR Busch Series Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 60 Taurus, is attempting to pull double duty this season, competing in both the NEXTEL Cup and Busch Series. Biffle, the 2002 Busch Series ...

This Week in Ford Racing
March 30, 2004

NASCAR Busch Series

Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 60 Taurus, is attempting to pull double duty this season, competing in both the NEXTEL Cup and Busch Series. Biffle, the 2002 Busch Series champion, is currently fifth in the point standings following a fourth-place finish last week at Bristol Motor Speedway. Biffle spoke about the rigors of running both series on a full-time basis.

GREG BIFFLE -No.60-Charter Communications Ford Taurus

HAS IT BEEN MORE DIFFICULT COMPETING IN BOTH SERIES THAN YOU ORIGINALLY EXPECTED? "It hasn't been that difficult so far. I've really enjoyed it a lot, and it makes it a lot nicer when you run good in the Busch car. I guess it would wear on you if you ran poorly on Saturday and then had to run on the same track again on Sunday. Running good on Saturday definitely keeps your spirits up and gets you experience and does a lot for you. It's easier to put down good finish on Saturday than it is on Sunday."

IS IT TOUGH TO MANAGE YOUR TIME WHEN BOTH TEAMS ARE RUNNING FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP? "It's tough, but I focus on one thing and that's each race for the weekend. I keep them, not separated, but I focus on each race as a different task. I don't think about the whole year and try to not get ahead of myself. The Busch race this weekend at Texas, I'm thinking about just doing the best we can, run up front, make smart pit stops, stay out of trouble and have a good finish so that we can do the same thing only slightly better on Sunday. We want to improve on what we did the day before, and that's the benefit of running both series. We made some bad decisions last Saturday, so I went into Sunday wanting to apply what we learned. I don't try to complicate it any more than it is."

WHAT ADJUSTMENTS IN YOUR SCHEDULE HAVE YOU HAD TO MAKE THIS YEAR RUNNING IN BOTH SERIES? "I've got to get up earlier in the morning. I've got to spend more time with my Cup crew chief and more time with my Busch crew chief. I come in a few hours before practice even starts on Friday and Saturday. It takes more time and effort. I don't think either one of them is more important than the other and I give each one as much as I can."

YOU ARE RUNNING FOR THE BUSCH SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP, YET SOME COMPETITORS THINK OF YOU AS A BUSCHWHACKER. DOES THAT BOTHER YOU? "A lot of people do, and it doesn't bother me, and whatever people feel about it is fine with me. If one of those Busch guys got a Cup car to drive, would they be a Cupwhacker? If these guys are complaining and they got a ride midway through the season when rides start becoming available, do they become a Buschwhacker? It doesn't affect me. They can call it whatever they want. I see myself as a normal Busch competitor just like everybody else. I don't see myself any different than Jason Keller, Kyle Busch or David Green. I'm racing those guys for a championship just the same as they are racing me."

SINCE YOU ARE COMPETING IN THE BUSCH SERIES ON A FULL-TIME BASIS DO YOU THINK YOU GET ADDED RESPECT ON THE TRACK FROM DRIVERS BECAUSE THEY KNOW YOU'RE NOT JUST RACING FOR THE WIN? "Some people act differently towards other drivers if they run the series full-time or not. I don't really look at it that way. Certainly I never want to be in the situation where somebody thinks I don't respect all of the other guys for what they're doing. When I'm Busch racing I consider myself totally a Busch guy, and when I'm Cup racing I'm a Cup guy. I treat them just the same and hopefully they treat me just the same as they would everybody else."

IF YOU WERE ABLE TO WIN THE BUSCH CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR, WOULD YOU CONSIDER RETIRING FORM BUSCH SERIES COMPETITION? "I would be totally excited about it and I want to continue to run Busch races, maybe not full-time in the future, but maybe I'll decide to do it again some time. Probably late in the year I won't want to do it again, but I'm looking already at two weekends off, Nashville and Gateway, that I have to race. It's nice to get a weekend off here and there so that's not the best situation, but I look forward to doing it in the future."

HAVE YOU WORKED OUT THE LOGISTICS WHEN THE TWO SERIES ARE AT SEPARATE VENUES? "Milwaukee, I'm going to be there for the whole thing. What we've worked out, we're going to test Sears Point in the Cup car and then we're going to show up to that race in race trim and we're going to practice the entire day in race trim and then switch to qualifying for one or two runs, qualify the car and then put it up on jack stands and get it ready for the race and not run Happy Hour. We're going to get all of our race practice done in testing and in the morning practice and get it ready to go and then head to Milwaukee Friday afternoon. The Pocono weekend, Mike McLaughlin will qualify the car in Pikes Peak. We're going to take him there to test and get him situated and have him qualify the car and I'll head out there for the race."

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