BUSCH: Texas II: Ford teams race quotes

GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 3M Ford Fusion (finished 16th) ON PITTING WITH 34 LAPS TO GO WHILE LEADING. "I don't know what happened. Nobody feels worse than I do. We must've run over a tear-off or something. I came off of turn two just sailing along,...

GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 3M Ford Fusion (finished 16th)

ON PITTING WITH 34 LAPS TO GO WHILE LEADING. "I don't know what happened. Nobody feels worse than I do. We must've run over a tear-off or something. I came off of turn two just sailing along, in the groove, I mean I was even running low, and the thing just took off for the fence. And I lifted on the gas and stepped on the brake just a little bit, and I missed the fence by probably half an inch. We instantly knew that the right-front tire went flat, you know, or ran something over. So I came down pit road and they didn't see anything wrong with it."

BUT, UNDER THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES, YOU HAVE TO BE SAFE. "Yeah, if I had gone barreling off into turn three, that's what we were just talking about, and just run right into the fence, it would ruin the car and all that, and that wouldn't have been the smart thing to do, either. So, I guess I should've half-speeded it down there in three and four. We were already out of it at that point, so even if I would've run a slower lap, let's say it was flat, and came back around, that probably should've been the thing to do, just to make sure."

STEPHEN LEICHT -- No. 90 CitiFinancial Ford Fusion (finished 10th)

YOU SCORED A TOP-10 AGAINST A STRONG FIELD. "I'm proud of the whole team. This CitiFinancial team did a great job. I can't thank them enough. They didn't really have to change much since we got here, and today it was all about track position and having that clean air up front. We were able to get up to about ninth or 10th, and if we could've ever gotten up inside that top-five and clean air, we might've been able to get up there and give them a guys a run for their money, but all in all it was a good day for us."

AFTER A DAY LIKE THIS, YOU PROBABLY WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A FEW MORE RACES ADDED TO THE END OF THE SEASON. "You kind of wish there were more races because your team is getting better every week, and you start having better runs, starting runs, and when you pretty much have a Cup field in the Busch Series and finish 10th, that's so much like finishing second or first. So, it's a good run."

DID YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS ABOUT HAVING ENOUGH FUEL AT THE END? "No, we were good to go. We went back out with 70 to go, we went green for about 10 laps and then the caution came out, and once that caution came out were good to go to the end from there. We had no issues at all."

ON GREG BIFFLE THINKING HE HAD A FLAT TIRE LATE IN THE RACE. "He thought he did? I thought I had a right-front go down. Every time the chatter would come to the right front."

BIFFLE SAID HE MUST'VE RUN OVER OR TEAR-OFF OR SOMETHING. "Yes. Because my car was doing the same thing every run. But when we'd come in, they'd tell me the tires looked fine."

DID THE CHATTER HAPPEN AT THE SAME TIME DURING THE RUN? "Yes, the same time every run, about 20, 30 laps in, it started doing that."

MARCOS AMBROSE -- No. 59 Kingsford Charcoal Ford Fusion (finished 30th)

"The car felt really good right at the start but unfortunately that did not last long. The number 22 [Mike Bliss] lost it and had a wreck and I got on the brakes to avoid him and someone, I think the number 27 [Brad Baker] just didn't see it in time and got me in the door. The damage really took away a lot of the sideforce of the car and from there it was a struggle. You spend all those hours developing the downforce and the body for that right-hand-side of the car, so to get damage like that changes the car dramatically. It was a trying experience and a tough day for us, because I was confident that we could run strong today. It's just disappointing but this is a tough sport and you are always going to get some races that just don't go your way. I'm proud of this team. We are always improving and climbing our way up there and today we were tested with all that went on. We made a lot of stops and had a lot of repairs to do over the race and the guys worked hard and kept us going around the best we could and we got to the finish with some points. There was some smoke in the cabin during the race and it took a bit out of me. I look like I've been working under the car, not driving it, because I've got black all over my face. I'll rest up and be ready to chase a good result at Phoenix, because we had the pace but not the luck today, so let's hope it goes our way next week."

-credit: ford racing

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