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BOBBY HAMILTON, JR.-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus (Finished 5th) WHAT HAPPENED ON THE FINAL RESTART? "The same thing that happened at Kansas. The motor guy was telling me to clear it out, and I had it in neutral at about 7000, just letting it...

BOBBY HAMILTON, JR.-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus (Finished 5th)

WHAT HAPPENED ON THE FINAL RESTART? "The same thing that happened at Kansas. The motor guy was telling me to clear it out, and I had it in neutral at about 7000, just letting it idle at 7000 to get cool air and take off, and it just stumbled. The same thing that happened at Kansas, but they'll fix it, if not we'll just keeping losing races that way. The 17 was stout. If it wasn't for the caution we'd been a second-place car. This team got put down a lot in the beginning of the year. I'm expecting my first child and people were saying that I'm was cruising now and all that type of stuff, and I said one way to do this was shove it back to them and go down there and win Texas. From here on out, we'll hang our neck on line and do whatever we've got to do to win races."

MORE HAMILTON. "At the end, if it wasn't for the caution I think we'd been a second-place car; the 17 was pretty stout. So, we got out-track timed and out-experienced by a Winston Cup champion. I'm proud of my guys. We had a team meeting and I'm expecting my first child and everybody kept telling me that I was riding and cruising down and I was going to be a daddy, and I said this was bull and there's only one to fix this - stick it to them in Texas and here on out. Forget about the points and forget about everything else, we're here to win races."

WHAT DID YOU DO UNDER CAUTION TO GET READY FOR THE RESTART? "I did everything they wanted me to do, but it just ain't working. They need to fix it and if that's the only way they can get power, we need to start over somewhere because it's costing us. It's great motors but it stumbles and I get run over. The Kansas race cost me a championship because of the same thing, and here we got lucky to finish in the top five. It's irritating when you look it, but compared to where we've been running, were back."

HOW FRUSTRATING IS IT WHEN YOU'RE BEHIND THE WHEEL AND IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT? "To see them go by and then to run here and not have a scratch on it and get run over and about turned around, I feel sorry for the guys behind me. They're digging and my car just won't go and they just run over us. That's just part of it, and we'll get it fixed."

WHAT EXACTLY WAS THE PROBLEM? "It's pretty evident when you take off, it won't go. I've done everything that I need to do as far get getting cool gas up there. As soon as we start I put it in neutral and run the heck out of it at about 8000 to get the cool air siphoned up the carburetor and it doesn't matter; it doesn't go."

MATT KENSETH-17-Weight Smart Ford Taurus (Finished 1st)

"We had a real pushy race car all day long and I was really surprised we won with it actually. We had decent pit stops, and Cully (Barracough) is an awesome crew chief and he gets these cars dialed in. He listens to me whine all day and I still get to run up front. We had a nice two-lane track today. I thought the bottom was going to be the way and I could hardly pass the 25 on the bottom. It was a great duel with Bobby Jr., and it was really fun to race him. It's a great facility and we've been to Victory Lane with a Cup car and it's cool to bring the Busch car to Victory Lane." MORE KENSETH. "It's pretty cool. The One-A-Day Weight Smart car was pretty good today. It was real tight most of the day and Cully did a great job making the adjustments we needed at the end of the race to get it where we needed to be. It was a great day for us. It's pretty cool to come home winning. I didn't think we would as far behind as we got in the beginning of the race. It was a great race with Bobby, Jr. I had a lot of fun and there were two good lanes today, so that's really encouraging for tomorrow."

WHAT DID YOU DO ON THE LAST PIT STOP THAT ALLOWED YOU TO MARCH YOUR WAY TO THE FRONT FROM 12TH PLACE? "We were just pushing really bad all day and we really freed the car up. I call them Mark Martin adjustments; we just made some huge adjustments on the car. We took a whole bunch of wedge out off it and did a bunch of air pressure adjustments trying to get it free and I was still tight after that, but I was able to use the high side to my advantage. I was so aero tight behind everybody that I just went to the outside and got some clean air up there and was able to make it work."

WHAT WERE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE FINAL RESTART? "It's real slick when you run that many laps here on tires and I was scared of spinning the tires, but fortunately I got a good restart and didn't spin the tires too bad; it was real slippery. You always want to get away as far as you can when it comes down to a short run."

JASON KELLER-22-Miller High Life Ford Taurus (Finished 12th)

YOU TOOK A GAMBLE ON THE FINAL PIT STOP TAKING JUST TWO TIRES. "We needed to do something to get track position and I thought we were going to hold on to a top-10 finish there and they kind of ganged up on me there at the end, and I couldn't get it going. We're having trouble getting the cars to run in the top five and we just can't put our finger on it. We'll keep working on it to try to get it better."

DID A SECOND GROOVE DEVELOP DURING THE RACE? "It was side-by-side racing and it was pretty good."


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