BUSCH: Texas: Biffle post-race interview

GREG BIFFLE -66-Duraflame Ford Taurus (Finished 2nd) HOW MANY MORE LAPS DID YOU NEED TO BATTLE KASEY FOR THE LEAD? "I think more one lap and I would have been able to pass him. I was coming on him pretty good down the backstretch there and...

GREG BIFFLE -66-Duraflame Ford Taurus (Finished 2nd)


"I think more one lap and I would have been able to pass him. I was coming on him pretty good down the backstretch there and got into three and four and was catching him a little bit coming to the stripe. The guys just did a fantastic job on the Duraflame car. I'm having a lot of fun over there at Brewco Motorsports. Those guys are a dedicated bunch of guys and it's fun to drive for a race team that works as hard as they do. Newt Moore as a crew chief, I think we did all of the right things today. We just lost a little track position, and I let Kasey on the outside of me down in three and four and he passed us three-wide on that restart. That's probably the pass that maybe cost us the win, if he wouldn't have got by us there. Overall, it was a great day. We finish second, our best finish in the 66 car, so I really can't complain. I wish I had a few more laps, but I just got held up a little bit by some guys with older tires. It was kind of tough to pass and it took me a few laps to get by them, and I did get by them and it came out of fourth gear down there in the middle of the corner, and that was quite surprising. I went to the gas and it went against the rev chip, so I grabbed the shifter and put it back in gear and the guy I was passing got back in front of me again so I had to start over. But overall, it was a pretty good day."

"I think there were a lot of close calls for me. I got tight coming up off the corner like he (Reed) did a few times and it's really close. I got sideways a little bit in there with lapped cars. You always have a few that are close calls, but you try to minimize the risk out there with as many as you can. It was pretty tight when Kasey was on the outside of me and we were coming off of turn two three-wide. That was definitely interesting. I was quite surprised to see him out there. The guy did a good job, whoever I was passing on the bottom, the lapped car gave us room. His spotter was on top of things. Normally you don't plan for that, and he gave us enough room to come off there three-wide and didn't move up into me, so I could give Kasey room. Overall, it was a good day for us. We qualified eighth, and the car ran really good today and the engine ran good. It was probably just a freak thing that the transmission came out of gear. I doubt if there was anything wrong with it. Maybe I didn't have it all the way in gear; I don't know. Heck, all I could ask for is a couple more laps, 203 laps instead of 200."

"I had and didn't have the best car at times. Kasey came up and passed us, and I passed him back and got a little bit of a lead. The 32 car was faster than everybody there for a stint. It was just kind of switching hands. Newt, I just told him I was a little bit tight and we came down a half of a pound of air in the right front and took a round of wedge out of it, and the thing was money. It was just a tick loose, but I like to drive the car loose. I just lost all of my track position shuffling around there trying to get going. But, you can't complain. I had a lot of fun today. Hopefully I have as much fun tomorrow as I had today. I'm driving a backup car tomorrow so I don't know how that's going to be, but that's the car that I won California with, so I think it will be all right."

"You never know and all of the cars act different with the fuel cells and whatnot. The fuel pressure was about 10 pounds and then the fuel pressure started flagging; the needle was bouncing around. It sounded like it changed tone, but that's probably in your head when you think it's running out of gas. The fuel pressure came down to six pounds and it never moves more than a half of a pound. I knew it was starting to get air in the thing. We were going to go one more lap than I was already going to, and I said it's out. Coming down the frontstretch I said it's out of gas meaning we weren't completely out, but it was getting close and we needed to stop. And, Kasey was stopping that lap anyway, so it really worked out for us. It was probably a close call. It probably wouldn't have made another lap and it probably would have run out on the track."

"It's unbelievable. This race track has definitely turned the corner. I had more fun today than I've had driving a race car all season so far. It was just fun to race out there with these guys and my car was really good, which makes it fun. California, I won that race, and that was probably the most stressful thing I ever did, but today I had a lot of fun. I don't know if the Cup cars are going to race side-by-side like that tomorrow because of the spoiler on them. That's something we're going to have to wait and see. I really don't have a prediction quite yet on how that's going to run. It may be fine. We may be OK. What I found so far this year is that the little bit shorter spoiler has been tougher to run the top for some reason. I don't why. At Atlanta and other places it's been more difficult, and like California, I couldn't run up the race track at all where I could the year before. I don't know if it's the spoiler or if it's our bodies. Other people might be able to, we'll have to wait till tomorrow and I'll tiptoe up there in the Cup car and see what it's going to be like."

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