BUSCH: Talladega: Ford teams race quotes

DAVID GILLILAND -- No. 25 freecreditreport.com Ford Fusion (Finished 37th) "Our freecreditreport.com Ford Fusion was running real good today, but, I don't know. There was a little bit of contact there and sent me spinning. It's too bad we...

DAVID GILLILAND -- No. 25 freecreditreport.com Ford Fusion (Finished 37th)

"Our freecreditreport.com Ford Fusion was running real good today, but, I don't know. There was a little bit of contact there and sent me spinning. It's too bad we ended our day soon, but we had a good car. It felt really good to run up front there."

YOUR THOUGHTS ON TONY'S DRIVING OUT THERE TODAY? "It's a little rough, but, I mean, if it was the last lap you could swallow it a little easier. It's just Talladega. You're running close and bump-drafting and everything else. You're real close. It's just kind of the nature of the beast, especially here, so it's just one of those deals I guess."

YOU HEAR ABOUT THE YOUNGER DRIVERS KNOWING WHEN TO RACE AND HERE YOU HAVE A VETERAN GETTING INTO THE BACK OF YOU. "Yeah, a little bit. But I think the track gives everybody so much confidence that it gets them into trouble, but it's just too bad. Like I said, our freecreditreport.com Ford Fusion was real good today and it just felt good running up front there. I wish we could have finished up there."


JAMIE MCMURRAY -- No. 37 Yardman Ford Fusion (Finished 36th)

"We fought overheating all day, actually from the time we unloaded. The car was too hot. We kept taking tape off and then the whole time during the race it was too hot. We just never got it cooled down. I don't know exactly what we had wrong."

SO THE TIRE FROM KYLE'S CAR DIDN'T HIT YOU? YOU HAD A BIRDS-EYE VIEW OF IT. "I'm not real sure what happened there. I just saw him upside-down and it looked like a pretty good ride."

SO THE TIRE DIDN'T HIT YOUR CAR? "I don't know. I was more concerned with hitting him. I saw his car and I knew that would be big for both of us if I hit him."


GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 3M Ford Fusion (Finished 30th)

"I don't know, I'd have to see the replay but it felt like somebody ran into the back of me and turned me sideways into the outside fence. That's sure what it felt like and it's what it looked like to me. What happens is the race track is so smooth and guys get a little too aggressive, a little eager, but most importantly you've got to use common sense and common sense is that if the car you're pushing is against another car, then you've got to be careful because he has less steering input ability. You can't just cram into the back of him when he's against the car in front of him and that's pretty much what happened. I got a pretty big hit from behind and I was pushing Montoya and just turned me sideways and squeezed me out of there into the fence."


JON WOOD -- No. 47 Armor All Ford Fusion (Finished 31st)

"It's been the story for the last three weeks, four weeks, five weeks -- the whole season. Once again I had nowhere to go. I don't think I had even so much as bump drafted the whole entire race. I was just trying to finish. You can have a lot of things, but luck isn't one thing you can intentionally get. You've got to wait on it to turnaround. I wouldn't necessarily say you have to earn it."


STEPHEN LEICHT -- No. 90 citifinancial Ford Fusion (Finished 28th)

"It's the same story everytime you come to Talladega. I could see that something happened and I started checking up, and when it all opened up the 59 was in the middle spinning. I checked up and tried to go high or low, but I couldn't because I had cars on both sides of me and I had to run into him. I ran into him and I didn't hit him that hard. I thought it was gonna be just a little bit of body damage and something we could fix, but a bunch of oil got on my windshield when I hit him -- from his motor I guess -- and I couldn't see whoever was down low. I ran into them and that locked up the left-front and sent me into the inside wall on the bottom. If this citifinancial team could have some luck. These guys have worked so hard. We're showing that we've got fast cars and we're capable of running in the front, we can't buy any luck right now. If we could do that, we'd be awesome."


MARCOS AMBROSE -- No. 59 Kingsford Charcoal Ford Fusion (Finished 25th)

"I couldn't miss it. We were running on the yellow line and that was the safest place to be and something happened above us and side-swiped us and put us in the fence on the backstraight. I saw other cars flip and tumble and destroy themselves, but luckily we stayed on four wheels. I don't know how. Maybe we've got too much downforce, I don't know. I was just trying to do the best I could out there. I learned a lot. I felt like I ran good at the front and was aggressive and all that kind of stuff, so I feel like I've had a good day even though the result is pretty poor."

YOU WERE FLIRTING WITH A TOP 10. "I think we were fifth there when we got turned around, so it was coming to us, but it just wasn't our day."


KYLE KRISILOFF -- No. 14 Clabber Girl Ford Fusion (Finished 5th)

"This Busch Series is so tough but it's really cool to be here. God we ran good today and I'm just so proud for my guys because they've tried hard all year and we've had some bad luck. Today we ran really strong and it felt good to be up there."

WHAT WERE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE LAST RESTART? "I knew Tony and Bobby would be right up there and I really wanted to pull out in front of them, but I just knew if I did Tony would be like, 'Well, Ward's pretty good and he'd stay down,' so I just don't know those guys enough to feel confident and going up there and doing that, but to get a top five is awesome."

DID YOU GET THIS CAR FROM SOMEONE? "No, this is the first car we've ever built. We built it in January for Daytona. It was pretty quick down there. We qualified 19th and it was a little tight and we worked on it. They've been working hard this whole year trying to work on our cars and we've been hiring people and we finally just secured a sponsor and we'll be announcing that in a couple of weeks. Everything has just been coming together and I'm just really happy for my guys."

THERE WERE A LOT OF INCIDENTS. "I got lucky. There were a bunch of crashes where, had I been in the front like I was five laps ago, I would have been right in the middle of the wreck but that's what it's all about. I was lucky today."

HOW BIG IS THIS FOR YOUR TEAM? "It's huge. We have like less than 20 guys and they work probably harder than guys on big teams and when you come home 20th and 30th every week, nobody wants to do that. Not that we're gonna be in the top five every week from now on, but this is a little shot in the arm and we'll just keep going."


DANNY O'QUINN -- No. 17 Dish Network Ford Fusion (Finished 11th)

"It was a good finish for me. It was nice to get back out there and run again this week. The 17 Dish Network car was really good today. I got out of line a little bit there with about 20 to go and got shuffled back. We took some tires and it just seemed like we kept having a couple of cautions there at the end and never really got any green flag racing hard there at the end, so we're pretty happy with that. I feel like we had a better car than that, but I'm really happy. It's in one piece and it's nice to get back in a Roush Ford. Hopefully, we'll go get 'em at Kentucky now."

HOW DOES IT FEEL TO NOT BE IN A CAR EVERY WEEK BUT TO STEP BACK IN AND RUN SO WELL? "It's nice. That's what I've got to do to get back in there full-time. We've got to go out there and run like this and run better than this. We did what we needed to today and we'll learn from it. Like I said, I'll be back in the 17 at Kentucky and we'll go from there."


WARD BURTON -- No. 27 Cottonelle Ford Fusion (Finished 8th)

"I'm not sure what happened in the tri-oval there. The 6 car gave me a little pump and the 2 car came down a little bit. I haven't looked at the replay, but that was a really close call for us. From there we really just tried to stay out of trouble until the last 30, 40, 50 laps. We had a really great race car. The guys with this Cottonelle Ford did a great job and the car was faster, I felt like, an eighth-place car. I guess I was being a little conservative right there at the end. Maybe I should have jumped on the outside, but we'll take a top 10."

-credit: ford racing

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