BUSCH: Talladega: Ford teams qualifying quotes

MARCOS AMBROSE -- No. 50 Kingsford Charcoal Ford Fusion (Qualified 32nd) "That's what it is. I could have put my grandmother out there. She could have done as good of a job as I did, but it's just nice to get back in the race car. It's nice...

MARCOS AMBROSE -- No. 50 Kingsford Charcoal Ford Fusion (Qualified 32nd)

"That's what it is. I could have put my grandmother out there. She could have done as good of a job as I did, but it's just nice to get back in the race car. It's nice to be here at Talladega, but qualifying means absolutely nothing. You get your car up to speed and it starts off at about six-six for rpm, you get it wound up for that extra lap and get an extra 400 revs out of it and that's pretty much where it sits. I think we're in great shape and will be fine for the race."


CARL EDWARDS -- No. 60 Sharp Aquos Ford Fusion (Qualified 9th)

"I'm happy with it. Anytime you have a car that runs as fast as Martin Truex at a place like this is saying a lot. There are a lot of good cars out here. The track is so smooth that I think the race is gonna be extremely interesting. It's gonna be four and five-wide all day, but the Sharp Aquos Fusion is good and I think that anytime you can go out and have good speed by yourself is a good sign for the race."

HOW DOES CHANGING THE PLATE AFFECT YOU? "It's not a really big deal for the driver, it's just a big deal for the guys in the engine shop. Those guys have to make sure that the mixture is right and the gear is right and all of that stuff is perfect. When they throw a change in like that, you don't get to go back to the dyno and you don't get to mess around with them, you've got to do it right now. We've got these Roush-Yates engines though and I think they're the best engines in the garage, so hopefully it pays off tomorrow."


BOBBY HAMILTON JR. -- No. 35 McDonald's Ford Fusion (Qualified 22nd)

"We didn't even make a qualifying run yesterday. It doesn't matter anyway because of the way they've re-done the restrictor plate stuff, we're gonna go to the back anyway and just ride. Me and the teammate are right there beside each other, so it gives you somebody to go to the back with and work with all day long. We'll just take it and go."


JAMIE MCMURRAY -- No. 37 Yardman Ford Fusion (Qualified 10th)

"That was a little bit of a surprise to run as fast as we did. I'm pretty happy with the Yardman car. It drafted pretty good, but not many guys made qualifying runs and we didn't either. At Daytona we had to start a little bit in the back and we ended up getting caught in a wreck because of that, so, hopefully, we'll be a little bit farther up front and I feel pretty confident that we'll race well."


DANNY O'QUINN -- No. 17 Dish Network Ford Fusion (Qualified 8th)

"These guys on this 17 team have really brought an awesome car here this weekend. I just can't thank Roush Fenway and Dish Network enough for giving me the opportunity to get back in a Roush car this weekend. Our Ford Fusion is really fast. It drafted really well in practice. I think we ended up 12th in drafting practice, so I'm really excited about this race. I feel like it's probably one of the best superspeedway cars I've ever been in, if not probably the best, so I'm definitely excited about tomorrow. I had a lot of fun out there in drafting yesterday, so we'll see what happens."


WARD BURTON -- No. 27 Cottonelle Ford Fusion (Qualified 5th)

"The car has been real strong ever since we got here. All of this Cottonelle team has been working really hard all year and we've got some exciting things coming down the pike and, hopefully, one of them is gonna be tomorrow. We did a lot of race practice and I feel really good about it. We were having a really good run and was gonna have a good run at Daytona and just got caught up in somebody else's mess, so, hopefully, we can be smart and take care of the part we can control and, hopefully, we won't be in the wrong place at the wrong time."


DAVID RAGAN -- No. 6 Discount Tire Ford Fusion (Qualified 7th)

"All of the Fords are there in the top 10. Certainly we don't come down here to try to qualify on the pole, we try to come down and have a good race car for the race. That's always a benefit here, qualifying in the top 10 or 15, so if we can stay in the top 10 that would be great and, hopefully, we'll have a little better luck than we did in Daytona. I know we've got a great race car, so we just have to be around at the end. I think 80 percent of everyone in the garage thinks their car is good. Our car seems to suck up pretty well. It seems to pull the line pretty good. I know Carl's got a good car and certainly the 38 and the 10 and some of those other guys have good cars, so we're just happy to be in position and it's a long race on Saturday."

-credit: ford racing

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