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KASEY KAHNE-38-Great Clips Ford Taurus (Finished 37th) WHAT DID YOU SEE? "We were just running along. I think we were three cars behind that. The tire went over the top of my car, pieces of it. The 21 went a little bit sideways and there were...

KASEY KAHNE-38-Great Clips Ford Taurus (Finished 37th)

WHAT DID YOU SEE? "We were just running along. I think we were three cars behind that. The tire went over the top of my car, pieces of it. The 21 went a little bit sideways and there were just cars everywhere. It was just too bad; we had a great car. We went backwards pretty quick at the start and we had to get back in line. I was about three behind. Somebody up there, pieces off of their tires flew over my car. Then the 21 went sideways, it must have been his left-rear tire, and after that, there were just cars everywhere. It's too bad. We had a good starting spot and everybody went low on the start and I was kinda hung out there and we dropped back to 10th and then we were just kind of riding along and got in line."

WERE YOU SURPRISED THAT NOBODY GOT IN LINE BEHIND YOU ON THE START? "I expected something weird was going to happen getting into turn one. I didn't think many people would want to go with me, but at the same time, I didn't expect that the whole field wouldn't be able to keep up or turn down and get in the lower lane, either. I was kind surprised. I just had to wait until there was an opening to get down."

WITH THE OCCURRENCE OF THE BIG ONE HERE, DO YOU DREAD RACING AT TALLADEGA? "I don't dread it. You wish something like that wouldn't happen, but I don't dread it. I actually enjoy this kind of racing. It's just a bad deal when something like this happens. It wasn't anybody's fault, that was just a tire."

BOBBY HAMILTON, JR.-25-Team Marines Ford Taurus (Finished 35th)

WHAT DID YOU SEE? "The 21 cut a right-rear down and I saw rubber fly everywhere, and then all of a sudden, I saw everything that went down come up, and it took all of us out. It's just the same deal. There's no throttle response here. It's wide open the whole time and I got caught up in someone else's mess. The 21 cut a right-rear down and I saw rubber flying everywhere. That was all she wrote then, of course. What goes down always comes up. I think I got hit in the side by the 10 and turned us all, but what do you do? This is two weeks in a row for us, another tore up race car, but we'll just go to Nashville and try to get one of those guitars there."

JASON KELLER-57-Albertsons Ford Taurus (Finished 28th)

"The Albertsons guys brought a brand new hot rod here for me after that wreck in Daytona, and here we are again. We'll come back. We've got one shot to get this thing up to speed. It's going to be a real bad points day, but we'll just do what we can do. Some cars got turned in front of me. It was a case of being in the wrong lane at the wrong time. I committed myself to the outside lane and they all came to the top of the race track. It's just unfortunate. The Albertsons guys did a real good job to get us a new car built from Daytona. We'll see if we can get us back in there."

STANTON BARRETT-60-OdoBan Ford Taurus (Finished 40th)

WHAT DID YOU SEE? "I just saw the 21 car - he was about five cars ahead of me - and he got sideways, started to hit the apron and go down. I got out of it and started to go down and somebody hit me. I spun down and thought I damaged the backend just a little bit, but then I got hit by somebody that wasn't paying attention. I don't want to mention names, but they weren't paying attention when they're a half-lap behind and seem to run smack into you head-on. It happened so fast. I slowed down and it was a chain reaction from behind. They ran into me, which I figured was going to happen and spun down. I was just spinning trying to stay out of the top lane, and like I said, everybody passed me, but somebody who wasn't paying attention ended our day."

SCOTT RIGGS-10-Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus (Finished 24th)

WHAT DID YOU SEE? "It looked like the 21 lost a tire. They said he lost a tire and it looked like it. All of a sudden, he just turned around and slid across the apron and as soon as he got on the apron, he slid right back up in front of everybody and took the whole field out."

THIS IS THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW THAT AN EARLY WRECK OCCURRED HERE. IS THERE ANY WAY TO AVOID THIS KIND OF INCIDENCE? "Blowing left-rear tire, you can't avoid that. If that's the case, it's nobody fault. It's just bad luck of having a tire blow. Any time that you're this close together and everybody is right on top of each other and you have one car have something bad go on, it's going to cost you. It's going to get everyone tangled out. Speedway racing is just no good when, especially for our team because it seems that after every speedway race we have to build a new car. We build a new car, crash it and then you can't go back and improve on it for the next race. You just have to build it and hurry up and get it ready before the next race, much less fine tune it and keep making it better and better. That's the frustrating part."

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