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INDIANAPOLIS (July 14, 2003) The following are interview transcripts from David Stremme and Ron Hornaday from the first day of Busch Series testing at IRP. These drivers are testing in preparation of the Kroger 200 presented by Tom Raper RVs on...

INDIANAPOLIS (July 14, 2003) The following are interview transcripts from David Stremme and Ron Hornaday from the first day of Busch Series testing at IRP. These drivers are testing in preparation of the Kroger 200 presented by Tom Raper RVs on August 2nd. The teams did not release times or speeds.

Testing concludes on Tuesday and will run from 9:00 A. M. until 9:00 P.M.

David Stremme - Driver of the #1 Yellow Freight Racing Dodge owned by Chip Ganassi. Stremme is a rookie in the NASCAR Busch Series this year and is running a partial schedule. He will be competing in the Kroger 200 Presented by Tom Raper RVs and he won the ASA race at IRP in 2002.

David Stremme Interview:

Q: How is testing going out here for you today?

Stremme: It is going really good, I am able to come to a track that I have raced on before and have had pretty good success here. Instead of just finding the line, we are able to fine-tune the car a little faster and right now we are happy. The weather is playing a good role, sunny and we are trying to use the test to where we can find out more about the car. We are real happy about it.

Q: How much does a Busch car differ from an ASA car around IRP?

Stremme: Quite a bit, just a lot heavier, a lot more horsepower. When you get in the center of the corner, you have to be more gentle and also coming off, you are running a lot faster on the straight away than you do in an ASA car. Basically the only thing I can use is the line around here and the radial tires as far as how it feels. There is some experience to go off of because the ASA race is kind of set up like the Busch race where we qualify in the sun and go right into the evening, so we are just kind of reading the track and I think we will have somewhat of an advantage.

Q: How much does the track change going from qualifying in the day starting the race during the day and racing into the darkness of evening?

Stremme: I think it changes quite a bit, I am not going to tell you exactly what changes of course, but it changes quite a bit. We were here and again we are trying not to do it in the sun where the track is slimy and we want to not chase the car but we will see this evening how the car works out.

Q: Where does the Kroger 200 Presented by Tom Raper RVs rank? To come here and try to win this race, would it be bigger than anything else?

Stremme: Just here in Indianapolis it would be real big, it was something that I looked at when we sat down to plan the schedule it was a race that I thought I had a really comfortable feeling coming in and a lot of confidence because I have raced here. Now I have gotten a lot more seat time in the cars, and it is funny, I come back here and I used to think this place had a really big track, but after running Kentucky and Nashville, you come back here it's a short track, but still pretty fast. It would be really great being from Indiana and this is our only race in the state so it would be really fun to win.

Ron Hornaday - Driver of the #2 AC Delco Chevrolet Richard Childress Racing Busch Series car. Hornaday has two wins at IRP, in 1997 he won in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series race and in 2000 he won the Kroger 200 NASCAR Busch Series event.

Ron Hornaday Interview:

Q: Ron you're not in the car today so what is the team working on? Hornaday: Well what's so good about it is Mardy Lindley is going to drive one of cars here for RCR (Richard Childress Racing) so it's a new drop snout car and that's what were going to running here, so coming up here I get to get in the car once. While he's a rookie and see what he's feeling and stuff and help him out, so I'm getting a little bit of seat time. Anytime you come to IRP it's a tough little race because everybody tries to impress everybody here so you got to run the best you can. You got a lot of owners and drivers that come over from the big track come over to here to watch it and fill the stands, so it's a prestigious race, its like a little Daytona here. We have a lot of fun when we come out here and we want to run the best and I won a Busch race when I ran with Dale so I want to come back and win out here with RCR.

Q: You've won here in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series as well so are you going to dominate the race?

Hornaday: I tell you what, each year this Busch Series gets tougher and tougher but we've got the team and the equipment and sponsor for it so we are going to go out and do it and we are going to try I mean we wouldn't be racers if we didn't come and here and say we weren't going to win.

Q: This test goes from 9:00 A. M. until 9:00 P.M. so what are you going to learn going from day to night?

Hornaday: Well we have enough cars so were going to put some rubber down and tomorrow is going to be a good test as long as it doesn't rain so were getting enough rubber down so we are going to know what were going to need. And they way you guys (IRP) have done it now when we can test now and it goes into the night. With a littler cooler temperatures we are going to have a better perspective because were going to qualify around this time and when have to race when it is cooler out. You definitely helped us out giving us the time you gave us to go out and run.

Q: What happens to the car going from the daytime to the night racing conditions:

Hornaday: It depends on how your car is set up and you try to get a good happy balance. When you do a qualifying run that's your race run so you have to do everything the same so whatever get you have to get a happy medium so you can adjust on it all night long.

One of five drag racing facilities owned and operated by the National Hot Rod Association, IRP was built in 1960 and has presented organized racing events since 1961. From March through October, the facility hosts more than 120 dates of racing on three tracks, a quarter-mile drag strip, a .686-mile paved oval and a 2.5-mile road course. Home to drag racing's biggest event, the NHRA U.S. Nationals over Labor Day weekend, the drag strip runs more than 50 days of point-to-point action, from national events to street legal community programs. The oval track draws racing's biggest events, including annual visits from the NASCAR Busch and NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series to five annual USAC races, and an exclusive Saturday Night Series. The road course provides a home for several racing sanctions, such as SCCA, while providing an ideal resource for driving schools, corporate outings and open-road tests for professional drivers.


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