BUSCH: Sparta: Pole winners press conference.

SCOTT RIGGS-10-Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus (Qualified 1st) TALK ABOUT YOUR QUALIFYING RUN. "Everybody on the Nesquik Ford Taurus, they knew what we needed to have to have a good base car in the first place. They were pretty fast here last year,...

SCOTT RIGGS-10-Nestle Nesquik Ford Taurus (Qualified 1st)

TALK ABOUT YOUR QUALIFYING RUN. "Everybody on the Nesquik Ford Taurus, they knew what we needed to have to have a good base car in the first place. They were pretty fast here last year, and we were able to unload off the trailer and have a good race car. When you get off the trailer and have a good race car, it's easy to start fine-tuning instead of having to make wholesale changes to try to get you in the ballpark. I have to give it to all of the guys on the team. I know that a lot of people have asked me that I thought I might have a lot of distractions this week from having my first baby, and I told them that that was probably the best thing to clear my head because I was able to get my head out of the ballgame and quite worrying and thinking about racing so much. I was able to get away and sorta look from outside and look back in and see some things that I've been doing wrong. I think the main thing I was doing wrong was trying too hard, just overdriving the car a lot. I just tried to slow down to go fast."

YOU SAID AFTER THE RUN THAT THE CAR WAS STILL TIGHT, SO WAS THERE STILL SOMETHING LEFT IN THE CAR FOR QUALIFYING? "Well, I think we could have run a little faster. I think the main thing I did was try a little too hard on the first lap and made my left-front tire pretty mad and it started to get tight on the second lap there. I think that track conditions definitely changed from 2:45 through to whatever it was, six o'clock when we finally got on the race track. I think it had tightened up a little bit."

"Last night was the first night that I got eight hours of sleep. I've gotten four-and-a-half and five. That's a bad thing - to go out of town to get some sleep. I'd rather be at home with the baby and not get any sleep, to be honest with you."

TALK ABOUT THE RACE TRACK. "I talked to someone a minute ago and they wanted to know about the surface and the facility. There's not a nicer facility or nicer race track on the circuit than Kentucky Speedway. I think that they've proved they're going to go 110 percent to make sure everything is the best that it can possibly be. They had a great surface before but they weren't satisfied with it and the job that they've been able to do on this last surface, the track is silky smooth and there are no trouble spots anywhere on the race track and I think that's why it made for a lot faster speed. Of course, a new surface any time has more grip, so you can go fast. To have not only that new grip of the new asphalt, but also such a silky smooth race track surface, I think you can do a lot with the race cars and really get them down on the race track and go really fast."

"I had an eight pound boy, and didn't know it until he came out."

IT MUST HAVE HURT? "It did. It hurt a little bit, just where she was squeezing my hand so hard. I don't want to talk too much about that, but I'll tell you, winning races is great, but you have to multiply the high you get from winning a race by about 100 to figure out what it's all about when you have your child come into the world."

WHAT'S HIS NAME? "Lane Griffin Riggs. I call him 'Fast Lane,' and my wife does not like that."

WHAT DAY WAS HE BORN? "We thought he was never going to come, but he came after 30 hours of labor. He came at Tuesday night at 11:56 p.m., almost midnight. He just did get here on Tuesday. I appreciate you guys asking about him. He's doing great and my wife (Jai) is doing great, and I couldn't ask for anything else."

A WIN? "A win, definitely. I figure if I can be the fastest one around the race track all night long, the race will get over quicker and I can get back to my home and carry this trophy back to him."

YOU WERE HERE IN THE TRUCK SERIES LAST YEAR. "I think that any time that you're able to run on a circuit like the truck series, that gives you a lot of different experience on Goodyear tires and all of the different race tracks that you competed at in another series, like the Busch Series. The more laps that you have at a race track, the more you learn about the race track and the better the feel and, of course, the more confidence you have about getting after the race car pretty quick. I think that definitely being able to come here in the truck series is a huge advantage for me versus the other people that haven't been here before."

WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TRUCKS AND THE BUSCH CARS? "Of course, the first difference is the obvious difference and that's the aerodynamic packages. The trucks push so much air that you have to charge the corner hard because they decelerate so fast when you do lift off the throttle. The Busch cars are so aerodynamic, like a bullet, when you drive it in the corner they don't decelerate fast and you have to use the brakes to get them to slow down. That's the obvious difference. The other difference, the second biggest difference about the two vehicles is the fact the wheelbase, the distance from the front wheel to the rear wheel of the truck are 112 inches and the Busch cars are 105. The wheelbase change is the biggest in NASCAR, except for the Dash cars. I think the trucks are a little bit harder to get to turn. You have to wrestle them a little harder, where the short wheelbase on the Busch cars, you have to finesse them a little more and be on top of the steering wheel. If they get out from under you, you have to be very quick on your reaction time to get back and get it saved."

WITH THE NEW SURFACE, HAS THE LINE CHANGED? "I don't think so. I think the line around the race track is the same, but I don't think it's the same as any place else. I think that Kentucky has a unique design. The way the corners are shaped, not just radius-wise but also the banking, I think you have to always remember what corner you're diving off into. It's not like a symmetrical track; it's very different. I think it's challenging, but at the same time, when you do get the car working well in those corners, it's a lot of fun, too. But, I think it's the same line as the truck series."


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