BUSCH: Sparta: Greg Biffle press conference

GREG BIFFLE-60-Grainger Ford Taurus (Finished 2nd) "The Grainger Ford was really good today. It started out really tight and then we got it going pretty good at night. It was still a little bit tight with the 92 car coming. And then today, we...

GREG BIFFLE-60-Grainger Ford Taurus (Finished 2nd)

"The Grainger Ford was really good today. It started out really tight and then we got it going pretty good at night. It was still a little bit tight with the 92 car coming. And then today, we started off really good. Probably the best it's been since we've been here. We were really happy about it. I still wanted to free it up a little bit more, and we put two spring rubbers in on those last two stops and I thought for sure that the car was going to be pretty fast then. It was still a little bit too tight. There on the long run, I don't know if I was using the brakes too much or what, but the right-front tire got too hot and it started to push pretty good. I knew that caution flag was going to be good for me because the car was good on cool tires; it was pretty fast. But, I never thought that Bodine would catch me with the kind of lead I had, just taking the white, but his car was extremely good on the top groove. The 92 team today, they did a great job getting the car to drive here. My car wouldn't work at the top at all, and the best I could do was try to run it around the bottom and it was really tight coming up off under throttle. That's where he was gaining all of his ground on me, and I went into three and four over there across the bottom and didn't turn very good. I got back in the gas early, which got me pushing up the race track, pushing up the race track, and of course, I didn't want to lift off the throttle because I was definitely giving it away. I just tried to keep after it, and pushed up and squeezed Bodine up there and we got together a little bit. I think he might have turned back down a little to shut me down. It got me kinda out of shape and I was trying to get the thing back under control. But anyway, it was an exciting for everybody, probably the guys behind us, too. We were fighting for a win and the checkered flag was in the air, and that's what we get paid to do. I was just trying to get the Grainger Ford up there. We're happy with second. It's an extremely good streak we've got going. A second, a win, a third, and now another second, so this is definitely what we need to do. This is what the team is capable of, and this is what's been capable all season. We've just had a lot of bad luck so to speak. Things that have been out of our control have happened to us, so I think we're back on track now. We're back in the championship hunt and definitely picked up some points today, and we're excited about that."

WAS IT DIRTY RACING AT THE END? "No, no. My car was pushing. I pushed up into Todd coming off of the corner. In a normal situation like that, the guy is breathing the throttle a little it, so what happens is that it loses the nose and it won't turn, probably not enough right-rear spring in the car to keep it turning. And then, he probably saw me come up and get here and he tried to crowd me down and there was nothing I could do without my car moving up. So when he tried to crowd me down, it got me, it kinda got the backend sideways, and I was trying to get it correct it, not to wreck us both going for the checkered flag. And then, I turned down to try to get off of him and my car started to spin the wrong direction. We were so close to the stripe that I went ahead and spun down toward the grass and stay out of everybody's way."

COULD YOU HAVE CAUGHT HIM WITHOUT THAT LAST CAUTION? "No. He definitely had a faster car than me today. We were better on cold tires, but once it started heating up, I was overheating the right-front tire. I was making it do too much work."

DID YOU SQUEEZE HIM ON PURPOSE? "Well, not on purpose, certainly. The car just pushed up there. You have to do everything you can going for the checkered flag. I wasn't going to wreck him or anything like that, but I was certainly going to squeeze him and leave him not a lot of room to race back to the checkered flag, that's for sure."

HOW TOUGH WAS IT ADJUST CAR FOR THE DIFFERENT CONDITIONS TODAY? "Well, I think I kind of made a bold decision, I'm not sure. We took some wedge out of the car. Everybody thought it was probably going to be a little bit freer today during the day. With all of the rain on the race track, I opted to free it up a little bit on the initial stop before we even got going today. I was nervous that it was going to bite me, but my car turned out to be the best one on the race track. It looked like a lot of guys around didn't have as good a car from last night. That played into our advantage. We didn't really change a whole lot. We probably took some wedge out and put four tires on it and filled it up with gas and it was pretty good."

definitely thought I had it won.  I didn't think he'd catch me.  His car
was so fast in the top groove.  I can't believe how much ground he can
make up on the top.  The car was really, really going."


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