BUSCH: Silly season predictions

-----------------SPEEDNET------------------ North America's Premier Motorsports Network NET HQ: AUTOSPORTS BBS (310) 641-9627 Internet jon.mortensen@panasia.com 1995 Busch Grand National Teams *=confirmed Driver Car Team ...

-----------------SPEEDNET------------------ North America's Premier Motorsports Network NET HQ: AUTOSPORTS BBS (310) 641-9627 Internet jon.mortensen@panasia.com

1995 Busch Grand National Teams *=confirmed

Driver Car Team Sponsor ` Hermie Sadler Sadler Racing ` John Tanner Chevy Buzz McCall Catapillar ` Bill Elliott Ford Charles Harding McDonalds ` Tom Kendall Ford Roush Racing Allsports 0 Mike Garvey Ford Lawarre Rac 1 Jeff Neal Ford Luxaire Htg & AC 3 *Dale Earnhardt Chevy Theresa Earnhardt GM Goodwrench 4 Chevy Fred Turner 5 Richard Lasater Chevy Eclipse Racing Body Alarm 6 Tommy Houston Ford Houston Racing 7 Chevy Ed Whitaker Mannheim Auctions 9 Ford Barry Owens FDP Brakes/Duron Paints 10 Jimmy Spencer Chevy Jack Ingram Food City 12 David Bonnett Chevy Parker Racing Delco Batteries 14 Terry Labonte Chevy Terry Labonte MW Windows 15 Dirk Stephens Ford 16 Chad Chaffin Chevy 31-V Insulation 17 Robbie Reiser Chevy Reiser Racing 19 Chevy Levin Racing 20 Chevy Bob Moroso Fina Lube 21 Morgan Shepherd Ford Wood Bros Cheerwine Soft 22 Ed Berrier Chevy Greased Lightning 23 Chad Little Ford Mark Rypien Bayer Select 24 Eddie Sharp Ford Thackston R. 25 Chevy Don Beverly Virginia is for Lovers 27 Roy Payne Chevy Payne Racing Special Olympics 28 Ford Ernie Irvan Mac Tools 29 Phil Parsons Chevy Marsha Parsons MatchBox/White Rose 30 Michael Waltrip Pontiac Chuck Rider Pennzoil 31 Steve Grissom Chevy Gary Bechtel ChannelLock 32 Dale Jarrett Chevy Dale Jarrett Shoe World 33 Bobby Labonte Pontiac Bobby Labonte Dentyne 34 Mike McLaughlin Chevy Fiddle Faddle 35 Randy Porter Pontiac Laughlin Racing 38 Elton Sawyer Ford Ford Credit Corp. 41 Barry Bostick Chevy Predator Fuel 42 Andy Hillenburg Chevy Budget Gourmet Foods 43 Rodney Combs Pontiac Petty Enterprises French's/Black Flag 44*David Green Chevy Bobby Labonte Slim Jim 46 Shawna Robinson Chevy Ed Ferree Polaroid 47 Billy Standridge Pontiac Standridge Auto Parts 48 Tom Hessert Chevy Cherry Hill ClassicCars 51 Clay Brown Chevy Brown Racing 52 Ken Schrader Chevy Ken Schrader Budweiser 55 Ford D-R Racing Bell Atlantic Mobile 56 Ronald Cooper Chevy Johnny Cotton 57 Jason Keller Chevy Kel Chemicals 59 Dennis Setzer Chevy Daniel Welch Alliance Trng Centers 60 Mark Martin Ford Roush Racing Winn-Dixie Food 63 Jim Bown Chevy Hensley Racing Lucks Foods 64 Jimmy Spencer Chevy 66 Nathan Buttke Chevy Buttke Dairy Farms 68 Chris Diamond Pontiac J & L Motors 70 Alan Russell Chevy Page Sales 71 Kevin LaPage Chevy Vermont Teddy Bear 72 Tracey Leslie Chevy Detroit Gasket 74 Johnny Benson Chevy BACE Motorsports Staff America 75 Doug Heveron Chevy Henderson Racing Food Country USA 79 Dave Rezendes Ford 81 Jerry Glanville Ford Computer Transport 91 Stanton Barrett Chevy Wendy's 92 Larry Pearson Chevy Stanley Tools 93 Troy Beebe Chevy Banana Boat 94 Casey Elliott Ford Ernie Elliott Bosch 95 Jack Baldwin Chevy Amer Rcng Equipmnt Royal Oak Charcoal 96 Stevie Reeves Chevy Clabber Girl 97 Joe Bessey Chevy Delco Battery 99 Robert Pressley Chevy J&J Racing 00 Johnny Rumley Chevy Hicks Racing Big Dog Coal 01 Randy MacDonald Chevy NTN Bearings 02 Michael Ritch Chevy Motorsports Design Hamm Restaurants 04 Ken Wallace Chevy TGI Fridays 05 Tommy Ellis Chevy Kay Motorsports O7 George Crenshaw Chevy Crenshaw Racing Campbell's Soup 05 Tommy Ellis Chevy NOEN Faucets 08 Bobby Dotter Chevy DeWaltIndustrial Tools --- . OLX 2.1 TD . INTERNET: jon.mortensen@panasia.com

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