BUSCH: Richmond II: Jamie Mosley preview

This will be Jamie's first trip to the 0.750-mile Richmond International Raceway. Jamie and the Jay Robinson crew have worked hard together to run two races teams with one full-time crew. Both the ...

This will be Jamie's first trip to the 0.750-mile Richmond International Raceway.

Jamie and the Jay Robinson crew have worked hard together to run two races teams with one full-time crew. Both the #39 and the #49 (with driver Tammy Jo Kirk) have shared the same crew all year long during practice, qualifying and "Happy Hour." While one car practices on the track, the crew is busy making changes to the other car. The two cars even come to the track in the same hauler and share the same equipment. A specialized pit crew (see below) comes in on race day to pit the #39 during each NASCAR Busch Series race.

Despite encountering several problems last weekend, including earning his first "Darlington stripe," Jamie improved 10-spots and finished 33rd at the "track too tough to tame," Darlington Raceway. In his first trip to the track, Mosley was only able to get in 22 total laps of practice during Friday morning's session. Pulling a late draw in the qualifying order, Mosley went out and improved his time by nearly two seconds, but had to fall back on a provisional to make the field. Mosley also earned his "Darlington stripe" on his second qualifying lap. It was mostly cosmetic damage and it didn't hurt the team's performance, but the team was not able to compete in "Happy Hour."

The team will bring the same car they used at Bristol and Darlington to Richmond International Raceway this weekend. Jamie has driven the car at Pikes Peak, Bristol and Darlington.

Jamie, who has served as a Kentucky State Police Dispatcher up until recently, uses several members of his old ARCA crew to pit the #39 during the race. Much of the crew is comprised of Jamie's law enforcement "buddies." They consist of Kentucky State Troopers, Deputies and local Kentucky Police Officers. They will serve as Jamie's over-the-wall crew for the rest of the year.


On racing at Richmond--

"I'm pretty excited about Richmond. Even though I've never raced at the track, I've been told it is a neat place. It is always fun racing at the short tracks. That is where all of us started in this business. It is also a lot of fun to race under the lights in front of all of the fans. I can think of nothing better than to give them a show with the lights sparkling off the cars. We're looking to have a much better car than we had at Bristol. Richmond should be easier to adapt to as a driver."

On the instillation of the SAFER wall system--

"I think it is a great idea. We, as drivers, have all taken a lot of steps over the last couple of years to make ourselves safer inside the cars, so it is nice to see the tracks do something for us. I know it will make my wife Kristie feel a lot better. I don't want to be the one to test them out during the weekend, but whomever does, will surly benefit from it. It is something that I would like to see happen at all of the tracks we run within a few years."

On the difficulties of running with one crew--

"It definitely makes it a challenge. You can't always focus as much on your car as you would like to, but that is just part of this business. Jay (Robinson) and all of his guys do a great job at working their butts off to prepare both of these cars during the week and throughout the weekend. It can limit our track time during the practice sessions and if we have a major problem with one of the cars, but that is something that we have to deal with. It has affected our performance, but they still put a pretty good piece out there for me. I'm just grateful my guys are able to come in on raceday and give us even more manpower. Everyone really works their butts off."

On the Darlington weekend--

"That place was really tough. We were definitely at a disadvantage by only running 22-laps in practice. That was one of those places where you need as much track time as you can get to learn how to drive it the best possible way. So for the second straight week, we were forced to use the race as a practice session of sorts. It was good, but we didn't get the time on the track that we really needed. We ran as hard as we could and got the damage to prove it. Someone told me that if you didn't get a 'Darlington stripe,' you weren't driving the car hard enough."


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