BUSCH: PJ Jones makes first visit to South Boston

PJ Jones ...

PJ Jones
#19 Yellow/Pameco Chevrolet
South Boston Speedway

PJ's stats at South Boston:
First race at this NASCAR venue Thoughts on New Pit Road Configuration:
"Since this is my first trip to South Boston, I'm coming in not knowing what South Boston's pit road used to be like," PJ Jones, driver of the #19 Yellow/Pameco Chevy commented. "The crew tells me I ought to be thankful I didn't have to try and get in the old pit stalls. When we went testing, the guys said pit road now looks like the one at Martinsville - long, but much more room. So, you won't get 'sandwiched' in your pit stall anymore, but if something happens to the car under green, it will cost you. I guess you have to give a little to get a little."

Pit-Stop Practice in Full Swing:
A new pit road configuration eliminates the need for the competition caution instated during last year's Busch race. "It's just another reason why pit-stop practice is so valuable," crew chief, George Church stated. "I've put together an over-the-wall crew and we practice twice a day, at 11:15 AM and 3:15 PM. We change six sets of tires during each session. I'm looking for consistency. My goal in South Boston is to make sure when PJ comes down pit road, we send him back out either in the same or better position. We've got to be able to hold our own."

Could You Make it a Little Warmer?
There is actually someone who hopes the temperatures will reach 90+ degrees like they usually do on race day in South Boston. "When we tested at South Boston, it was a little cool," described Church. "We noticed the tires really didn't kick in until the third lap, which won't make any difference when you're qualifying. We're going to need a high air temperature to help bring heat to those tires. We're bringing the same drop-snout car we used during the test session, so we should have a pretty good idea of how this car will respond to the tire and track conditions."

The "Textilease Medique 300" will be broadcast live on TNN and MRN on Saturday, June 10 at 5:00 p.m. eastern.

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