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MATT KENSETH - No. 17 Arby's Ford Fusion - (finished 2nd, qualified 9th) HOW ARE YOU ARMS? "It's already, we just lost the steering when it got hot, there was something odd going on. It wasn't really that hard to turn, it was harder than normal...

MATT KENSETH - No. 17 Arby's Ford Fusion - (finished 2nd, qualified 9th)

HOW ARE YOU ARMS? "It's already, we just lost the steering when it got hot, there was something odd going on. It wasn't really that hard to turn, it was harder than normal and you couldn't feel the front tires that good. It was a great run for our Arby's Fusion. I feel bad; we got beat again this week. We just came up a little bit short. We were off of front grip in the middle of the corner and Kyle's in good stuff and he's a great race car driver. He's real smart, he knew where to put his car exactly in the right spot so I couldn't pass him. It was a great job by him. I wish we were in victory lane, but it was a good race for us."

HOW MUCH WAS NOT HAVING THE FULL STEERING AFFECTING THE RACE? "It wasn't bad, but that long green run was real bad there. In two laps, I couldn't get him. At the end, it wasn't a factor, but with 15 laps run toward the end, it seemed like we could make a little ground there and I think we might have had a shot. It slowed us down a little bit, but it probably wasn't a difference in winning or losing."


CARL EDWARDS - No. 60 World Financial Group Ford Fusion (finished 7th, qualified 28th)

"We just fought all day starting from 28th and I think seventh was the best we could have hoped for. The car just wasn't fast, the guys were great on pit road, PK [Pierre Kuettel] had a great strategy and we ended up seventh."

HOW DID YOU AVOID THE CAUTIONS? "We were lucky and didn't get caught up in any of them. There were some that looked unavoidable and we were in front of them."

ARE YOU ABLE TO RACE FOR FUN NOW THAT YOU'VE CLINCHED THE CHAMPIONSHIP? "We'll, it's not fun to run seventh. We want to win races, so we'll go to Homestead and try to win there."


MARCOS AMBROSE - No. 59 Kingsford/Bashas' Ford Fusion (finished 15th, qualified 38th)

"It was a long day, but we fought all day and never gave up. We went a lap down and then got it back. We held on to the end."

HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO MAKE A DIFFICULT CAR BETTER? "I just want to show my guys, Kingsford and everybody that I'm worthy to be here and worthy to have a shot at it next year. I want to may everybody back that has helped with my racing and show them that we don't give up and we keep getting better and better." WAS THE CAR GETTING BETTER THROUGHOUT THE RACE? "Yeah, we just kept tuning it and working on it and drove harder."


DAVID RAGAN - No. 6 Discount Tire Ford Fusion - (finished 23rd, qualified 12th)

"We just fought poor track position all day and some of those guys behind us the last 50 laps had fresh tires on. Our car was okay at times and wasn't okay at times. It was a really weird day for us. We practice good, qualified average and at started the race and it was really tight. We made an adjustment and it was really loose on us. I was back and forth and we really didn't know which way to go. I didn't really know what I needed to be better. We rode around in the top-15 there and then there at the end, we probably should have gotten tires. When you're riding on the edge and you stay out on tires it makes it tough. Then we fell back there to where all the lap cars were racing hard and we kinda got what we asked for racing back there in the back. I saw the 25 [Richard Johns] and everybody wrecking in front of me and as soon as I could get off the throttle, I had already run over whoever that was in front of me. I hate that we got involved in all that junk and but that's kind of what we deserved for being back there."

DO YOU THINK YOU WERE LUCKY TO FINISH? "Yeah, we are. It didn't tear up the chassis or anything. We came in and put two tires on the right side and patched it up a little bit. The flat tires pushed the door and stuff like that. We certainly wished we could have got that top-15 or top-10, but it wasn't meant to be. We weren't good enough today."


GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 3M Scotch Tape Ford Fusion (finished 36th, qualified 24th)

"The things like that will happen. It's just one of those racing deals. It's unfortunate for our 3M Ford Fusion; it was really fast. We shouldn't have been back there. We had a bad pit stop or something happened that hung us up and we lost all of our track position. We you get back there like that, it's just going to happen."

YOU WERE ABLE TO RECOVER FROM THE INCIDENT EARLIER ON IN THE RACE, WHAT HAPPENED THERE? "I got pinched down a little bit by the 38 car [Jason Leffler] and we were being aggressive there at the beginning and the 38 didn't know we were down there, I think, and kinda pinched us down and we got our right front fender down on the apron and got us turned around. But we bounced back from that; it really wasn't a big deal. I think the later pit stop is really what did us in."

-credit: ford racing

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