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Report from Motorsport News International NASCAR Public Relations Nazareth Quotebook NAZARETH, Pa. (May 17, 1997) Driver quotes following Busch Pole Award Qualifying for the Martin Guitar Award for Sunday's CoreStates Advantage 200...

Report from Motorsport News International

NASCAR Public Relations

Nazareth Quotebook

NAZARETH, Pa. (May 17, 1997) Driver quotes following Busch Pole Award Qualifying for the Martin Guitar Award for Sunday's CoreStates Advantage 200 NASCAR Busch Series race at Nazareth Speedway:

ELLIOTT SADLER No. 29 Phillips 66 Chevrolet

"Honestly, my teammate, Jeff Green, was the key to winning the pole today. He was the first car out, which allowed us to adjust both of our set-ups pretty much the exact same. The track changed a little bit for qualifying. His car was a lot looser and we made a big air pressure adjustment to mine after his run. And it made a lot of difference. We were still a little bit loose, but if we hadn't made that adjustment we would have been out to lunch. So, thanks to him (Green), his capability of sharing and being a true teammate, we won this pole

Sadler also won one of the most unique prizes in all of auto racing -- a custom-built acoustic Martin Guitar.

"After practice, we were like seventh or eighth fastest and Todd (Bodine) was fast. We had a spotter in Turn 2 who said, `Now look, you're not driving the corner right. You've gotta do like Todd ... he's driving it in there like this and making the car do that.' I tried it that (Todd's) way for qualifying, so Todd helped me a little bit too, whether he knows it or not!

"I'm still learning. I've learned a lot and feel like I've aged five years in just this racing season. My past experience here helped a lot. Experience is what makes you fast. I've learned how to qualify ... you let it all hang out -- you can't leave anything on the table. We've had bad luck the last five races. What I want is to finish (the race) first then the wins will come. (Sadler has had three poles and five front rows but no wins thus far this season.)

TODD BODINE No. 36 Stanley Pontiac

Bodine's last NASCAR Busch Series pole came 60 starts ago at Nazareth in 1993. The outside front-row starting spot has produced the winner in five of the nine previous NBS races held at Nazareth.

"I screwed up in (Turn) 3 on my second lap -- it probably cost us the pole. But we'll have a pretty good place to start. The sun probably slowed the track down."

HERMIE SADLER No. 1 DeWalt Chevrolet

"We're happy, but we could have gotten the pole. It's a good starting spot, which is important here. Now we'll get to work on our race set-up."

JEFF GREEN No. 8 Diamond Ridge Motorsports Chevrolet

"My run was sideways! The sun came out and loosened up the track, but it could have been the rubber from the other cars. That's what happens when you go first -- somebody has to lay down rubber for the other guys. Being first out to qualify is always one of those touch-and-go things. I think we were able to help Elliott (Sadler), and that's good. And yet, I'd rather not be the first one out. But I like this track, and we've taken a fourth and a third here before, so I think it likes me too. We have a pretty good car for the race -- it's the one we had at Bristol (qualified fifth, finished 12th)."

STEVE PARK No. 3 ACDelco Chevrolet

"I think that experience always plays a big part at each track. Since we've raced here before (in the NASCAR Featherlite Modified Tour) I think I have a little bit of an insight on this track. We came here last year and won a Busch North race, so we're really looking forward to coming back. We qualified sixth, so the car's driving a lot better than it qualified, and I think it'll be good in the race. I like this track. It has five corners, one more than we're used to. The car runs good, but it's a little loose in the second turn. My strategy is to be patient for the first half of the race, stay out of any wrecks and race hard the last 50 laps."

RANDY LaJOIE No. 74 FINA Chevrolet

"We're OK -- not where we want to be, just OK. We made a couple of changes (in final practice). Tomorrow we may use the same (handling) set-up as last year -- last year was warm and sunny -- and maybe that set-up will help us."

PHIL PARSONS No. 10 ChannelLock Chevrolet

"It was the quickest lap we had all day. It wasn't as quick as we would like, but we'll take it. We'll have it dialed-in for tomorrow."

MIKE McLAUGHLIN No. 34 Royal Oak Charcoal Chevrolet

"I just went into the corner (Turn 4) just a little bit too hard. I felt we had a good lap going. But when I went back to the throttle and I thought it was going to be good, it just snapped loose. We did a 360 (degree spin) but we didn't hit anything. I was trying just a little too hard, I guess. It really might not matter much if it's sunny tomorrow. I think we're gonna go from our (handling set-up) notes from last year."

TIM FEDEWA No. 33 Kleenex Chevrolet

"We just tagged the wall (in turn 4) but didn't hurt the car. It's purely cosmetic -- the guys will have it fixed in no time. This is a good race car -- so was the one we used last week (at the United States Cellular 200 in Loudon, N.H.). We've sent that one out (after it was crashed on lap one). I'm disappointed (in the qualifying position) and yet, I guess we didn't really do too bad, considering. I thought it would be worse than it was. Naturally, I feel good about this track and like it a lot (site of Fedewa's career first NASCAR Busch Series win, in 1995).

JIM SAUTER No. 64 Dura Lube Chevrolet

"This is a tricky track that takes a lot of laps to get used to. We would've liked to have done better for (regular driver) Dick (Trickle, who is racing in The Winston NASCAR Winston Cup all-star race at Charlotte Saturday and who will fly to Nazareth to race Sunday). Naturally, a top-10 would've been nice, but at least the car is not hanging on a hook."

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