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First Union 200 Sunday Quotebook NAZARETH, Pa. (May 17, 1998) Quotes following the First Union 200 at Nazareth Speedway: TIM FEDEWA (No. 33 Kleenex Chevrolet Monte Carlo) "We've had some tough breaks and it looks like things are finally ...

First Union 200 Sunday Quotebook

NAZARETH, Pa. (May 17, 1998) Quotes following the First Union 200 at Nazareth Speedway:

TIM FEDEWA (No. 33 Kleenex Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"We've had some tough breaks and it looks like things are finally going our way. The only close call was when me and Purvis got together. All day long, at the beginning of a run, our car would push like a truck. We'd get about 10 laps and then it would start to come on. We didn't want that last yellow, but it didn't hurt us anyway.

"I knew qualifying was important. For the last couple of years we've had good cars but I've just messed up qualifying them. So I was happy to get a good lap and a good starting position. This was just our weekend, our day. Nazareth is such a momentum track, handling is really important. Our car was fast and the crew had the chassis setup right. With the temperature being cooler today than yesterday, we had to make chassis adjustments to loosen up the car just a little. The Goodyear tires adapted very well to the changes. We changed our tires under yellow to stay on fresh rubber with the other lead cars. Like I said, everything just went our way today. Our first win came here three years ago, now we get our second win here.

"You know, "Little E" (Dale Earnhardt Jr.)was tough at the beginning of the race. He kind of checked out on us. But you've got to be able to keep it together all day, and I knew that. I just kept telling myself to drive your own race and let it come to you. It worked out pretty good. Elton had a good car and I kept seeing him coming in my mirror, but it was just my day. We've been running good and had good cars last year and this year, but just haven't had a lot of luck.

"The guys did excellent in the pits. I don't think we dropped anything. We came off pit road the same or better each time. And that's what it's all about too. Pit stops, track position. The only close call we had all day was with Purvis. I got under him, and he was just guarding his lead. I don't blame him for that. We touched a little bit and the yellow came out. I got back under him, and had a good go.

"I think the second win is better (than the first). I say that because it's been a while. The first win is great and they always say the second one comes easier. That wasn't the case. I think the reason it was better is because we've had cars several times that could win races. And today we all knew that we had a good car and we needed to capitalize on it.

"This does a lot for the overall morale of the BACE Motorsports team. It's the first win of the year for us and you know, Bill Baumgardner just had heart problems last week and he wasn't able to make it to either Loudon or Nazareth. So this helps to make him feel a little bit better. It helps the team. BACE has had a tough year all around with not only the No. 33 car but also the No. 74 (Randy LaJoie's) car. So this is good for everybody."

JEFF PURVIS (No. 4 Lance Snacks Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"This Lance Snacks Chevrolet really did a good job today. I knew we had 50 to 60 laps more on my tires than anybody did, and I worried about that. But I'll tell you what, Johnny (Allen, crew chief) and all the crew just did a great job. To come out of this second, after spinning on the backstretch and getting in that wreck, just really says a lot about this race team."

"I still got a right side left. The toe was knocked in -- maybe that's what it needed, a good lick. (On pit stop strategy.) I had no more tires left to put on the car because I put new ones on early (after a spin). I was surprised I held on (to second), but I was running consistent lap times. We went a long time on tires and fuel. I got some breaks from lapped traffic, too. In the end, it worked out the way it should have.

"The dogleg makes trouble for us, but it also makes it good for the fans. I think this was actually one of the cleanest races we've had here. After the way we ran today, I'm looking forward to Charlotte. We've run good all year, we just haven't had good finishes. The wreck knocked the toe-in out pretty good, and Johnny and them got under it. I don't know what they did to it, but you know, I think it made it (the car) faster!

"This has been a good race for the Lance team. We had some bad races earlier, but we told 'em we could run good. We cut it in half. We ran 4th last week and 2nd this week. Maybe we can win next week."

MIKE McLAUGHLIN (No. 34 Goulds Pumps Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"We had a top-five car. The crew did a good job all day. I had nothing for Fedewa. Well, we were a little bit tight all day. We made some adjustments that should have made the car looser, but that actually made it tighter. We never really hit it. The crew did a good job though, and we had good (pit) stops. Survival is half the battle at this track. There were a lot of people that had good cars. Congratulations to Tim (Fedewa). Jr. (Earnhardt) got caught-up in a deal. We had a top-five car. I'm happy for Goulds Pumps. They had 200 people here today. When you run good, everybody's happy.

"I was fortunate today that all the wrecks were behind me. Randy LaJoie was lucky. You don't see fuel cell foam laying around too often. Tim's (Fedewa) got this place figured out, I guess. That sure will pick up their owner's spirits. I think I gained 5 or 10 points in the championship. We just need to try and win, but if you can't win, we've just got to keep it in one piece. You can't just ride around for points in this series -- it's too competitive. I was just trying to catch Jeff (Purvis). I race the same all the time -- hard."

MATT KENSETH (No. 17 Lycos Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"The car was just great. I think we might have had a problem -- maybe in the fuel line or maybe it was vapor locking -- because the car was right on the money. Mike (McLaughlin) would get me three or four car lengths down the backstretch. Might have been my fault. The car felt right, but I picked the wrong gear this morning and it really hurt us on the long (back) straight. That really hurt us trying to carry speed around (turns) three and four and man, I was just trying to carry it past Mike (McLaughlin) on that last lap. But we're getting smarter and we'll get it next time. We needed just a tick better luck. But hey, compared to last year -- to come out of Nazareth in fourth -- we'll be happy with that to go to Charlotte."

JASON KELLER (No. 57 Progressive Motorsports Chevrolet)

"We had a really good car all day long. We lost a little on the last pit stop, but we'll take our knocks and go on to the next race."

ED BERRIER (No. 77 Lear Corp./UAW Ford)

"We're tickled to death (to finish in the top-10). Sixth is a good day. It's been a very rough year. Not a lot has happened since our win at Hickory (N.C. three races ago). The car was pretty good, but it was a little tight. It sure feels good to be near the front again."

DALE EARNHARDT Jr. (No. 3 ACDelco Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"Yeah, we're pretty disappointed. We had the car to beat. We were stroking them out there in the lead for the first 60 laps or so. Coming down on that backstretch on the first caution, the (pit) flag was not waving. I was looking for the flag, my spotter was looking for the flag, looking to see if pit road was open, and the official in our pit could not tell us whether it was open or not. There were three lapped cars behind me. And when they told us pit road was open, I'd done passed it. What advantage did I gain by going across the grass? I was just trying to get into the pits. No advantage. So they put us in the rear -- back there where everybody wrecks. So that's what happened. We tore up a real good race car. And it makes you feel bad. But you've got to put it back together and go on. You've got to come back and get 'em again. A lot of the top guys in the points took a hit today, but it's a long season."

RANDY LaJOIE (No. 74 FINA Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"Some people said there was a new winner at the race last weekend (in Loudon, N.H.), but the same old guy showed up here. I'm going to have to take a trip to find out what his (Buckshot Jones) problem is. He was on me for about three laps and just put me in the wall. The car is pretty beat-up."

MIKE STEFANIK (No. 51 Burnham Boilers Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"We had been moving up pretty good, picked up six or seven spots, but suddenly it started vibrating. We waited for a caution, but had to bring it in 'cause it was vibrating so bad. Once you lose a lap it's pretty hard to make it up. We're not looking for points here so we'll pack it up and hope we do better later in the Modifieds. (Stefanik won the Featherlite Modified Series' First Union 100.)"

BLAISE ALEXANDER (No. 20 Rescue Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"We were just trying to salvage a good finish. Cars No. 4 (Purvis) and No. 3 (Earnhardt Jr.) got together I think, and things just started piling up. It's been a tough weekend. We wrecked yesterday (during qualifying) and had to take a provisional. Now this."

TRACY LESLIE (No. 63 Lysol Chevrolet Monte Carlo)

"There were a lot of quick cars in the back. It looked like the No. 72 (Dillon) got turned sideways by somebody, and it was just a chain reaction. We were taking our time trying to save the tires, but somebody got anxious. We also had a bad pit stop earlier. The air hose got hung on the right rear tire. We had worked our way from 19th to about 8th at that point. This team has worked awful hard here lately, but I think we definitely need to practice our pit stops. We had a car capable of running up front. It's a shame."

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