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After a good day on Thursday at the Nashville Superspeedway, with the inspection procedure going well Todd Bowsher driver of the Gordon Food Service, GFS Marketplace ...

After a good day on Thursday at the Nashville Superspeedway, with the inspection procedure going well Todd Bowsher driver of the Gordon Food Service, GFS Marketplace #21 was feeling pretty confident heading into Friday when all of the on-track events would happen, practice, qualifying and the race.

The team made all of the necessary tweaks and tunes for the first practice session on Friday morning at 9:30am, they discovered a problem with the engine on their Ford Taurus, while warming it up for the first practice, after a brief meeting between the driver Todd Bowsher, owner Jack Bowsher and the team they made the decision to pull out the back-up car and prepare it for practice due to time restraints. Todd said of the set back, "This isn't what we expected coming into the Nashville race, we were all looking forward to a good strong run with our primary car, carrying the momentum of the good finish we had at Daytona, this is disappointing to all of us, but we'll take the back-up car out , which is not even comparable to the other cars in our stable when it comes to performance, but we'll get the best finish we can out of it and go on to Salem in a couple of weeks and we'll get em there." Todd also added," The entire Jack Bowsher & Associates Team isn't going to get accustomed to 17th place finishes, we, the entire team are vowing to run on the lead lap in the top 10 at every race from here on out." Owner Jack Bowsher stated, "This isn't the way we wanted to represent our sponsors GFS Marketplace, United Trailers and all of our associates here at Nashville, but sometimes that's the way racing is, we'll make improvements and go on to Salem."

Once the green waved for the start of the PFG Lester 150 the outlook changed a little, it was plain to see from the start that Bowsher could pull off a decent finish by just driving a smart race, which he did. Although he was forced to use a provisional starting spot it became obvious that Bowsher was determined to get the most out of the situation, putting the Gordon Food Service, GFS Marketplace car in a position to get the best finishing position possible. Starting in the last spot and bringing the car to a respected 17th place finish earned the GFS Marketplace Team the Gladiator Garage Works Gladiator of the Race Award as well as moving Todd up to 5th place in the ARCA ReMax Series championship points standings. After the race Bowsher added, " This might not be what we came here to do, but all in all I think we took a bad situation and turned it into something positive, which is what racing hands you sometimes, we still have a race car to load up in our United Trailer which is more than a lot of these other guys can say after this deal." He also said, "We can head to the short track at Salem knowing we moved up in the points and look forward to a good strong run there, maybe even our first victory." This week has been disheartening for all of us, we're a much better team than this and we won't let any stumbling blocks keep us down."

The Jack Bowsher & Associates Motorsports Team will head to Salem Speedway in Salem Indiana on April 25 to take on the highbanked half-mile asphalt in the ARCA ReMax Series.


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