BUSCH: Nashville: Tim Sauter race notes

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Tim Sauter/#19 Loctite Chevrolet
Race date: Saturday, April 13, 2002
Track: Nashville Superspeedway
Started: 14th
Finished: 10th
Money won: $17,885
Points Position: 15th

On his top finish of the 2002 season.

"We were all excited to have Loctite come on board with us, which gave our team an extra boost from the start. This weekend we qualified well. We didn't do anything stupid and even when I got hung out on the outside and fell back there early we fought back. We had the car and the team to keep running speeds with the leaders. So then we could gain on them and pick them off in long runs. Everybody did a great job. This finish feels great and we had a lot of fun today. The Loctite Chevy Team needed it for morale on the road and back at the shop. They've been knocking themselves out trying to get the speedway car ready for next week and be prepared for California. This is just another glimpse of what we are capable of."

On being the highest finishing Sauter brother

"Its pretty neat for the first go around this season. I felt bad for Jay there at the end. I am just glad to be racing with my brothers because it always adds a little something to the competition."

On his first race with new crew chief Bobby Bakeeff

"Bakeeff is great, especially as an organizer and a planner. He certainly had a positive effect on our performance this weekend, but I also feel like he and Joe (Shear) worked well together. We are just lucky to have both talents on our team. I don't know whether we made the best calls to win the race but they allowed us to race right up there in the Top 10 for most of the day which is a great feeling."

On the handling of the No. 19 Loctite Chevy

"The car was great and pit stops were smooth. I was just tight entering the corners for a while there. If I didn't keep the left side pinned down on the yellow line the nose would slide bad. On the restarts I was junk, that was the only bad thing about us all day. I may not be the best at restarts but I'm not that bad. I tried first gear. I tried second gear. I tried all kinds of stuff. We must have had a gear ratio problem."

Quote by new crew chief Bobby Bakeeff on the short pit call early in the race

When we pitted our final time for tires, we were five laps away from the leaders pitting and we were going to catch them a lap down. We just needed that little bit you know. I probably shouldn't have called Tim in that early, but at least we didn't loose anything from it. It got us a chunk of track position and didn't end up hurting us.


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