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EDWARDS SCORES BACK-TO-BACK VICTORIES AND TWO STRAIGHT AT NASHVILLE * Carl Edwards took the checkered flag for the 11th time in his NASCAR Busch Series career with today's victory. Edwards started eighth and went to victory lane for the second...


* Carl Edwards took the checkered flag for the 11th time in his NASCAR Busch Series career with today's victory. Edwards started eighth and went to victory lane for the second consecutive race at Nashville Superspeedway (June '06).

* In seven Busch Series races this season, Edwards has driven to victory lane two times - in back-to-back races - and extended Roush Fenway Racing's all-time series win mark to 86, the most in series history.

* Ford has now won 148 NASCAR Busch Series races all time, and three in 2007 with two different drivers (Edwards-2, Kenseth-1).

* Ford's win today is its fifth Busch Series victory at Nashville Superspeedway (Riggs-2, Edwards-2, Biffle-1).


CARL EDWARDS-60-Dish Network Ford Fusion (Finished 1st)

"I'm very fortunate to be driving for Roush Racing. Man, it's a great team. I really had a lot of fun out here. It's a great race, it's a great track and it's an honor to finish in front of David Reutimann like that; he was running really well today."

TALK ABOUT COMING FROM THIRD ON THE LAST PIT STOP TO TAKE THE LEAD. "I was a little nervous coming off third, but we had a loose right-front wheel for the last two runs. The right-front wheel kept coming loose, so they took their time and got it right. Jason Leffler was just doing a great job. It was really hard to catch him. It's really hard to pass here if you're a little bit tight; it's really tough. But, it was definitely worth it. This is unbelievable to win this guitar, and I really just appreciate everyone coming out and I hope they have a great Easter weekend. Drive safe."

THIS IS YOUR THIRD GUITAR TROPHY. HAVE YOU LEANED HOW TO PLAY THE GUITAR YET? "I can play a couple of songs; I'm just no good at singing. If someone else can sing, I can play."


STEPHEN LEICHT-90-CitiFinancial Ford Fusion (Finished 8th)

"It was OK, but track position is important and we just fought tight all day long and we couldn't fix it."

WERE YOU SURPRISED BY THE LONG GREEN-FLAG RUN AT THE START OF THE RACE? "I was surprised it went that long of a run there early on, both of the two runs. The track itself just got tighter and tighter the more rubber that we laid down. For us, that was worse because we were already tight. We just have to figure something out to get these things turning better in the middle. That's the only place that we're losing right now, and if we can just figure that out, we'll be really good. The entire CitiFinancial team did a good job."

DID THE LACK OF CUP DRIVERS IN THE FIELD ALLOW THE BUSCH DRIVERS TO SHINE TODAY? "Yeah, but at the same time, when they're not here... Don't get me wrong, the CitiFinancial team did a great job this weekend and finished eighth and got a top-10, but without the Cup drivers out there, you know if they were here that they would be in the top 10. So, an eighth would probably be a 14th or 15th, so you really have to look at like: If the best competition was here, where would you be? We just have to get it better."


BOBBY HAMILTON, JR.-35-McDonald's Ford Fusion (Finished 9th)

YOU GOT UP AS HIGH AS THIRD AT ONE POINT. WHAT HAPPENED FROM THAT POINT? "So of those guys got better and some of them maintained the same, but like I said, when we came out 15th after coming in seventh or, that killed us. It's so hard to pass here anyway, so it was just one of those things you have to deal with. Like I said, if this was Richmond or Charlotte ion anywhere else, I'd been tickled to death to walk out with a top-10, and it would be no different today."

A TOP 10 IS STILL A SOLID FINISH. "Well, we're looking at the big picture, which is points, and I'm sure we gained some and moved up some, and that's what it's about." WAS IT GOOD TO COME HOME? "Yeah, always."

WAS THE PLAYING FIELD LEVELED THIS WEEKEND WITH THE CUP DRIVERS? "Yeah, and I'm going to tell you that the biggest thing that you'll see is that they didn't get two or three hours before our race, and Carl Edwards wasn't the ball of fire that he was normally with these Cup things. That tells you right there how you can fix it. There's nothing wrong with letting those guys run with us, but you have to at least give some of the guys a fighting chance. We just missed it a little bit, and that's just part of it. That's just something that we need NASCAR to look at to give us a fighting chance. Those guys get two hours of practice before the race even starts and they kill us, and you can't even keep up with them. Today was a prime example. He was on the same schedule we were and he was an average car through the race. At the end of it, he got better and better, which they adjusted better. But, we all had a fighting chance up to that point. We just misadjusted. That's all anybody is asking for on this Busch side. We're not whining. We just want a fighting chance. If you practice two hours before our race, you're going to be better than we are."


MARCOS AMBROSE-59-Kingsford/Bush's/Matchlight Ford Fusion (Finished 17th)

YOU STARTED SECOND, BUT IT LOOKED LIKE YOU HAD YOUR HANDS FULL AT THE START OF THE RACE? "The first couple of laps was fine, but we just had an imbalance on the car that wee couldn't get rid of all day. It's another good day for us, really just learning every time that we get in that car. It's not the result that we were looking for, but we finished the race and we probably cemented ourselves in the top 10 again in points. That's all we could ask for."

WAS IT GOOD NOT HAVING A LARGE NUMBER OF NEXTEL CUP DRIVERS IN THE FIELD TODAY? "Well, we probably finished a couple of spots better than we would have. No, not really. It's good to have those guys in the field. It's good for the drivers, anyway. It lets you know where you're at."


DAVID RAGAN-6-Coats/Discount Tire Ford Fusion (Finished 36th)

WHAT HAPPENED TO PUT YOU BEHIND THE WALL? "Well, I don't know what happened in front of us. Two cars just got together and were wrecking, and like a race car driver looking ahead, the spotter was telling me what was going on and I slowed down, and Steven Wallace obviously had his eyes closed because he just ran right into us. It ruined our day. We had a great Discount Tire Ford Fusion."


JASON KELLER-27-Cottonelle/Dollar General Ford Fusion (Finished 33rd)

WHAT HAPPENED? "I just got in there and it's one of them deals. The Cottonelle guys were really making some good changes and adjustments. It's just a shame. We got ourselves pretty close to getting the Lucky Dog there, and it's just a shame that we had to come in here one race and wreck a car like that for them. I thought that I could drive on down in there, but I crowded a little bit."


RICHARD JOHNS-25-FreeCreditReport.com Ford Fusion (Finished 34th)

WHAT HAPPENED FROM YOUR VANTAGE POINT WITH THE NO. 27? "I'd like to see a replay. I thought I gave him enough room but maybe I didn't, but that's just a racing deal I think. I don't think it was intentional or anything like that."

WITH THIS BEING YOUR BUSCH SERIES DEBUT, WERE YOU ABLE TO LEARN SOME THINGS FOR NEXT TIME? "Yeah, I learned a lot. At the start of the race we weren't that good, and I just kinda rode around and learned a lot and we made a lot of adjustments, and I think that helped. The adjustments we've learned, we can carry on to other races, and I leaned a lot just being able to follow some of these guys around. It's a tough end for the FreeCreditReport.com Ford Fusion, but we'll put it back together and we'll be back in a few weeks."

-credit: ford racing

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