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DAVID GREEN-27-Scott Tissue/Dollar General Ford Fusion (Finished 29th) WHAT HAPPENED? "Well, Johnny Sauter, he's a driving machine and he showed it once again today. He not only took his brother out, but probably a couple of other good cars.

DAVID GREEN-27-Scott Tissue/Dollar General Ford Fusion (Finished 29th)

WHAT HAPPENED? "Well, Johnny Sauter, he's a driving machine and he showed it once again today. He not only took his brother out, but probably a couple of other good cars. It's been a tough start to the year. Thanks to Kleenex and all of our sponsors; they've stuck with us. This is pretty disappointing and a little bit embarrassing. We shouldn't be back there with those guys. We'll get it righted and get it going here, and be back at Phoenix."


ASHTON LEWIS, JR.-25-United States Marines Ford Fusion (Finished 11th)

"I was hoping to get a top-10 out of it. We had a pretty decent restart there at the end and had a pretty good run on Kenny and was going to go to the outside, but the 11 car was there and got us all jacked up, and that let them get by us. It's a little disappointing there. We still don't have a great race car, but I really think we're improving on it. We had the same situation happen to us this week that happened to us at Texas, which is jack bolts backing out, so we thought we had taken enough preventive maintenance or precautionary reasons to get it out of it, but it didn't work."


JON WOOD-47-Clorox/American Red Cross Ford Fusion (Finished 6th)

"We're trying different stuff now. It's hard to say really what, and I know what it is that we're doing is working. It was in the experimental phase for the past couple of weeks, but now we're starting to be able to capitalize. We had a good car. We didn't have very good pit stops, but we had a good enough car to overcome that."

THERE WERE QUITE A FEW CARS THE FINISHED THE RACE IN THE GARAGE. IS THAT AT ALL A BYPRODUCT OF NOT HAVING AS MANY NEXTEL CUP COMPETITORS THIS WEEK? "I don't really know the answer to that. It's an easy race track to drive, so I don't really understand why there were so many cautions."


DANNY O'QUINN-50-Stonebridge Life Ford Fusion (Finished 14th)

"We learned a lot today for future races. This isn't a mile-and-a-half, but it's really similar, besides the fact it's a couple of tenths shorter. A lot of the notes we learned here we can apply to some of the other mile-and-a-halfs and hopefully get that program turned around. I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the races here."

YOU HAD A SEASON'S-BEST THIRD-PLACE QUALIFYING EFFORT. ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH A 14TH-PLACE FINISH? "I'm disappointed because we had a such a good car. We just kind of got behind the 8-ball there a little bit. We tried some changes that didn't work, but by the end of the race we were really good. With what we hoped to be the last stop we put some new tires on and one of the wheels was actually loose, so we had to come back in and put our old tires back on. That kind of hurt us at the end. We still had a fast enough car, but it was a struggle to pass cars on the old tires. We could get to them, but we just didn't have the fresh rubber to turn and go on by them. Still, coming out of here with a top-15 is a big improvement. We're better than we were last week."


CARL EDWARDS-60-Henkel Ford Fusion (Finished 5th)

"Our Henkel team did a great job. P.K. (Pierre Kuettel, crew chief) and I picked the wrong springs and shocks. We struggled all day, but I was really proud of the guys on pit road. They did a great job. It's a great team and we got a top-five finish and we'll get them next time."


REGAN SMITH-35-McDonald's Premium Chicken Ford Fusion (Finished 13th)

"We got a tear-off or something on the grille in the beginning and started overheating and had to pit and lost a lap. We got lucky and got the Lucky Dog there. The McDonald's Ford Fusion wasn't terrible. We weren't great, and we had some brake issues and a couple of other little things all day long. We weren't much better than about a 12th- or 13th-place car, so where we finished right where we needed to. We're making gains on it and we had a little good luck this week, so hopefully that will carry on to next week."


MICHAEL WALTRIP-99-Yard-Man Ford Fusion (Finished 10th)

A SOLID TOP-10 FINISH IN YOUR DEBUT WITH BREWCO MOTORSPORTS. "That was great. I really enjoyed working with Newt (Moore, crew chief). He's a pleasure. He has a plan and he understands his car and he understands what to do to it to change it. I really like the way he ran the show, and I like working with him. I felt like yesterday afternoon that I was going to be a little too tight and I was right. I messed up by not getting it looser."

IS IT EASIER DRIVING IN THE BUSCH SERIES WHEN YOU'RE NOT THE DRIVER AND OWNER OF A CAR? "No, because I had another one out there that got crashed, so it really doesn't matter. I just appreciate driving good cars, and lately we haven't been hitting it with our Busch cars, and it was good to get in there and run in the top 10 and have a consistent day. We went to the back a couple of times, and I don't really know what for, some pit infraction or something. All in all, it was a lot of fun."


KENNY WALLACE-22-AutoZone Ford Fusion (Finished 8th)

"We didn't have enough speed. The car handled good. It was as free as I could be, it was turning good, but there were about three or four cars that were better."

THIS IS THE SAME CAR THAT FINISHED SECOND HERE TWICE LAST YEAR. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU? "It shows that we're going to have to run it more. Obviously, our new cars, we have to put too much downforce into them. Usually we run in the top five here and we got eighth that time. A couple of guys wrecked, so we were really about a 10th-place car. I think we learned a lot today. We learned that the competition has stepped up by about six spots. I think we have to run this car until we figure out what we can to make the other cars better."

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