BUSCH: Myrtle Beach PJ Jones Race Report

Finish Does Not Reflect ...

Finish Does Not Reflect #19 Team's Performance at Myrtle Beach

Team Quote:

PJ Jones: "Our finishes are definitely not an indication of how I feel the #19 Yellow/Pameco team is performing. We had just made some adjustments to the car that really seemed to be making a difference. My spotter had walked me through the wreck ahead. I thought I was in the clear until someone got underneath the #19 Chevy and sent me into the turn four wall - hard. You want your finish to reflect the team's overall performance - driver, crew and car. It's pretty frustrating when someone else on the track determines your fate. We were on the move to the front when the wreck happened. We had been racing with Rich Bickle and he finished fifth - it makes us wonder where we could have finished."

Performance Summary:

Starting 30th, driver, PJ Jones knew the goal was the same as last week at South Boston Speedway-try and move up to the front so you can stay out of trouble. Usually, that requires getting on the inside groove. Since Jones was starting on the outside, his work was cut out for him. Or was it? Jones kept the #19 on the outside and kept passing cars and by the first caution on lap nine, Jones had already advanced six spots to 24th. When the race returned to green, it was apparent several competitors took note of Jones' success on the outside groove and followed him as they moved up the field.

The yellow came out on lap 51. Jones described the car was loose off the corner and tight getting into the turn. Crew chief, George Church, went to work immediately creating a strategy for the next pit stop. Adjustments were made on the air pressure for the next set of Goodyear tires. Jones remained on the track with the leaders and pitted during the next caution on lap 69. The team was able to bring the #19 Yellow/Pameco Chevy in twice, allowing the team to put a piece of rubber in the right rear spring for better handling. The stops placed Jones 35th at the restart, but he was still on the lead lap.

Again, Jones began his advance and was 32nd by lap 106, and after passing the #59 and #48 car, would move up to 30th by lap 114. The caution flew again on lap 115. Jones grabbed a few spots before crossing the start/finish line and was in the 26th position before the restart on lap 123, and was 25th when the team spotter warned of a wreck up ahead. The next word over the radio, "PJ has a flat right front tire - he's coming in." The team readied the new set of tires and when the crew jumped over the wall, they knew they were facing a lot more than a flat tire. Jones brought the #19 Yellow/Pameco Chevy behind the wall for further evaluation and the crew saw the entire right side of the car had pancaked the wall. The rotor was broken and the front suspension had been heavily damaged. Fortunately, Jones was uninjured, but his momentum to the front had been cut short by a fellow competitor. The next event in the NASCAR Busch Series takes place Sunday, June 25 at Watkins Glen International Raceway.

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