BUSCH: Milwaukee: Winners press conference

GREG BIFFLE-60-Grainger Ford Taurus (Finished 1st) - "It was a great run for the Grainger team today. I've never seen pit stops like that in the Busch Series. It was incredible. I'm not saying that the Busch Series guys aren't as good as the...

GREG BIFFLE-60-Grainger Ford Taurus (Finished 1st) -

"It was a great run for the Grainger team today. I've never seen pit stops like that in the Busch Series. It was incredible. I'm not saying that the Busch Series guys aren't as good as the Winston Cup guys, but, certainly, we rarely, our team at least, pulls off faster than 15-second stops every time. I came in sixth and went out leading; that's pretty incredible for the guys to do, and while they're making changes. They pretty much won me the race. Keeping track position out front was the key. My car was really good on the short runs. I had about the fastest car. It was pretty clear there for about 25 to 30 laps, maybe 40, and then my car started getting a little bit tight and wouldn't quite turn and then I tried to pick the gas up, but it'd want to slide the rear tires, it'd want to spin. That second run was pretty bad; I fell back to about sixth, but other than, we ran in the top three all day. Scott Wimmer had a great run. I felt kinda bad I got in the back of him just a little bit down there in 3 and 4. He entered the corner in the second groove, and was going awful slow. I wasn't sure what was happening, and I think he got a little bit loose and got on the brakes and I got up behind him there and got under him a little bit. Certainly, it wasn't on purpose and got going again. I probably had the fastest car there at the end of the race. Jason Keller was coming. All three of those guys, all day, drove a tremendous race, especially Scott Wimmer. He really showed some patience out there today and passed me clean. We raced good together. My hat's off to him. I talk about him because he's running a lot better and he's been running up front the last four to five races, and he's really come around."

"There's not even any scratches on the cars; my car doesn't have a scratch on it. The contact, if there was any, was so light it wouldn't have made any difference anyway. He's been running really good, and that's sorta bad news because that's one more guy we have to battle with every week. Jack Sprague and Scott Riggs and Jason Keller and myself are normally battling it out up front. Todd Bodine shows up every once and a while, so a couple of those guys have been running better. Tony Raines hung out up there all day and we're just happy to get the Grainger Ford back into victory lane for the second time this season. We feel like we should have had three or four more, but we'll take what we can get."


"Yeah. I drove my ass off. I'll tell you straight up, I've never worked so hard for a win in my life. I was just giving it all I had the while race, all day long and I'm whipped. I'll tell you, it was hot out there and trying to get some fluids back in me. I've been a little sick on my weekend off. I got sick and went out west to visit my family and I still haven't recovered from that yet, so that's probably drained me down and caused to me lose a little bit of energy, and I may not have had enough water in me when I started today."


"I've had really good equipment. I came and tested here in the truck series before I raced here for the first time and these flat, technical-type race tracks seem to suit my driving style a little bit. They're different on both ends. You've got a long entrance into the corner down there on that end of the race track, and then it gets tight and turns all of a sudden. I like to road race. I like that challenge. You've got to hit your marks perfect every time. You've got to let off the gas, turn the wheel, go by the end of the pit wall down there, put my tire right there on the yellow line. I've got about 10 marks just to the center of the corner that I shoot for every single time, just to get my car down in there perfect. That's kind of what you have to do to drive this race track, not just go out there and turn the wheel. We're pretty focused, or I'm pretty focused inside there all the time to get most I can out of it. My car wasn't right today. I didn't have the fastest car. I missed a little bit on setup, probably didn't get it like I wanted to in Happy Hour, and late in the run, the 57 and the 23 were a little better than me. On the beginning of the runs, we seemed to have the fastest car. It was pretty exciting. I thought about it at the end of the race when the 57 was chasing me down, and it wasn't really all day that I didn't have anybody in front of me, almost, that I was catching or had to pass. I started every time out front. I don't think I passed a car all day. I got passed a few times, I mean top-five cars, so it was pretty exciting."


"Yeah, you're right. It doesn't seem like I passed very many cars. I came out leading every time, but, yeah, he was ahead of me after that big, long green-flag cycle. We were catching him two-tenths a lap. We were clearly faster than him. I had closed it to where he was coming in and I was coming off to us being on the same straightaway. So, I had gained three or four seconds, and then the caution came out. We felt pretty confident that we were faster than him, and this was going to give us an opportunity to capitalize on it. Now if it would have went green the whole rest of the way, I may not have been able to catch him because my car, after about 25 laps, it starts to fall off."


"Probably not in the end because we had cycled through green-flag pit stops. The guys did a fantastic job of getting me out, so when the caution did come we were in second place. Certainly, that fast pit stop under green flag, nothing went wrong. I could have been fourth just as easy. Green flag pit stops are critical for every second. You think about how fast the cars were going around, and a second is almost a whole straightaway or three-quarters of a straightaway. Definitely, the pit stop made an issue, but nobody stopped on the caution with 25, 24 to go. Nobody came in, so I was pretty happy. I was confident that if we came down pit road that we would have left first."

"My car was not bad in traffic. It was fairly good. I knew that Jason was coming; I didn't know how good of car he had, but I knew once he got within four cars of me, that if I kept it on the bottom that he was going to have tough time getting any closer to me. When I led all those laps and held him up - I say held him up because he had a faster car - but I simply drove my groove. I went for five to eight laps with him one car length off my bumper and never looked in the mirror. I just listened for the spotter and said, 'Tell me if he gets up beside me.' I just drove around the corner perfect, went around the corner, came off the next corner, and I looked up and he's a car length behind me and went for 50 laps like that. I knew that once he got to me, depending on how good he was, that he was going to have a tough time passing me. My car would do the same thing. You get in that turbulent air and it's like following a semi-truck down the highway. You can feel your car kinda shake around. It turbulates that air, and that good downforce on the nose, it won't turn as good and the nose will push up."


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