BUSCH: Mexico City: Reed Sorenson preview

Reed Sorenson, No. 41 Discount Tire Dodge No. 41 TEAM FACTS: * Chassis: The Discount Tire team will race chassis ...

Reed Sorenson, No. 41 Discount Tire Dodge


* Chassis: The Discount Tire team will race chassis #553 in Mexico City this weekend. This is the same car that Sorenson and the DTC crew tested at VIR in February.

* Rookie of the Year: Sorenson's fifth-place finish at California increased his lead over Carl Edwards in the Raybestos® Rookie standings by four points (30-26) entering the road-course race this weekend in Mexico City. Sorenson was also the top finishing rookie for the second straight week.

* Road Course Racing: Sorenson has never competed in a road-course race. In preparation for Mexico City, he spent three days at the Bondurant Driving School's road racing course in January. Sorenson also tested with the No.41 team at VIR in February.

* Busch Series Points Standings: Following last week's fifth place finish Sorenson has jumped up to second in the points standings. He is also the highest full time Busch Series driver in the standings.

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"I am just trying to get through the first few racea and then I will look at the the points standings. My main concern these past two races and the next three races is making the race. This weekend at Mexico City I am hoping for a top-15 finish. I think it is cool to go outside the country for our first international points race. I am hoping that this will bring in more race fans."

"I think it has been fun to race with the Cup guys and all the vets but I haven't thought twice about it either. They will race you hard but it helps to make me a better driver and prepare me for the future."


"I think that Reed has done a great job in meeting our goals for these first five races of the season. We want to make the race and then, depending on the track, we want a top-10 or a top-15 finish. As long as he can keep up the consistency we should be in perfect position at the end of the season. The team is looking forward to Mexico City this weekend and there is some added pressure since Reed has never run on a road course. As long as he focuses, he will be fine this weekend."


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