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CARL EDWARDS--60--Charter Communications Ford Taurus (Qualified 9th) YOU WERE FORCED TO GO TO A BACKUP CAR FOR QUALIFYING AFTER AN INCIDENT YESTERDAY IN PRACTICE. "Our backup car is the same; Brad Parrott and the guys did a great job of getting...

CARL EDWARDS--60--Charter Communications Ford Taurus (Qualified 9th)

YOU WERE FORCED TO GO TO A BACKUP CAR FOR QUALIFYING AFTER AN INCIDENT YESTERDAY IN PRACTICE. "Our backup car is the same; Brad Parrott and the guys did a great job of getting it back together really quick. That primary car was so fast. I'm not a road racer, but these guys built such a great car. Everybody back at the fab shop made me look really good and then I went and ran over the curb in the chicane and destroyed that car. We unloaded the backup car and it was really great, too. It says a lot about our team and the guys we have here."

IT APPEARED TO BE A PRETTY HARD HIT. "I've never hit anything that hard, so it was pretty interesting. It says about our safety stuff. Brian Butler builds a great seat and I appreciate it because I feel good today."

TALK ABOUT THE QUALIFYING LAP. "I had a great car. They gave me a great car yesterday and in testing and all of that, and I went out and put it in the wall. I just saw the video and that was pretty wild. Then they bring out this backup car, and 30 minutes off of the trailer I was in it turning laps. I can't say enough about Roush Racing and everybody back in the fab shop. Hopefully we'll make a good show for them tomorrow. To me, that was probably one of my better laps, which I usually don't do that in qualifying. I usually do something really stupid and it went really well there today, so I'm happy with it and hopefully it holds up for a top starting spot, but we have some great drivers here."

HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY? "My head hurts pretty bad. That's pretty good medicine right there. The thing that really is awesome to me is that car was going through tech and Brad Parrott and all of the guys were running 100 yards back and forth grabbing tools and shim, doing everything they could to get every last quarter inch out of the width of the car and the lead out of it and do everything they could. That means a lot to me and for them to have that faith in me after doing what I did yesterday; that's big." DID YOU GO TO THE HOSPITAL LAST NIGHT? "I left here and I was feeling really nauseous and I went to the hospital. I have to thank everybody at the hospital and especially the NASCAR medical liaison folks. We see them around every week, and personally, I say hi but I didn't really grasp until yesterday what they can do for you, and they made me feel so comfortable. We went there and they went through all of the precautionary tests and did everything and stayed right there with me the whole time. Luckily everything was great; I checked out fine. I really felt comfortable with them and I appreciate that. They gave me a C-T sc an and that made me more nervous than any racing I could have done, sitting there waiting for the results of that thing. One of the neurosurgeons from here in Mexico City was there right when I got to the hospital. I didn't expect that level of comfort in a foreign country and it really amazed me."

WAS YOUR BACKUP CAR A ROAD-COURSE CAR? "This is a short-track car that they prepared as road-course car. The only reason we didn't have a road-course car was because of the time it takes to build an extra one. To me, this car feels just as good as our other car. I feel I can go just as fast. It had everything but a windshield blade on it when we unloaded it."

YOU SPOKE YESTERDAY ABOUT HOW MUCH BORIS SAID HAS HELPED YOU GET ACCLIMATED TO ROAD-COURSE RACING. DI D YOU TALK TO HIM YESTERDAY? "I spoke with Boris a little bit. I have to say that I couldn't be here talking with you guys if it wasn't for Boris Said. That guy came and tested with me for two days. He flew out there to VIR. He rode with me in my truck to the track like what he was doing was the most important thing in the world to him for those two days, and if it wasn't for that we'd be three seconds off the pace. He taught me so much."

WHAT DID HE SAY ABOUT YOUR ACCIDENT? "He really didn't say much about it. He's a racer and he knows I really didn't want to talk about it too much."

KENNY WALLACE--22--Stacker 2 Ford Taurus (Qualified 38th)

"It's pretty interesting being down here. It's been a great experience so far; the hotels are beautiful. The track is just something different. We're so used to going to Watkins Glen and Sears Point, but all in all, it's been a good time."

TALK ABOUT THE TRACK AND YOUR QUALIFYING RUN. "The track is in good shape. I think I got into a little trouble trying to underdrive it, and make sure I didn't mess up. It's OK, we're here and it's a long race, 80 laps. I'm very disappointed with my qualifying run after being seventh quick yesterday, and from the whole time that I've been here I haven't been out of the top 12 or 15. I think that's the slowest lap that I ran."

WITH SO MANY DRIVERS UNFAMILIAR WITH THIS TRACK, COULD THE BACK BE THE SAFEST SPOT AT THE START OF THE RACE? "You never know. I think the way we're looking at it, we don't know what we're in for, so I think we all have to get racing and respect each other. I'm sure there's going to some mess-ups somewhere along the way. It's a tedious situation right now."


MICHEL JOURDAIN, JR.--10--Telcel Ford Taurus (Qualified 18th)

YOU MANAGED TO QUALIFY YOUR WAY INTO THE RACE WITH A BACKUP CAR THAT HAD NOT TURNED A LAP YET? "The car was very, very loose, but I guess it's very hard. I'm very proud of my guys for giving me a very good car right away. This car has never turned right ever. The guys worked very hard. They came to the garage at 6:30 this morning to get it ready, and it was very close."

YOUR FRIEND FREDDY TAME, JR. CRASHED IN HIS QUALIFYING ATTEMPT JUST PRIOR TO YOUR GOING OUT. DID THAT HAVE AN IMPACT ON YOUR MINDSET KNOWING YOU ALSO HAD TO QUALIFY YOUR WAY INTO THE RACE? "It's very sad for me to see Freddy because we grew up together as friends. We've been very best friends forever and we raced together all over. He worked so hard to get in this race and it was terrible to see him crash. This is the first time that I went out in this car. I was pretty conservative on the first part of the lap because the car was very, very loose. I guess you expect that when you get in a car that's never been on the track."

WAS IT MORE NERVE-WRACKING TODAY OR AT DAYTONA? "Daytona was very nerve-wracking because there was nothing I could do, and what we had is what we had. But here, the question was very different. I didn't know what I was going out with. The car was completely different. The guys worked so hard to get the car as close as possible, but we knew it wasn't going to be perfect, so it's very hard to go out and you have to do 100 percent when you don't know what to expect."

ELLIOTT SADLER--90--Citifinancial Ford Taurus (Qualified 10th)

"We took it easy yesterday because we didn't want to have to go to a backup car like so many others did and to be careful, and it all worked out for us to come back. That should be somewhere in the top 10, hopefully, by the time qualifying is over with. It's just great from where we were yesterday. It was a good year to come here and have to qualify with no provisionals or anything. It was good."

YOU ARE ONE OF A HANDFUL OF CUP DRIVERS TO COME TO MEXICO THIS CITY. "We were all pretty skeptical of it at first. We didn't know how everybody would treat us when we came, but I've been very impressed with the fans here in Mexico. They have been so nice to us, and when Adrian Fernandez walked out they went crazy. It was just cool and they're very passionate about racing, and I think they're excited to see NASCAR here. We were a little skeptical at first, but they've been so helpful towards us and been good for us that it's been good."

DAVID GREEN--27--Kleenex/Cottonelle Ford Taurus (Qualified 11th)

"That was a tough day yesterday. There were a couple of issues that we had. Our car drove pretty good yesterday, but we just had some stumbling issues, but I sure do miss that new motor. I've always enjoyed this racing, but yesterday I didn't know if I wanted to just go and catch a flight to Vegas. My guys and Stewart (Cooper, crew chief) did a good job, and it's all good."

ARE YOU SURPRISED THE NUMBER OF INCIDENTS WE'VE SEEN ON TRACK THE PAST TWO DAYS? "Yeah. Looking at the chicane deal down there, and I'm hoping that's all of the accidents that we have. It's going to be pretty treacherous down there. The thing about it is that the guys that are having problems were good guys. This is a really tight, no-room-for-errors-type of race track and that's going to keep us on our toes."

HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO START UP FRONT TOMORROW? "If you can't be in the top three or four rows, the back is the best place. But, even in the back, road-course racing is so difficult to make up any track time, so like always you want to be up towards the front. I'm happy with that lap and I wish we could have done more of that yesterday where we could have been a little bit more prepared for that kind of lap."

JASON KELLER--35--McDonald's Ford Taurus (Qualified 15th)

EVEN WITH THE NUMBER OF INCIDENTS WE SAW HERE IN QUALIFYING TODAY, YOU ADMIT THAT YOU HELD NOTHING BACK. "I told myself that I'd be better the second day around a race track. I really didn't know where I wanted my shift points, and I really thought about it last night and I think that was the biggest thing -- shifting. That and having the confidence to hold your breath through the chicane; I think that's where the most speed was. I wanted to be as close to the front for the race tomorrow. As a competitor I'm kind of beating myself up because I know how much I gave up inn one corner, but all in all, it's been a good weekend so far. We had some trouble yesterday and we almost got in Carl's wreck, so this is a pretty good day for us."

STACY COMPTON--59--Kingsford/Bush's Beans Ford Taurus (Qualified 24th)

"I think we had a better race car than that. I'm a little disappointed. I really feel like we could have run a little bit faster than that. We got the car a little bit off yesterday in final practice and had to change everything back, so it's not bad. It's a decent lap and we have a lot better race car than that there."

USUALLY IT'S THE CUP DRIVERS VERSUS THE BUSCH DRIVERS, BUT IS IT THE ROAD RACERS VERSUS THE BUSCH DRIVERS THIS WEEKEND? "I think it all depends on the race car. I really feel like a lot of these Busch guys down here can race with these guys all day. We just have to use our heads and stay on the race track and we'll be fine."

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